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  • 21. A qualitative transcriptional signature for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
    Guan Q; Zeng Q; Yan H; Xie J; Cheng J; Ao L; He J; Zhao W; Chen K; Guo Y; Guan G; Guo Z
    Cancer Sci; 2019 Oct; 110(10):3225-3234. PubMed ID: 31335996
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  • 22. The dose-dependent effect of SOX9 and its incidence in colorectal cancer.
    Prévostel C; Blache P
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Nov; 86():150-157. PubMed ID: 28988015
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  • 23. Screening for differentially‑expressed microRNA biomarkers in Saudi colorectal cancer patients by small RNA deep sequencing.
    Al-Sheikh YA; Ghneim HK; Alharbi KK; Aboul-Soud MAM
    Int J Mol Med; 2019 Dec; 44(6):2027-2036. PubMed ID: 31638163
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  • 24. Colorectal Cancer Early Detection in Stool Samples Tracing CpG Islands Methylation Alterations Affecting Gene Expression.
    Vega-Benedetti AF; Loi E; Moi L; Orrù S; Ziranu P; Pretta A; Lai E; Puzzoni M; Ciccone L; Casadei-Gardini A; Cabras F; Fortunato F; Restivo A; Zorcolo L; Scartozzi M; Zavattari P
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Jun; 21(12):. PubMed ID: 32599859
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  • 25. mRNA coexpression patterns of Wnt pathway components and their clinicopathological associations in breast and colorectal cancer.
    Zougros A; Michelli M; Chatziandreou I; Nonni A; Gakiopoulou H; Michalopoulos NV; Lazaris AC; Saetta AA
    Pathol Res Pract; 2021 Nov; 227():153649. PubMed ID: 34656913
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  • 26. Expression and correlation of MALAT1 and SOX9 in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Chen W; Zhao W; Chen S; Zhang L; Guo Z; Wang L; Wang J; Wan Z; Hong Y; Yu L
    Clin Respir J; 2018 Jul; 12(7):2284-2291. PubMed ID: 29896925
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  • 27. Identification and evaluation of plasma microRNAs for early detection of colorectal cancer.
    Luo X; Stock C; Burwinkel B; Brenner H
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(5):e62880. PubMed ID: 23690963
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  • 28. Long non-coding RNA HANR as a biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of colorectal cancer.
    Xu M; Guo X; Wang RD; Zhang ZH; Jia YM; Sun X
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2020 Feb; 99(7):e19066. PubMed ID: 32049807
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  • 29. Significant overexpression of DVL1 in Taiwanese colorectal cancer patients with liver metastasis.
    Huang MY; Yen LC; Liu HC; Liu PP; Chung FY; Wang TN; Wang JY; Lin SR
    Int J Mol Sci; 2013 Oct; 14(10):20492-507. PubMed ID: 24129181
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  • 30. Circulating microRNA-1290 as a novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in human colorectal cancer.
    Imaoka H; Toiyama Y; Fujikawa H; Hiro J; Saigusa S; Tanaka K; Inoue Y; Mohri Y; Mori T; Kato T; Toden S; Goel A; Kusunoki M
    Ann Oncol; 2016 Oct; 27(10):1879-86. PubMed ID: 27502702
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  • 31. FZD6 expression is negatively regulated by miR-199a-5p in human colorectal cancer.
    Kim BK; Yoo HI; Kim I; Park J; Kim Yoon S
    BMB Rep; 2015 Jun; 48(6):360-6. PubMed ID: 25772759
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  • 32. GART Functions as a Novel Methyltransferase in the RUVBL1/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway to Promote Tumor Stemness in Colorectal Cancer.
    Tang C; Ke M; Yu X; Sun S; Luo X; Liu X; Zhou Y; Wang Z; Cui X; Gu C; Yang Y
    Adv Sci (Weinh); 2023 Sep; 10(25):e2301264. PubMed ID: 37439412
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  • 33. Frizzled-7 as a potential therapeutic target in colorectal cancer.
    Ueno K; Hiura M; Suehiro Y; Hazama S; Hirata H; Oka M; Imai K; Dahiya R; Hinoda Y
    Neoplasia; 2008 Jul; 10(7):697-705. PubMed ID: 18592008
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  • 34. Clinical significance of SOX9 in human non-small cell lung cancer progression and overall patient survival.
    Zhou CH; Ye LP; Ye SX; Li Y; Zhang XY; Xu XY; Gong LY
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2012 Mar; 31(1):18. PubMed ID: 22385677
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  • 35. Two Novel Long Noncoding RNAs - RP11-296E3.2 and LEF1-AS1can - Separately Serve as Diagnostic and Prognostic Bio-Markers of Metastasis in Colorectal Cancer.
    Shi Q; He Y; Zhang X; Li J; Cui G; Zhang X; Wang X
    Med Sci Monit; 2019 Sep; 25():7042-7051. PubMed ID: 31536481
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  • 36. Non-coding RNAs as Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer Screening and Early Detection.
    Slaby O
    Adv Exp Med Biol; 2016; 937():153-70. PubMed ID: 27573899
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  • 37. TRIP13 promotes metastasis of colorectal cancer regardless of p53 and microsatellite instability status.
    Agarwal S; Behring M; Kim HG; Chandrashekar DS; Chakravarthi BVSK; Gupta N; Bajpai P; Elkholy A; Al Diffalha S; Datta PK; Heslin MJ; Varambally S; Manne U
    Mol Oncol; 2020 Dec; 14(12):3007-3029. PubMed ID: 33037736
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  • 38. Circ-ACAP2 facilitates the progression of colorectal cancer through mediating miR-143-3p/FZD4 axis.
    Zhang G; Liu Z; Zhong J; Lin L
    Eur J Clin Invest; 2021 Dec; 51(12):e13607. PubMed ID: 34085707
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  • 39. Circulating methylated RUNX3 and SFRP1 genes as a noninvasive panel for early detection of colorectal cancer.
    Pasha HF; Radwan MI; Yehia AM; Toam MM
    Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2019 Nov; 31(11):1342-1349. PubMed ID: 31524773
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  • 40. A novel cell-free DNA methylation-based model improves the early detection of colorectal cancer.
    Wu X; Zhang Y; Hu T; He X; Zou Y; Deng Q; Ke J; Lian L; He X; Zhao D; Cai X; Chen Z; Wu X; Fan JB; Gao F; Lan P
    Mol Oncol; 2021 Oct; 15(10):2702-2714. PubMed ID: 33694305
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