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  • 1. Prognostic importance of systemic inflammation and insulin resistance in patients with cancer: a prospective multicenter study.
    Ruan GT; Xie HL; Gong YZ; Ge YZ; Zhang Q; Wang ZW; Zhang X; Zhang HY; Tang M; Song MM; Zhang XW; Yang M; Chen YB; Yu KY; Deng L; Wang KH; Cong MH; Shi HP
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Jun; 22(1):700. PubMed ID: 35752767
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  • 2. Prognostic value of insulin resistance in patients with female reproductive system malignancies: A multicenter cohort study.
    Liu XY; Zhang Q; Zhang X; Ge YZ; Ruan GT; Xie HL; Liu T; Song MM; Deng L; Shi HP
    Immun Inflamm Dis; 2023 Dec; 11(12):e1107. PubMed ID: 38156375
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  • 3. Comprehensive prognostic effects of systemic inflammation and Insulin resistance in women with breast cancer with different BMI: a prospective multicenter cohort.
    Ruan GT; Xie HL; Hu CL; Liu CA; Zhang HY; Zhang Q; Wang ZW; Zhang X; Ge YZ; Lin SQ; Tang M; Song MM; Zhang XW; Liu XY; Zhang KP; Yang M; Yu KY; Wang KH; Hu W; Deng L; Cong MH; Shi HP
    Sci Rep; 2023 Mar; 13(1):4303. PubMed ID: 36922570
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  • 4. Prognostic significance of glucose-lipid metabolic index in pancreatic cancer patients with diabetes mellitus.
    Wang H; Ruan S; Wu Z; Yan Q; Chen Y; Cui J; Zhang Z; Huang S; Hou B; Zhang C
    Cancer Med; 2024 Mar; 13(6):e7108. PubMed ID: 38523554
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  • 5. Fasting plasma glucose is a stronger predictor of diabetes than triglyceride-glucose index, triglycerides/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study.
    Tohidi M; Baghbani-Oskouei A; Ahanchi NS; Azizi F; Hadaegh F
    Acta Diabetol; 2018 Oct; 55(10):1067-1074. PubMed ID: 30066042
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  • 6. A Novel Inflammation and Insulin Resistance Related Indicator to Predict the Survival of Patients With Cancer.
    Ruan GT; Xie HL; Zhang HY; Liu CA; Ge YZ; Zhang Q; Wang ZW; Zhang X; Tang M; Song MM; Zhang XW; Yang M; Chen YB; Yu KY; Deng L; Gong YZ; Hu W; Wang KH; Cong MH; Shi HP
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2022; 13():905266. PubMed ID: 35795140
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  • 7. Evaluation of lipid ratios and triglyceride-glucose index as risk markers of insulin resistance in Iranian polycystic ovary syndrome women.
    Kheirollahi A; Teimouri M; Karimi M; Vatannejad A; Moradi N; Borumandnia N; Sadeghi A
    Lipids Health Dis; 2020 Nov; 19(1):235. PubMed ID: 33161896
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  • 8. Triglycerides/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is a predictor similar to the triglyceride-glucose index for the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome using International Diabetes Federation criteria of insulin resistance in obese adolescents: a cross-sectional study.
    Aslan Çin NN; Yardımcı H; Koç N; Uçaktürk SA; Akçil Ok M
    J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab; 2020 May; 33(6):777-784. PubMed ID: 32447329
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  • 9. Usefulness of four surrogate indexes of insulin resistance in middle-aged population in Hefei, China.
    Huang R; Cheng Z; Jin X; Yu X; Yu J; Guo Y; Zong L; Sheng J; Liu X; Wang S
    Ann Med; 2022 Dec; 54(1):622-632. PubMed ID: 35175162
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  • 10. Serum lipoprotein ratios as markers of insulin resistance: a study among non-diabetic acute coronary syndrome patients with impaired fasting glucose.
