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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Transketolase in human Müller cells is critical to resist light stress through the pentose phosphate and NRF2 pathways.
    Chen Y; Zhang T; Zeng S; Xu R; Jin K; Coorey NJ; Wang Y; Wang K; Lee SR; Yam M; Zhu M; Chang A; Fan X; Zhang M; Du J; Gillies MC; Zhu L
    Redox Biol; 2022 Aug; 54():102379. PubMed ID: 35779441
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  • 2. c-MYC-directed NRF2 drives malignant progression of head and neck cancer via glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and transketolase activation.
    Tang YC; Hsiao JR; Jiang SS; Chang JY; Chu PY; Liu KJ; Fang HL; Lin LM; Chen HH; Huang YW; Chen YT; Tsai FY; Lin SF; Chuang YJ; Kuo CC
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(11):5232-5247. PubMed ID: 33859744
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  • 3. Nrf2-driven TERT regulates pentose phosphate pathway in glioblastoma.
    Ahmad F; Dixit D; Sharma V; Kumar A; Joshi SD; Sarkar C; Sen E
    Cell Death Dis; 2016 May; 7(5):e2213. PubMed ID: 27148686
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  • 4. Novel transketolase inhibitor oroxylin A suppresses the non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway and hepatocellular carcinoma tumour growth in mice and patient-derived organoids.
    Jia D; Liu C; Zhu Z; Cao Y; Wen W; Hong Z; Liu Y; Liu E; Chen L; Chen C; Gu Y; Jiao B; Chai Y; Wang HY; Fu J; Chen X
    Clin Transl Med; 2022 Nov; 12(11):e1095. PubMed ID: 36314067
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  • 5. Transketolase (TKT) activity and nuclear localization promote hepatocellular carcinoma in a metabolic and a non-metabolic manner.
    Qin Z; Xiang C; Zhong F; Liu Y; Dong Q; Li K; Shi W; Ding C; Qin L; He F
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Apr; 38(1):154. PubMed ID: 30971297
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  • 6. Transketolase counteracts oxidative stress to drive cancer development.
    Xu IM; Lai RK; Lin SH; Tse AP; Chiu DK; Koh HY; Law CT; Wong CM; Cai Z; Wong CC; Ng IO
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2016 Feb; 113(6):E725-34. PubMed ID: 26811478
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  • 7. TKTL1 Knockdown Impairs Hypoxia-Induced Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase and Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase Overexpression.
    Baptista I; Karakitsou E; Cazier JB; Günther UL; Marin S; Cascante M
    Int J Mol Sci; 2022 Mar; 23(7):. PubMed ID: 35408935
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  • 8. PARIS reprograms glucose metabolism by HIF-1α induction in dopaminergic neurodegeneration.
    Kang H; Jo A; Kim H; Khang R; Lee JY; Kim H; Park CH; Choi JY; Lee Y; Shin JH
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2018 Jan; 495(4):2498-2504. PubMed ID: 29287724
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  • 9. Transketolase regulates sensitivity to APR-246 in p53-null cells independently of oxidative stress modulation.
    Milne JV; Zhang BZ; Fujihara KM; Dawar S; Phillips WA; Clemons NJ
    Sci Rep; 2021 Feb; 11(1):4480. PubMed ID: 33627789
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  • 10. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and transketolase: Key factors in breast cancer progression and therapy.
    Zhen X; Zhang M; Hao S; Sun J
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2024 Jul; 176():116935. PubMed ID: 38876050
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  • 11. Identification of transketolase as a target of PARIS in substantia nigra.
    Kim H; Kang H; Lee Y; Park CH; Jo A; Khang R; Shin JH
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2017 Nov; 493(2):1050-1056. PubMed ID: 28939041
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  • 12. Glucose availability is a decisive factor for Nrf2-mediated gene expression.
    Heiss EH; Schachner D; Zimmermann K; Dirsch VM
    Redox Biol; 2013; 1(1):359-65. PubMed ID: 24024172
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  • 13. Excess homocysteine upregulates the NRF2-antioxidant pathway in retinal Müller glial cells.
    Navneet S; Cui X; Zhao J; Wang J; Kaidery NA; Thomas B; Bollinger KE; Yoon Y; Smith SB
    Exp Eye Res; 2019 Jan; 178():228-237. PubMed ID: 29608906
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  • 14. Untargeted metabolomics as an unbiased approach to the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism of the non-oxidative branch of the pentose phosphate pathway.
    Shayota BJ; Donti TR; Xiao J; Gijavanekar C; Kennedy AD; Hubert L; Rodan L; Vanderpluym C; Nowak C; Bjornsson HT; Ganetzky R; Berry GT; Pappan KL; Sutton VR; Sun Q; Elsea SH
    Mol Genet Metab; 2020; 131(1-2):147-154. PubMed ID: 32828637
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  • 15. Elevated activity of the oxidative and non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in (pre)neoplastic lesions in rat liver.
    Frederiks WM; Vizan P; Bosch KS; Vreeling-Sindelárová H; Boren J; Cascante M
    Int J Exp Pathol; 2008 Aug; 89(4):232-40. PubMed ID: 18422600
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  • 16. Sigma 1 receptor regulates the oxidative stress response in primary retinal Müller glial cells via NRF2 signaling and system xc(-), the Na(+)-independent glutamate-cystine exchanger.
    Wang J; Shanmugam A; Markand S; Zorrilla E; Ganapathy V; Smith SB
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2015 Sep; 86():25-36. PubMed ID: 25920363
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  • 17. Transketolase Deficiency Protects the Liver from DNA Damage by Increasing Levels of Ribose 5-Phosphate and Nucleotides.
    Li M; Lu Y; Li Y; Tong L; Gu XC; Meng J; Zhu Y; Wu L; Feng M; Tian N; Zhang P; Xu T; Lin SH; Tong X
    Cancer Res; 2019 Jul; 79(14):3689-3701. PubMed ID: 31101762
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  • 18. Loss of transketolase promotes the anti-diabetic role of brown adipose tissues.
    Ji Y; Liu W; Zhu Y; Li Y; Lu Y; Liu Q; Tong L; Hu L; Xu N; Chen Z; Tian N; Wu L; Zhu L; Tang S; Zhang P; Tong X
    J Endocrinol; 2023 Mar; 256(3):. PubMed ID: 36449405
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  • 19. Non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway controls regulatory T cell function by integrating metabolism and epigenetics.
    Liu Q; Zhu F; Liu X; Lu Y; Yao K; Tian N; Tong L; Figge DA; Wang X; Han Y; Li Y; Zhu Y; Hu L; Ji Y; Xu N; Li D; Gu X; Liang R; Gan G; Wu L; Zhang P; Xu T; Hu H; Hu Z; Xu H; Ye D; Yang H; Li B; Tong X
    Nat Metab; 2022 May; 4(5):559-574. PubMed ID: 35606596
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  • 20. Transketolase of Staphylococcus aureus in the Control of Master Regulators of Stress Response During Infection.
    Tan X; Ramond E; Jamet A; Barnier JP; Decaux-Tramoni B; Dupuis M; Euphrasie D; Tros F; Nemazanyy I; Ziveri J; Nassif X; Charbit A; Coureuil M
    J Infect Dis; 2019 Nov; 220(12):1967-1976. PubMed ID: 31420648
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