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  • 1. PTP4A2 promotes lysophagy by dephosphorylation of VCP/p97 at Tyr805.
    Bai Y; Yu G; Zhou HM; Amarasinghe O; Zhou Y; Zhu P; Li Q; Zhang L; Nguele Meke F; Miao Y; Chapman E; Tao WA; Zhang ZY
    Autophagy; 2023 May; 19(5):1562-1581. PubMed ID: 36300783
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  • 2. VCP maintains lysosomal homeostasis and TFEB activity in differentiated skeletal muscle.
    Arhzaouy K; Papadopoulos C; Schulze N; Pittman SK; Meyer H; Weihl CC
    Autophagy; 2019 Jun; 15(6):1082-1099. PubMed ID: 30654731
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  • 3. VCP/p97 cooperates with YOD1, UBXD1 and PLAA to drive clearance of ruptured lysosomes by autophagy.
    Papadopoulos C; Kirchner P; Bug M; Grum D; Koerver L; Schulze N; Poehler R; Dressler A; Fengler S; Arhzaouy K; Lux V; Ehrmann M; Weihl CC; Meyer H
    EMBO J; 2017 Jan; 36(2):135-150. PubMed ID: 27753622
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  • 4. Ubiquitin profiling of lysophagy identifies actin stabilizer CNN2 as a target of VCP/p97 and uncovers a link to HSPB1.
    Kravić B; Bionda T; Siebert A; Gahlot P; Levantovsky S; Behrends C; Meyer H
    Mol Cell; 2022 Jul; 82(14):2633-2649.e7. PubMed ID: 35793674
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  • 5. Repair or Lysophagy: Dealing with Damaged Lysosomes.
    Papadopoulos C; Kravic B; Meyer H
    J Mol Biol; 2020 Jan; 432(1):231-239. PubMed ID: 31449799
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  • 6. WIPI2 positively regulates mitophagy by promoting mitochondrial recruitment of VCP.
    Lu G; Tan HWS; Schmauck-Medina T; Wang L; Chen J; Cho YL; Chen K; Zhang JZ; He W; Wu Y; Xia D; Zhou J; Fang EF; Fang L; Liu W; Shen HM
    Autophagy; 2022 Dec; 18(12):2865-2879. PubMed ID: 35389758
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  • 7. Regulation of lysosome integrity and lysophagy by the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2QL1.
    Kravic B; Behrends C; Meyer H
    Autophagy; 2020 Jan; 16(1):179-180. PubMed ID: 31679434
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  • 8. Altered expression of p97/Valosin containing protein and impaired autophagy in preeclamptic human placenta.
    Ozsoy AZ; Cayli S; Sahin C; Ocakli S; Sanci TO; Ilhan DB
    Placenta; 2018 Jul; 67():45-53. PubMed ID: 29941173
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  • 9. The UBX domain in UBXD1 organizes ubiquitin binding at the C-terminus of the VCP/p97 AAA-ATPase.
    Blueggel M; Kroening A; Kracht M; van den Boom J; Dabisch M; Goehring A; Kaschani F; Kaiser M; Bayer P; Meyer H; Beuck C
    Nat Commun; 2023 Jun; 14(1):3258. PubMed ID: 37277335
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  • 10. Pathogenic variants of Valosin-containing protein induce lysosomal damage and transcriptional activation of autophagy regulators in neuronal cells.
    Ferrari V; Cristofani R; Cicardi ME; Tedesco B; Crippa V; Chierichetti M; Casarotto E; Cozzi M; Mina F; Galbiati M; Piccolella M; Carra S; Vaccari T; Nalbandian A; Kimonis V; Fortuna TR; Pandey UB; Gagliani MC; Cortese K; Rusmini P; Poletti A
    Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol; 2022 Aug; 48(5):e12818. PubMed ID: 35501124
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  • 11. The ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2QL1 coordinates lysophagy in response to endolysosomal damage.
    Koerver L; Papadopoulos C; Liu B; Kravic B; Rota G; Brecht L; Veenendaal T; Polajnar M; Bluemke A; Ehrmann M; Klumperman J; Jäättelä M; Behrends C; Meyer H
    EMBO Rep; 2019 Oct; 20(10):e48014. PubMed ID: 31432621
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  • 12. Periplocin suppresses the growth of colorectal cancer cells by triggering LGALS3 (galectin 3)-mediated lysophagy.
    Wang K; Fu S; Dong L; Zhang D; Wang M; Wu X; Shen E; Luo L; Li C; Nice EC; Huang C; Zou B
    Autophagy; 2023 Dec; 19(12):3132-3150. PubMed ID: 37471054
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  • 13. UBXD1 is a mitochondrial recruitment factor for p97/VCP and promotes mitophagy.
    Bento AC; Bippes CC; Kohler C; Hemion C; Frank S; Neutzner A
    Sci Rep; 2018 Aug; 8(1):12415. PubMed ID: 30120381
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  • 14. Structure of the PUB Domain from Ubiquitin Regulatory X Domain Protein 1 (UBXD1) and Its Interaction with the p97 AAA+ ATPase.
    Blueggel M; van den Boom J; Meyer H; Bayer P; Beuck C
    Biomolecules; 2019 Dec; 9(12):. PubMed ID: 31847414
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  • 15. Detection and Clearance of Damaged Lysosomes by the Endo-Lysosomal Damage Response and Lysophagy.
    Papadopoulos C; Meyer H
    Curr Biol; 2017 Dec; 27(24):R1330-R1341. PubMed ID: 29257971
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  • 16. Trehalose induces autophagy via lysosomal-mediated TFEB activation in models of motoneuron degeneration.
    Rusmini P; Cortese K; Crippa V; Cristofani R; Cicardi ME; Ferrari V; Vezzoli G; Tedesco B; Meroni M; Messi E; Piccolella M; Galbiati M; Garrè M; Morelli E; Vaccari T; Poletti A
    Autophagy; 2019 Apr; 15(4):631-651. PubMed ID: 30335591
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  • 17. Organelle-specific autophagy in inflammatory diseases: a potential therapeutic target underlying the quality control of multiple organelles.
    Yao RQ; Ren C; Xia ZF; Yao YM
    Autophagy; 2021 Feb; 17(2):385-401. PubMed ID: 32048886
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  • 18. Quantitative proteomics reveals the selectivity of ubiquitin-binding autophagy receptors in the turnover of damaged lysosomes by lysophagy.
    Eapen VV; Swarup S; Hoyer MJ; Paulo JA; Harper JW
    Elife; 2021 Sep; 10():. PubMed ID: 34585663
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  • 19. VCP/p97 cofactor UBXN1/SAKS1 regulates mitophagy by modulating MFN2 removal from mitochondria.
    Mengus C; Neutzner M; Bento ACPF; Bippes CC; Kohler C; Decembrini S; Häusel J; Hemion C; Sironi L; Frank S; Scholl HPN; Neutzner A
    Autophagy; 2022 Jan; 18(1):171-190. PubMed ID: 33966597
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  • 20. TRIM16-mediated lysophagy suppresses high-glucose-accumulated neuronal Aβ.
    Chae CW; Yoon JH; Lim JR; Park JY; Cho JH; Jung YH; Choi GE; Lee HJ; Han HJ
    Autophagy; 2023 Oct; 19(10):2752-2768. PubMed ID: 37357416
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