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  • 1. Outcomes of light and midweight synthetic mesh use in clean-contaminated and contaminated ventral incisional hernia repair: an ACHQC comparative analysis.
    Polcz ME; Pierce RA; Olson MA; Blankush J; Duke MC; Broucek J; Bradley JF
    Surg Endosc; 2023 Jul; 37(7):5583-5590. PubMed ID: 36319897
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  • 2. Ventral hernia repair using bioresorbable poly-4-hydroxybutyrate mesh in clean and contaminated surgical fields: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Ahmed A; Gandhi S; Ganam S; Diab AF; Mhaskar R; Sujka J; DuCoin C; Docimo S
    Hernia; 2024 Apr; 28(2):575-584. PubMed ID: 38345668
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  • 3. Are perioperative outcomes in cancer-related ventral incisional hernia repair worse than in the general population? An Abdominal Core Health Quality Collaborative (ACHQC) database study.
    Lamm R; Olson MA; Palazzo F
    Hernia; 2022 Aug; 26(4):1169-1177. PubMed ID: 35486185
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  • 4. Evaluation of 30-day outcomes for open ventral hernia repair using self-gripping versus nonself-gripping mesh.
    Bahraini A; Hsu J; Cochran S; Campbell S; Overby DW; Phillips S; Prabhu A; Perez A
    Surg Endosc; 2024 May; 38(5):2871-2878. PubMed ID: 38609587
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  • 5. Comparative analysis of biologic versus synthetic mesh outcomes in contaminated hernia repairs.
    Majumder A; Winder JS; Wen Y; Pauli EM; Belyansky I; Novitsky YW
    Surgery; 2016 Oct; 160(4):828-838. PubMed ID: 27452954
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  • 6. Incisional hernia repair with a slowly absorbable P4HB mesh: what happens after the mesh disappears? A retrospective longitudinal clinical study.
    Layer T; Benammi S; Dubuisson V; Manfredelli S; Passot G; Charleux-Muller D; Renard Y; Ortega-Deballon P; Romain B
    Hernia; 2023 Apr; 27(2):387-394. PubMed ID: 35536373
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  • 7. Observational Cohort Study on the Use of a Slowly Fully Resorbable Synthetic Mesh (Phasix™) in the Treatment of Complex Abdominal Wall Pathology with Different Grades of Contamination.
    van Driel LJ; Miserez M; Aarts F; Tollens T
    Surg Technol Int; 2021 May; 38():186-192. PubMed ID: 33823056
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  • 8. Outcomes of a new slowly resorbable biosynthetic mesh (Phasix™) in potentially contaminated incisional hernias: A prospective, multi-center, single-arm trial.
    van Rooijen MM; Jairam AP; Tollens T; Jørgensen LN; de Vries Reilingh TS; Piessen G; Köckerling F; Miserez M; Windsor AC; Berrevoet F; Fortelny RH; Dousset B; Woeste G; van Westreenen HL; Gossetti F; Lange JF; Tetteroo GW; Koch A; Kroese LF; Jeekel J
    Int J Surg; 2020 Nov; 83():31-36. PubMed ID: 32931978
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  • 9. Association of Nicotine Cessation Time on the Incidence of Recurrent Incisional Hernia Repair and Postoperative Surgical Site Occurrences.
    McBee PJ; Larsen NK; Reilly MJ; Walters RW; Olson MA; Fitzgibbons RJ
    Am Surg; 2023 Dec; 89(12):6127-6133. PubMed ID: 37501283
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  • 10. Do surgical drains reduce surgical site occurrence and infection after incisional hernia repair with sublay mesh? A non-randomised pilot study.
    Louis V; Diab S; Villemin A; Brigand C; Manfredelli S; Delhorme JB; Rohr S; Romain B
    Hernia; 2023 Aug; 27(4):873-881. PubMed ID: 36959525
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  • 11. Length of stay and surgical site complications are not increased after elective incisional hernia in patients with a history of solid organ transplantation.
    Woelfel I; Gupta A; Renshaw S; Poulose B
    Surg Endosc; 2022 Mar; 36(3):2159-2168. PubMed ID: 33788030
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  • 12. Predictors for surgical site infection in patients undergoing therapeutic or prophylactic intra-abdominal onlay mesh (IPOM) implantation in clean and contaminated surgical fields.
    Jakob MO; Brüggemann A; Moser N; Candinas D; Beldi G; Haltmeier T
    Surg Endosc; 2023 Sep; 37(9):6885-6894. PubMed ID: 37311892
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  • 13. Outcomes of synthetic mesh in contaminated ventral hernia repairs.
    Carbonell AM; Criss CN; Cobb WS; Novitsky YW; Rosen MJ
    J Am Coll Surg; 2013 Dec; 217(6):991-8. PubMed ID: 24045140
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  • 14. Outcomes of transversus abdominis release in non-elective incisional hernia repair: a retrospective review of the Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative (AHSQC).
    Alkhatib H; Tastaldi L; Krpata DM; Petro CC; Olson M; Rosenblatt S; Rosen MJ; Prabhu AS
    Hernia; 2019 Feb; 23(1):43-49. PubMed ID: 30627813
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  • 15. Suture, synthetic, or biologic in contaminated ventral hernia repair.
    Bondre IL; Holihan JL; Askenasy EP; Greenberg JA; Keith JN; Martindale RG; Roth JS; Liang MK;
    J Surg Res; 2016 Feb; 200(2):488-94. PubMed ID: 26424112
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  • 16. Single-staged retromuscular abdominal wall reconstruction with mesh at the time of ostomy reversal: are we crossing the line? An ACHQC Analysis.
    Melland-Smith M; Miller B; Petro C; Beffa L; Prabhu A; Krpata D; LaBelle M; Tamer R; Rosen M
    Surg Endosc; 2023 Sep; 37(9):7051-7059. PubMed ID: 37353652
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  • 17. Slowly absorbable mesh in contaminated incisional hernia repair: results of a French multicenter study.
    Charleux-Muller D; Hurel R; Fabacher T; Brigand C; Rohr S; Manfredelli S; Passot G; Ortega-Deballon P; Dubuisson V; Renard Y; Romain B
    Hernia; 2021 Aug; 25(4):1051-1059. PubMed ID: 33492554
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  • 18. Stopping prehospital chlorhexidine skin wash does not increase wound morbidity after incisional hernia repair: results of a 4-year quality improvement initiative.
    Miller BT; Phillips S; Poulose BK; Petro CC; Beffa LRA; Rosen MJ; Krpata DM; Prabhu AS
    Hernia; 2023 Jun; 27(3):575-582. PubMed ID: 36418793
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  • 19. Outcomes of concomitant mesh placement and intestinal procedures during open ventral hernia repair.
    Moazzez A; Dubina ED; Park H; Shover AL; Kim DY; de Virgilio CM
    Hernia; 2021 Jun; 25(3):701-708. PubMed ID: 33216254
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  • 20. Development and validation of a risk-stratification score for surgical site occurrence and surgical site infection after open ventral hernia repair.
    Berger RL; Li LT; Hicks SC; Davila JA; Kao LS; Liang MK
    J Am Coll Surg; 2013 Dec; 217(6):974-82. PubMed ID: 24051068
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