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  • 1. In Vivo MRI-CEST Tumor pH Imaging Detects Resistance to Proton Pump Inhibitors in Human Prostate Cancer Murine Models.
    Irrera P; Consolino L; Roberto M; Capozza M; Dhakan C; Carella A; Corrado A; Villano D; Anemone A; Navarro-Tableros V; Bracesco M; Dastrù W; Aime S; Longo DL
    Cancers (Basel); 2022 Oct; 14(19):. PubMed ID: 36230838
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  • 2. Effect of Esomeprazole Treatment on Extracellular Tumor pH in a Preclinical Model of Prostate Cancer by MRI-CEST Tumor pH Imaging.
    Irrera P; Roberto M; Consolino L; Anemone A; Villano D; Navarro-Tableros V; Carella A; Dastrù W; Aime S; Longo DL
    Metabolites; 2022 Dec; 13(1):. PubMed ID: 36676972
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  • 3. Assessing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Proton Transport Inhibitors in a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Murine Model with Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Tumor pH Imaging.
    Dhakan C; Anemone A; Ventura V; Carella A; Corrado A; Pirotta E; Villano D; Romdhane F; Gammaraccio F; Aime S; Longo DL
    Metabolites; 2023 Nov; 13(11):. PubMed ID: 37999256
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  • 4. Tumor pH Imaging Using Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST)-MRI.
    Longo DL; Pirotta E; Gambino R; Romdhane F; Carella A; Corrado A
    Methods Mol Biol; 2023; 2614():287-311. PubMed ID: 36587132
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  • 5. In vivo detection of acute intracellular acidification in glioblastoma multiforme following a single dose of cariporide.
    Albatany M; Li A; Meakin S; Bartha R
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2018 Oct; 23(5):812-819. PubMed ID: 29749579
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  • 6. Evaluation of a similarity anisotropic diffusion denoising approach for improving in vivo CEST-MRI tumor pH imaging.
    Romdhane F; Villano D; Irrera P; Consolino L; Longo DL
    Magn Reson Med; 2021 Jun; 85(6):3479-3496. PubMed ID: 33496986
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  • 7. In vivo evaluation of tumour acidosis for assessing the early metabolic response and onset of resistance to dichloroacetate by using magnetic resonance pH imaging.
    Anemone A; Consolino L; Conti L; Reineri F; Cavallo F; Aime S; Longo DL
    Int J Oncol; 2017 Aug; 51(2):498-506. PubMed ID: 28714513
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  • 8. Intraperitoneal Delivery of Iopamidol to Assess Extracellular pH of Orthotopic Pancreatic Tumor Model by CEST-MRI.
    Jardim-Perassi BV; Irrera P; Lau JYC; Budzevich M; Whelan CJ; Abrahams D; Ruiz E; Ibrahim-Hashim A; Damgaci Erturk S; Longo DL; Pilon-Thomas SA; Gillies RJ
    Contrast Media Mol Imaging; 2023; 2023():1944970. PubMed ID: 36704211
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  • 9. In Vivo Imaging of Tumor Metabolism and Acidosis by Combining PET and MRI-CEST pH Imaging.
    Longo DL; Bartoli A; Consolino L; Bardini P; Arena F; Schwaiger M; Aime S
    Cancer Res; 2016 Nov; 76(22):6463-6470. PubMed ID: 27651313
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  • 10. Imaging chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) effects following tumor-selective acidification using lonidamine.
    McVicar N; Li AX; Meakin SO; Bartha R
    NMR Biomed; 2015 May; 28(5):566-75. PubMed ID: 25808190
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  • 11. Development of a Nanoscale Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent That Measures pH.
    Kombala CJ; Kotrotsou A; Schuler FW; de la Cerda J; Ma JC; Zhang S; Pagel MD
    ACS Nano; 2021 Dec; 15(12):20678-20688. PubMed ID: 34870957
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  • 12. Tumor therapy by targeting extracellular hydroxyapatite using novel drugs: A paradigm shift.
    Tantawy MN; McIntyre JO; Yull F; Calcutt MW; Koktysh DS; Wilson AJ; Zu Z; Nyman J; Rhoades J; Peterson TE; Colvin D; McCawley LJ; Rook JM; Fingleton B; Crispens MA; Alvarez RD; Gore JC
    Cancer Med; 2024 Feb; 13(3):e6812. PubMed ID: 38239047
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  • 13. Intracellular Acidification in a Rat C6 Glioma Model following Cariporide Injection Investigated by CEST-MRI.
    Mozaffari M; Nyström NN; Li A; Bellyou M; Scholl TJ; Bartha R
    Metabolites; 2023 Jul; 13(7):. PubMed ID: 37512530
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  • 14. Quantification of iopamidol multi-site chemical exchange properties for ratiometric chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) imaging of pH.
    Sun PZ; Longo DL; Hu W; Xiao G; Wu R
    Phys Med Biol; 2014 Aug; 59(16):4493-504. PubMed ID: 25054859
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  • 15. Effects of proton pump inhibitors on reversing multidrug resistance via downregulating V-ATPases/PI3K/Akt/mTOR/HIF-1α signaling pathway through TSC1/2 complex and Rheb in human gastric adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.
    Chen M; Lu J; Wei W; Lv Y; Zhang X; Yao Y; Wang L; Ling T; Zou X
    Onco Targets Ther; 2018; 11():6705-6722. PubMed ID: 30349304
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  • 16. A generalized ratiometric chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI approach for mapping renal pH using iopamidol.
    Wu Y; Zhou IY; Igarashi T; Longo DL; Aime S; Sun PZ
    Magn Reson Med; 2018 Mar; 79(3):1553-1558. PubMed ID: 28686805
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  • 17. pH-dependent antitumor activity of proton pump inhibitors against human melanoma is mediated by inhibition of tumor acidity.
    De Milito A; Canese R; Marino ML; Borghi M; Iero M; Villa A; Venturi G; Lozupone F; Iessi E; Logozzi M; Della Mina P; Santinami M; Rodolfo M; Podo F; Rivoltini L; Fais S
    Int J Cancer; 2010 Jul; 127(1):207-19. PubMed ID: 19876915
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  • 18. A fast multislice sequence for 3D MRI-CEST pH imaging.
    Villano D; Romdhane F; Irrera P; Consolino L; Anemone A; Zaiss M; Dastrù W; Longo DL
    Magn Reson Med; 2021 Mar; 85(3):1335-1349. PubMed ID: 33031591
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  • 19. Amide proton transfer imaging of glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, and breast cancer cells on a 11.7 T magnetic resonance imaging system.
    Tanoue M; Saito S; Takahashi Y; Araki R; Hashido T; Kioka H; Sakata Y; Yoshioka Y
    Magn Reson Imaging; 2019 Oct; 62():181-190. PubMed ID: 31302222
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