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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Photodynamic versus white-light-guided resection of first-diagnosis non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: PHOTO RCT.
    Heer R; Lewis R; Duncan A; Penegar S; Vadiveloo T; Clark E; Yu G; Mariappan P; Cresswell J; McGrath J; N'Dow J; Nabi G; Mostafid H; Kelly J; Ramsay C; Lazarowicz H; Allan A; Breckons M; Campbell K; Campbell L; Feber A; McDonald A; Norrie J; Orozco-Leal G; Rice S; Tandogdu Z; Taylor E; Wilson L; Vale L; MacLennan G; Hall E
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Oct; 26(40):1-144. PubMed ID: 36300825
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  • 2. Enhanced Visualization Methods for First Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumour in Suspected Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer: A Health Technology Assessment.
    Ontario Health (Quality)
    Ont Health Technol Assess Ser; 2021; 21(12):1-123. PubMed ID: 34484486
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  • 3. Synthetic sling or artificial urinary sphincter for men with urodynamic stress incontinence after prostate surgery: the MASTER non-inferiority RCT.
    Constable L; Abrams P; Cooper D; Kilonzo M; Cotterill N; Harding C; Drake MJ; Pardoe MN; McDonald A; Smith R; Norrie J; McCormack K; Ramsay C; Uren A; Mundy T; Glazener C; MacLennan G
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Aug; 26(36):1-152. PubMed ID: 35972773
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  • 4. Photodynamic Diagnosis-guided Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumour in Participants with a First Suspected Diagnosis of Intermediate- or High-risk Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer: Cost-effectiveness Analysis Alongside a Randomised Controlled Trial.
    Yu G; Rice S; Heer R; Lewis R; Vadiveloo T; Mariappan P; Penegar S; Clark E; Tandogdu Z; Hall E; Vale L
    Eur Urol Open Sci; 2023 Jul; 53():67-77. PubMed ID: 37441343
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  • 5. Shockwave lithotripsy compared with ureteroscopic stone treatment for adults with ureteric stones: the TISU non-inferiority RCT.
    Dasgupta R; Cameron S; Aucott L; MacLennan G; Kilonzo MM; Lam TB; Thomas R; Norrie J; McDonald A; Anson K; N'Dow J; Burgess N; Clark CT; Keeley FX; MacLennan SJ; Starr K; McClinton S
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Mar; 26(19):1-70. PubMed ID: 35301982
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  • 6. Impact of video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy versus open lobectomy for lung cancer on recovery assessed using self-reported physical function: VIOLET RCT.
    Lim E; Harris RA; McKeon HE; Batchelor TJ; Dunning J; Shackcloth M; Anikin V; Naidu B; Belcher E; Loubani M; Zamvar V; Dabner L; Brush T; Stokes EA; Wordsworth S; Paramasivan S; Realpe A; Elliott D; Blazeby J; Rogers CA
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Dec; 26(48):1-162. PubMed ID: 36524582
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  • 7. Photodynamic versus white light-guided treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: a study protocol for a randomised trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness.
    Tandogdu Z; Lewis R; Duncan A; Penegar S; McDonald A; Vale L; Shen J; Kelly JD; Pickard R; N Dow J; Ramsay C; Mostafid H; Mariappan P; Nabi G; Creswell J; Lazarowicz H; McGrath J; Taylor E; Clark E; Maclennan G; Norrie J; Hall E; Heer R;
    BMJ Open; 2019 Sep; 9(9):e022268. PubMed ID: 31481549
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  • 8. Risk-based, 6-monthly and 24-monthly dental check-ups for adults: the INTERVAL three-arm RCT.
    Clarkson JE; Pitts NB; Goulao B; Boyers D; Ramsay CR; Floate R; Braid HJ; Fee PA; Ord FS; Worthington HV; van der Pol M; Young L; Freeman R; Gouick J; Humphris GM; Mitchell FE; McDonald AM; Norrie JD; Sim K; Douglas G; Ricketts D
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Nov; 24(60):1-138. PubMed ID: 33215986
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  • 9. 3-month versus 6-month adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with high-risk stage II and III colorectal cancer: 3-year follow-up of the SCOT non-inferiority RCT.
    Iveson T; Boyd KA; Kerr RS; Robles-Zurita J; Saunders MP; Briggs AH; Cassidy J; Hollander NH; Tabernero J; Haydon A; Glimelius B; Harkin A; Allan K; McQueen J; Pearson S; Waterston A; Medley L; Wilson C; Ellis R; Essapen S; Dhadda AS; Harrison M; Falk S; Raouf S; Rees C; Olesen RK; Propper D; Bridgewater J; Azzabi A; Farrugia D; Webb A; Cunningham D; Hickish T; Weaver A; Gollins S; Wasan H; Paul J
    Health Technol Assess; 2019 Dec; 23(64):1-88. PubMed ID: 31852579
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  • 10. Supraglottic airway device versus tracheal intubation in the initial airway management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the AIRWAYS-2 cluster RCT.
    Benger JR; Kirby K; Black S; Brett SJ; Clout M; Lazaroo MJ; Nolan JP; Reeves BC; Robinson M; Scott LJ; Smartt H; South A; Stokes EA; Taylor J; Thomas M; Voss S; Wordsworth S; Rogers CA
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Apr; 26(21):1-158. PubMed ID: 35426781
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  • 11. Comparison of surgical or non-surgical management for non-acute anterior cruciate ligament injury: the ACL SNNAP RCT.
