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  • 1. Synthetic sling or artificial urinary sphincter for men with urodynamic stress incontinence after prostate surgery: the MASTER non-inferiority RCT.
    Constable L; Abrams P; Cooper D; Kilonzo M; Cotterill N; Harding C; Drake MJ; Pardoe MN; McDonald A; Smith R; Norrie J; McCormack K; Ramsay C; Uren A; Mundy T; Glazener C; MacLennan G
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Aug; 26(36):1-152. PubMed ID: 35972773
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  • 2. Single-incision mini-slings versus standard synthetic mid-urethral slings for surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women: The SIMS RCT.
    Abdel-Fattah M; Cooper D; Davidson T; Kilonzo M; Boyers D; Bhal K; McDonald A; Wardle J; N'Dow J; MacLennan G; Norrie J
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Dec; 26(47):1-190. PubMed ID: 36520097
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  • 3. Male synthetic sling versus artificial urinary sphincter trial for men with urodynamic stress incontinence after prostate surgery (MASTER): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.
    Constable L; Cotterill N; Cooper D; Glazener C; Drake MJ; Forrest M; Harding C; Kilonzo M; MacLennan G; McCormack K; McDonald A; Mundy A; Norrie J; Pickard R; Ramsay C; Smith R; Wileman S; Abrams P;
    Trials; 2018 Feb; 19(1):131. PubMed ID: 29467024
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  • 4. Outcomes of a Noninferiority Randomised Controlled Trial of Surgery for Men with Urodynamic Stress Incontinence After Prostate Surgery (MASTER).
    Abrams P; Constable LD; Cooper D; MacLennan G; Drake MJ; Harding C; Mundy A; McCormack K; McDonald A; Norrie J; Ramsay C; Smith R; Cotterill N; Kilonzo M; Glazener C;
    Eur Urol; 2021 Jun; 79(6):812-823. PubMed ID: 33551297
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  • 5. Urodynamics tests for the diagnosis and management of bladder outlet obstruction in men: the UPSTREAM non-inferiority RCT.
    Lewis AL; Young GJ; Selman LE; Rice C; Clement C; Ochieng CA; Abrams P; Blair PS; Chapple C; Glazener CM; Horwood J; McGrath JS; Noble S; Taylor GT; Lane JA; Drake MJ
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Sep; 24(42):1-122. PubMed ID: 32902375
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  • 6. Thulium laser transurethral vaporesection versus transurethral resection of the prostate for benign prostatic obstruction: the UNBLOCS RCT.
    Worthington J; Lane JA; Taylor H; Young G; Noble SM; Abrams P; Ahern A; Brookes ST; Cotterill N; Johnson L; Khan R; Fernandez AM; Page T; Swami S; Hashim H
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Sep; 24(41):1-96. PubMed ID: 32901611
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  • 7. Shockwave lithotripsy compared with ureteroscopic stone treatment for adults with ureteric stones: the TISU non-inferiority RCT.
    Dasgupta R; Cameron S; Aucott L; MacLennan G; Kilonzo MM; Lam TB; Thomas R; Norrie J; McDonald A; Anson K; N'Dow J; Burgess N; Clark CT; Keeley FX; MacLennan SJ; Starr K; McClinton S
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Mar; 26(19):1-70. PubMed ID: 35301982
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  • 8. Open urethroplasty versus endoscopic urethrotomy for recurrent urethral stricture in men: the OPEN RCT.
    Pickard R; Goulao B; Carnell S; Shen J; MacLennan G; Norrie J; Breckons M; Vale L; Whybrow P; Rapley T; Forbes R; Currer S; Forrest M; Wilkinson J; McColl E; Andrich D; Barclay S; Cook J; Mundy A; N'Dow J; Payne S; Watkin N
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Nov; 24(61):1-110. PubMed ID: 33228846
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  • 9. Basic versus biofeedback-mediated intensive pelvic floor muscle training for women with urinary incontinence: the OPAL RCT.
    Hagen S; Bugge C; Dean SG; Elders A; Hay-Smith J; Kilonzo M; McClurg D; Abdel-Fattah M; Agur W; Andreis F; Booth J; Dimitrova M; Gillespie N; Glazener C; Grant A; Guerrero KL; Henderson L; Kovandzic M; McDonald A; Norrie J; Sergenson N; Stratton S; Taylor A; Williams LR
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Dec; 24(70):1-144. PubMed ID: 33289476
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  • 10. Exercise to prevent shoulder problems after breast cancer surgery: the PROSPER RCT.
    Bruce J; Mazuquin B; Mistry P; Rees S; Canaway A; Hossain A; Williamson E; Padfield EJ; Lall R; Richmond H; Chowdhury L; Lait C; Petrou S; Booth K; Lamb SE; Vidya R; Thompson AM
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Feb; 26(15):1-124. PubMed ID: 35220995
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  • 11. Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy compared with second-generation endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding: the HEALTH RCT.