    Ray S; Talukdar A; Sonthalia N; Saha M; Kundu S; Khanra D; Guha S; Basu AK; Mukherjee A; Ray D; Ganguly S
    Indian J Med Res; 2015 Jan; 141(1):62-7. PubMed ID: 25857496
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  • 11. Triglyceride Glucose-Body Mass Index Is a Simple and Clinically Useful Surrogate Marker for Insulin Resistance in Nondiabetic Individuals.
    Er LK; Wu S; Chou HH; Hsu LA; Teng MS; Sun YC; Ko YL
    PLoS One; 2016; 11(3):e0149731. PubMed ID: 26930652
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  • 12. Are lipid ratios and triglyceride-glucose index associated with critical care outcomes in COVID-19 patients?
    Rohani-Rasaf M; Mirjalili K; Vatannejad A; Teimouri M
    PLoS One; 2022; 17(8):e0272000. PubMed ID: 35913952
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  • 13. Triglyceride/glucose index is a reliable alternative marker for insulin resistance in South American overweight and obese children and adolescents.
    Locateli JC; Lopes WA; Simões CF; de Oliveira GH; Oltramari K; Bim RH; de Souza Mendes VH; Remor JM; Lopera CA; Nardo Junior N
    J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab; 2019 Oct; 32(10):1163-1170. PubMed ID: 31472061
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  • 14. Usefulness of the triglyceride-high-density lipoprotein versus the cholesterol-high-density lipoprotein ratio for predicting insulin resistance and cardiometabolic risk (from the Framingham Offspring Cohort).
    Kannel WB; Vasan RS; Keyes MJ; Sullivan LM; Robins SJ
    Am J Cardiol; 2008 Feb; 101(4):497-501. PubMed ID: 18312765
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  • 15. Comparison of the diagnostic value between triglyceride-glucose index and triglyceride to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio in metabolic-associated fatty liver disease patients: a retrospective cross-sectional study.
    Liu Z; He H; Dai Y; Yang L; Liao S; An Z; Li S
    Lipids Health Dis; 2022 Jun; 21(1):55. PubMed ID: 35752830
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  • 16. Triglyceride glucose index is superior biomarker for predicting type 2 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents.
    Yoon JS; Lee HJ; Jeong HR; Shim YS; Kang MJ; Hwang IT
    Endocr J; 2022 May; 69(5):559-565. PubMed ID: 34924455
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  • 17. Systemic inflammation and metabolic syndrome in cardiac allograft vasculopathy.
    Raichlin ER; McConnell JP; Lerman A; Kremers WK; Edwards BS; Kushwaha SS; Clavell AL; Rodeheffer RJ; Frantz RP
    J Heart Lung Transplant; 2007 Aug; 26(8):826-33. PubMed ID: 17692787
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  • 18. Comparison of indices of insulin resistance with metabolic syndrome classifications to predict the development of impaired fasting glucose in overweight and obese subjects: a 3-year prospective study.
    Shand BI; Scott RS; Lewis JG; Elder PA; Frampton CM
    Int J Obes (Lond); 2009 Nov; 33(11):1274-9. PubMed ID: 19721448
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  • 19. Prognostic Value of Leucocyte to High-Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol Ratios in COVID-19 Patients and the Diabetes Subgroup.
    Wang Y; Zhang J; Li H; Kong W; Zheng J; Li Y; Wei Q; Li Q; Yang L; Xu Y; Li L; Wang H; Sun H; Xia W; Liu G; Zhong X; Qiu K; Wang H; Liu H; Song X; Xiong S; Liu Y; Cui Z; Chen L; Zeng T
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2021; 12():727419. PubMed ID: 34589058
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  • 20. Triglyceride-to-high density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio and triglyceride-glucose index in the perinatal period of neonates.
    Kabakoğlu Ünsür E; Kutlusoy Güçlü F
    J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med; 2021 Mar; 34(5):810-817. PubMed ID: 32998600
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