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  • 1. Native Size-Exclusion Chromatography-Based Mass Spectrometry Reveals New Components of the Early Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibition Response Among Limited Global Changes.
    Samant RS; Batista S; Larance M; Ozer B; Milton CI; Bludau I; Wu E; Biggins L; Andrews S; Hervieu A; Johnston HE; Al-Lazikhani B; Lamond AI; Clarke PA; Workman P
    Mol Cell Proteomics; 2023 Feb; 22(2):100485. PubMed ID: 36549590
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  • 2. Quantitative Proteomics Reveals that Hsp90 Inhibition Dynamically Regulates Global Protein Synthesis in Leishmania mexicana.
    Kalesh K; Sundriyal S; Perera H; Cobb SL; Denny PW
    mSystems; 2021 May; 6(3):. PubMed ID: 33975965
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  • 3. E3 ubiquitin ligase Cullin-5 modulates multiple molecular and cellular responses to heat shock protein 90 inhibition in human cancer cells.
    Samant RS; Clarke PA; Workman P
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2014 May; 111(18):6834-9. PubMed ID: 24760825
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  • 4. The expanding proteome of the molecular chaperone HSP90.
    Samant RS; Clarke PA; Workman P
    Cell Cycle; 2012 Apr; 11(7):1301-8. PubMed ID: 22421145
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  • 5. Investigation of Cellular Response to the HSP90 Inhibition in Human Cells Through Thermal Proteome Profiling.
    Yin K; Wu R
    Mol Cell Proteomics; 2023 Jun; 22(6):100560. PubMed ID: 37119972
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  • 6. Dynamic impacts of the inhibition of the molecular chaperone Hsp90 on the T-cell proteome have implications for anti-cancer therapy.
    Fierro-Monti I; Echeverria P; Racle J; Hernandez C; Picard D; Quadroni M
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(11):e80425. PubMed ID: 24312219
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  • 7. Global proteomic analyses define an environmentally contingent Hsp90 interactome and reveal chaperone-dependent regulation of stress granule proteins and the R2TP complex in a fungal pathogen.
    O'Meara TR; O'Meara MJ; Polvi EJ; Pourhaghighi MR; Liston SD; Lin ZY; Veri AO; Emili A; Gingras AC; Cowen LE
    PLoS Biol; 2019 Jul; 17(7):e3000358. PubMed ID: 31283755
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  • 8. Quantitative proteomics of the yeast Hsp70/Hsp90 interactomes during DNA damage reveal chaperone-dependent regulation of ribonucleotide reductase.
    Truman AW; Kristjansdottir K; Wolfgeher D; Ricco N; Mayampurath A; Volchenboum SL; Clotet J; Kron SJ
    J Proteomics; 2015 Jan; 112():285-300. PubMed ID: 25452130
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  • 9. Docosahexaenoic Acid-mediated Inhibition of Heat Shock Protein 90-p23 Chaperone Complex and Downstream Client Proteins in Lung and Breast Cancer.
    Mouradian M; Ma IV; Vicente ED; Kikawa KD; Pardini RS
    Nutr Cancer; 2017 Jan; 69(1):92-104. PubMed ID: 27880046
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  • 10. Hsp90 inhibition induces both protein-specific and global changes in the ubiquitinome.
    Quadroni M; Potts A; Waridel P
    J Proteomics; 2015 Apr; 120():215-29. PubMed ID: 25782750
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  • 11. Interplay between the Hsp90 Chaperone and the HslVU Protease To Regulate the Level of an Essential Protein in Shewanella oneidensis.
    Honoré FA; Maillot NJ; Méjean V; Genest O
    mBio; 2019 May; 10(3):. PubMed ID: 31088919
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  • 12. Quantitative proteomics reveals that Hsp90 inhibition preferentially targets kinases and the DNA damage response.
    Sharma K; Vabulas RM; Macek B; Pinkert S; Cox J; Mann M; Hartl FU
    Mol Cell Proteomics; 2012 Mar; 11(3):M111.014654. PubMed ID: 22167270
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  • 13. In Vivo Conformational Dynamics of Hsp90 and Its Interactors.
    Chavez JD; Schweppe DK; Eng JK; Bruce JE
    Cell Chem Biol; 2016 Jun; 23(6):716-26. PubMed ID: 27341434
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  • 14. A Novel Class of Hsp90 C-Terminal Modulators Have Pre-Clinical Efficacy in Prostate Tumor Cells Without Induction of a Heat Shock Response.
    Armstrong HK; Koay YC; Irani S; Das R; Nassar ZD; ; Selth LA; Centenera MM; McAlpine SR; Butler LM
    Prostate; 2016 Dec; 76(16):1546-1559. PubMed ID: 27526951
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  • 15. Targeting the Hsp90-Cdc37-client protein interaction to disrupt Hsp90 chaperone machinery.
    Li T; Jiang HL; Tong YG; Lu JJ
    J Hematol Oncol; 2018 Apr; 11(1):59. PubMed ID: 29699578
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  • 16. NVP-AUY922: a small molecule HSP90 inhibitor with potent antitumor activity in preclinical breast cancer models.
    Jensen MR; Schoepfer J; Radimerski T; Massey A; Guy CT; Brueggen J; Quadt C; Buckler A; Cozens R; Drysdale MJ; Garcia-Echeverria C; Chène P
    Breast Cancer Res; 2008; 10(2):R33. PubMed ID: 18430202
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  • 17. Development and characterization of a novel C-terminal inhibitor of Hsp90 in androgen dependent and independent prostate cancer cells.
    Eskew JD; Sadikot T; Morales P; Duren A; Dunwiddie I; Swink M; Zhang X; Hembruff S; Donnelly A; Rajewski RA; Blagg BS; Manjarrez JR; Matts RL; Holzbeierlein JM; Vielhauer GA
    BMC Cancer; 2011 Oct; 11():468. PubMed ID: 22039910
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  • 18. A novel, small molecule inhibitor of Hsc70/Hsp70 potentiates Hsp90 inhibitor induced apoptosis in HCT116 colon carcinoma cells.
    Massey AJ; Williamson DS; Browne H; Murray JB; Dokurno P; Shaw T; Macias AT; Daniels Z; Geoffroy S; Dopson M; Lavan P; Matassova N; Francis GL; Graham CJ; Parsons R; Wang Y; Padfield A; Comer M; Drysdale MJ; Wood M
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol; 2010 Aug; 66(3):535-45. PubMed ID: 20012863
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  • 19. A proteomic investigation of ligand-dependent HSP90 complexes reveals CHORDC1 as a novel ADP-dependent HSP90-interacting protein.
    Gano JJ; Simon JA
    Mol Cell Proteomics; 2010 Feb; 9(2):255-70. PubMed ID: 19875381
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  • 20. Hsp90 and Hsp70 chaperones: Collaborators in protein remodeling.
    Genest O; Wickner S; Doyle SM
    J Biol Chem; 2019 Feb; 294(6):2109-2120. PubMed ID: 30401745
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