    Cooper K; Breeman S; Scott NW; Scotland G; Hernández R; Clark TJ; Hawe J; Hawthorn R; Phillips K; Wileman S; McCormack K; Norrie J; Bhattacharya S
    Health Technol Assess; 2019 Sep; 23(53):1-108. PubMed ID: 31577219
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  • 12. Tibial nerve stimulation compared with sham to reduce incontinence in care home residents: ELECTRIC RCT.
    Booth J; Aucott L; Cotton S; Davis B; Fenocchi L; Goodman C; Hagen S; Harari D; Lawrence M; Lowndes A; Macaulay L; MacLennan G; Mason H; McClurg D; Norrie J; Norton C; O'Dolan C; Skelton D; Surr C; Treweek S
    Health Technol Assess; 2021 Jun; 25(41):1-110. PubMed ID: 34167637
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  • 13. Photodynamic versus white-light-guided resection of first-diagnosis non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: PHOTO RCT.
    Heer R; Lewis R; Duncan A; Penegar S; Vadiveloo T; Clark E; Yu G; Mariappan P; Cresswell J; McGrath J; N'Dow J; Nabi G; Mostafid H; Kelly J; Ramsay C; Lazarowicz H; Allan A; Breckons M; Campbell K; Campbell L; Feber A; McDonald A; Norrie J; Orozco-Leal G; Rice S; Tandogdu Z; Taylor E; Wilson L; Vale L; MacLennan G; Hall E
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Oct; 26(40):1-144. PubMed ID: 36300825
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  • 14. Methenamine hippurate compared with antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in women: the ALTAR non-inferiority RCT.
    Harding C; Chadwick T; Homer T; Lecouturier J; Mossop H; Carnell S; King W; Abouhajar A; Vale L; Watson G; Forbes R; Currer S; Pickard R; Eardley I; Pearce I; Thiruchelvam N; Guerrero K; Walton K; Hussain Z; Lazarowicz H; Ali A
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 May; 26(23):1-172. PubMed ID: 35535708
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  • 15. Lower urinary tract symptoms in men: the TRIUMPH cluster RCT.
    Worthington J; Frost J; Sanderson E; Cochrane M; Wheeler J; Cotterill N; MacNeill SJ; Noble S; Avery M; Clarke S; Fader M; Hashim H; McGeagh L; Macaulay M; Rees J; Robles L; Taylor G; Taylor J; Thompson J; Lane JA; Ridd MJ; Drake MJ;
    Health Technol Assess; 2024 Mar; 28(13):1-162. PubMed ID: 38512051
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  • 16. Active monitoring, radical prostatectomy and radical radiotherapy in PSA-detected clinically localised prostate cancer: the ProtecT three-arm RCT.
    Hamdy FC; Donovan JL; Lane JA; Mason M; Metcalfe C; Holding P; Wade J; Noble S; Garfield K; Young G; Davis M; Peters TJ; Turner EL; Martin RM; Oxley J; Robinson M; Staffurth J; Walsh E; Blazeby J; Bryant R; Bollina P; Catto J; Doble A; Doherty A; Gillatt D; Gnanapragasam V; Hughes O; Kockelbergh R; Kynaston H; Paul A; Paez E; Powell P; Prescott S; Rosario D; Rowe E; Neal D
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Aug; 24(37):1-176. PubMed ID: 32773013
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  • 17. Surgery for stress urinary incontinence due to presumed sphincter deficiency after prostate surgery.
    Silva LA; Andriolo RB; Atallah ÁN; da Silva EM
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2014 Sep; 2014(9):CD008306. PubMed ID: 25261861
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  • 18. Microdiscectomy compared with transforaminal epidural steroid injection for persistent radicular pain caused by prolapsed intervertebral disc: the NERVES RCT.
    Wilby MJ; Best A; Wood E; Burnside G; Bedson E; Short H; Wheatley D; Hill-McManus D; Sharma M; Clark S; Bostock J; Hay S; Baranidharan G; Price C; Mannion R; Hutchinson PJ; Hughes DA; Marson A; Williamson PR
    Health Technol Assess; 2021 Apr; 25(24):1-86. PubMed ID: 33845941
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  • 19. Single-incision sling operations for urinary incontinence in women.
    Nambiar A; Cody JD; Jeffery ST; Aluko P
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2017 Jul; 7(7):CD008709. PubMed ID: 28746980
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  • 20. Traditional suburethral sling operations for urinary incontinence in women.
    Saraswat L; Rehman H; Omar MI; Cody JD; Aluko P; Glazener CM
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2020 Jan; 1(1):CD001754. PubMed ID: 31990055
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