    Beard DJ; Davies L; Cook JA; Stokes J; Leal J; Fletcher H; Abram S; Chegwin K; Greshon A; Jackson W; Bottomley N; Dodd M; Bourke H; Shirkey BA; Paez A; Lamb SE; Barker KL; Phillips M; Brown M; Lythe V; Mirza B; Carr A; Monk P; Areia CM; O'Leary S; Haddad F; Wilson C; Price A;
    Health Technol Assess; 2024 Jun; 28(27):1-97. PubMed ID: 38940695
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  • 12. Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy compared with second-generation endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding: the HEALTH RCT.
    Cooper K; Breeman S; Scott NW; Scotland G; Hernández R; Clark TJ; Hawe J; Hawthorn R; Phillips K; Wileman S; McCormack K; Norrie J; Bhattacharya S
    Health Technol Assess; 2019 Sep; 23(53):1-108. PubMed ID: 31577219
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  • 13. Early versus deferred endovenous ablation of superficial venous reflux in patients with venous ulceration: the EVRA RCT.
    Gohel MS; Heatley F; Liu X; Bradbury A; Bulbulia R; Cullum N; Epstein DM; Nyamekye I; Poskitt KR; Renton S; Warwick J; Davies AH
    Health Technol Assess; 2019 May; 23(24):1-96. PubMed ID: 31140402
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  • 14. Primary trabeculectomy versus primary glaucoma eye drops for newly diagnosed advanced glaucoma: TAGS RCT.
    King AJ; Fernie G; Hudson J; Kernohan A; Azuara-Blanco A; Burr J; Homer T; Shabaninejad H; Sparrow JM; Garway-Heath D; Barton K; Norrie J; McDonald A; Vale L; MacLennan G
    Health Technol Assess; 2021 Nov; 25(72):1-158. PubMed ID: 34854808
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  • 15. Urodynamics tests for the diagnosis and management of bladder outlet obstruction in men: the UPSTREAM non-inferiority RCT.
    Lewis AL; Young GJ; Selman LE; Rice C; Clement C; Ochieng CA; Abrams P; Blair PS; Chapple C; Glazener CM; Horwood J; McGrath JS; Noble S; Taylor GT; Lane JA; Drake MJ
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Sep; 24(42):1-122. PubMed ID: 32902375
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  • 16. Open urethroplasty versus endoscopic urethrotomy for recurrent urethral stricture in men: the OPEN RCT.
    Pickard R; Goulao B; Carnell S; Shen J; MacLennan G; Norrie J; Breckons M; Vale L; Whybrow P; Rapley T; Forbes R; Currer S; Forrest M; Wilkinson J; McColl E; Andrich D; Barclay S; Cook J; Mundy A; N'Dow J; Payne S; Watkin N
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Nov; 24(61):1-110. PubMed ID: 33228846
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  • 17. Liver resection surgery compared with thermal ablation in high surgical risk patients with colorectal liver metastases: the LAVA international RCT.
    Davidson B; Gurusamy K; Corrigan N; Croft J; Ruddock S; Pullan A; Brown J; Twiddy M; Birtwistle J; Morris S; Woodward N; Bandula S; Hochhauser D; Prasad R; Olde Damink S; Coolson M; Laarhoven KV; de Wilt JH
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Apr; 24(21):1-38. PubMed ID: 32370822
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  • 18. Exercise to prevent shoulder problems after breast cancer surgery: the PROSPER RCT.
    Bruce J; Mazuquin B; Mistry P; Rees S; Canaway A; Hossain A; Williamson E; Padfield EJ; Lall R; Richmond H; Chowdhury L; Lait C; Petrou S; Booth K; Lamb SE; Vidya R; Thompson AM
    Health Technol Assess; 2022 Feb; 26(15):1-124. PubMed ID: 35220995
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  • 19. Lamotrigine versus levetiracetam or zonisamide for focal epilepsy and valproate versus levetiracetam for generalised and unclassified epilepsy: two SANAD II non-inferiority RCTs.
    Marson AG; Burnside G; Appleton R; Smith D; Leach JP; Sills G; Tudur-Smith C; Plumpton CO; Hughes DA; Williamson PR; Baker G; Balabanova S; Taylor C; Brown R; Hindley D; Howell S; Maguire M; Mohanraj R; Smith PE
    Health Technol Assess; 2021 Dec; 25(75):1-134. PubMed ID: 34931602
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  • 20. Cognitive-behavioural therapy compared with standardised medical care for adults with dissociative non-epileptic seizures: the CODES RCT.
    Goldstein LH; Robinson EJ; Pilecka I; Perdue I; Mosweu I; Read J; Jordan H; Wilkinson M; Rawlings G; Feehan SJ; Callaghan H; Day E; Purnell J; Baldellou Lopez M; Brockington A; Burness C; Poole NA; Eastwood C; Moore M; Mellers JD; Stone J; Carson A; Medford N; Reuber M; McCrone P; Murray J; Richardson MP; Landau S; Chalder T
    Health Technol Assess; 2021 Jun; 25(43):1-144. PubMed ID: 34196269
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