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  • 1. Effect of abdominal aortic calcification on the prognosis and recurrence of colorectal cancer stages II-III: A retrospective cohort study.
    Imaoka K; Shimomura M; Shimizu W; Akabane S; Ohira M; Imaoka Y; Yoshinaka H; Ono K; Mochizuki T; Matsubara K; Bekki T; Hattori M; Ohdan H
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2023 Jan; 38(1):21. PubMed ID: 36680603
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  • 2. Effect of Abdominal Aortic Calcification on Recurrence Following Initial Hepatectomy for Colorectal Liver Metastases.
    Imaoka K; Ohira M; Shimomura M; Hattori M; Bekki T; Sato K; Imaoka Y; Akabane S; Nakano R; Yano T; Sakai H; Hirata F; Kuroda S; Tahara H; Ide K; Ishiyama K; Kobayashi T; Tanaka Y; Ohdan H
    Anticancer Res; 2024 Feb; 44(2):649-658. PubMed ID: 38307553
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  • 3. Colorectal obstruction is a potential prognostic factor for stage II colorectal cancer.
    Okuda Y; Shimura T; Yamada T; Hirata Y; Yamaguchi R; Sakamoto E; Kataoka H
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2018 Dec; 23(6):1101-1111. PubMed ID: 29948240
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  • 4. Impact of abdominal aortic calcification on clinical outcomes following initial hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma: A retrospective cohort study.
    Imaoka Y; Ohira M; Sato K; Imaoka K; Kuroda S; Tahara H; Kobayashi T; Ide K; Tanaka Y; Ohdan H
    Ann Gastroenterol Surg; 2022 Jan; 6(1):149-158. PubMed ID: 35106425
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  • 5. Diabetic severity and oncological outcomes of colorectal cancer following curative resection: A population-based cohort study in Taiwan.
    Hsu HY; Chern YJ; Hsu MS; Yeh TL; Tsai MC; Jhuang JR; Hwang LC; Chiang CJ; Lee WC; Chien KL
    Cancer; 2023 Dec; 129(24):3928-3937. PubMed ID: 37867369
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  • 6. Combined Features Based on Preoperative Controlling Nutritional Status Score and Circulating Tumour Cell Status Predict Prognosis for Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated with Curative Resection.
    Yang C; Wei C; Wang S; Han S; Shi D; Zhang C; Lin X; Dou R; Xiong B
    Int J Biol Sci; 2019; 15(6):1325-1335. PubMed ID: 31223290
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  • 7. Effect of low visceral fat area on long-term survival of stage I-III colorectal cancer.
    Kamada T; Ohdaira H; Takahashi J; Aida T; Nakashima K; Ito E; Suzuki N; Hata T; Yoshida M; Eto K; Suzuki Y
    Nutrition; 2024 Feb; 118():112302. PubMed ID: 38096604
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  • 8. Elevated tumor-to-liver uptake ratio (TLR) from
    Huang J; Huang L; Zhou J; Duan Y; Zhang Z; Wang X; Huang P; Tan S; Hu P; Wang J; Huang M
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging; 2017 Nov; 44(12):1958-1968. PubMed ID: 28812134
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  • 9. The Ratio of CD86+/CD163+ Macrophages Predicts Postoperative Recurrence in Stage II-III Colorectal Cancer.
    Xu G; Jiang L; Ye C; Qin G; Luo Z; Mo Y; Chen J
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():724429. PubMed ID: 34512652
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  • 10. Prognostic and predictive value of the macroscopic growth pattern in patients undergoing curative resection of colorectal cancer: a single-institution retrospective cohort study of 4,080 Chinese patients.
    Li X; Zhao Q; An B; Qi J; Wang W; Zhang D; Li Z; Qin C
    Cancer Manag Res; 2018; 10():1875-1887. PubMed ID: 30013394
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  • 11. Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio can predict overall survival in patients with stage II to III colorectal cancer.
    Cho Y; Park SB; Yoon JY; Kwak MS; Cha JM
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2023 Mar; 102(11):e33279. PubMed ID: 36930098
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  • 12. Younger patients with colorectal cancer may have better long-term survival after surgery: a retrospective study based on propensity score matching analysis.
    Liao W; Li Y; Zou Y; Xu Q; Wang X; Li L
    World J Surg Oncol; 2024 Feb; 22(1):59. PubMed ID: 38378649
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  • 13. Significance of tumor deposits combined with lymph node metastasis in stage III colorectal cancer patients: a retrospective multi-center cohort study from China.
    Pu H; Pang X; Fu J; Zheng R; Chen Y; Zhang D; Fang X
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2022 Jun; 37(6):1411-1420. PubMed ID: 35595975
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  • 14. Sarcopenia is a Negative Prognostic Factor After Curative Resection of Colorectal Cancer.
    Miyamoto Y; Baba Y; Sakamoto Y; Ohuchi M; Tokunaga R; Kurashige J; Hiyoshi Y; Iwagami S; Yoshida N; Yoshida M; Watanabe M; Baba H
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2015 Aug; 22(8):2663-8. PubMed ID: 25564158
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  • 15. Risk factors for recurrence in elderly patients with stage II colorectal cancer: a multicenter retrospective study.
    Yagyu T; Yamamoto M; Tanio A; Hara K; Sugezawa K; Uejima C; Kihara K; Tatebe S; Kurisu Y; Shibata S; Yamamoto T; Nishie H; Shiota S; Saito H; Naka T; Sugamura K; Katano K; Fujiwara Y
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Apr; 22(1):390. PubMed ID: 35410196
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  • 16. Impact of tumor deposits on the prognosis and chemotherapy efficacy in stage III colorectal cancer patients with different lymph node status: A retrospective cohort study in China.
    Li X; An B; Zhao Q; Qi J; Wang W; Zhang D; Li Z; Qin C
    Int J Surg; 2018 Aug; 56():188-194. PubMed ID: 29936197
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  • 17. Elevated serum carcinoembryonic antigen level after curative surgery is a prognostic biomarker of stage II-III colorectal cancer.
    Sonoda H; Yamada T; Matsuda A; Ohta R; Shinji S; Yokoyama Y; Takahashi G; Iwai T; Takeda K; Ueda K; Kuriyama S; Miyasaka T; Yoshida H
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2021 Nov; 47(11):2880-2887. PubMed ID: 34103245
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  • 18. Effect of intra-operative chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin on the survival of patients with colorectal cancer after radical surgery: a retrospective cohort study.
    Hu X; Zheng Z; Han J; Li B; Guo G; Guo P; Yang Y; Li D; Yan Y; Niu W; Zhou C; Meng Z; Feng J; Yu B; Liu Q; Wang G
    Chin Med J (Engl); 2023 Apr; 136(7):830-839. PubMed ID: 37027445
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  • 19. Prognostic value of sarcopenia in patients with colorectal liver metastases undergoing hepatic resection.
    Liu YW; Lu CC; Chang CD; Lee KC; Chen HH; Yeh WS; Hu WH; Tsai KL; Yeh CH; Wee SY; Yin SM; Wang CC; Hung CH
    Sci Rep; 2020 Apr; 10(1):6459. PubMed ID: 32296122
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  • 20. Lack of Caudal-Type Homeobox Transcription Factor 2 Expression as a Prognostic Biomarker in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.
    Zhang BY; Jones JC; Briggler AM; Hubbard JM; Kipp BR; Sargent DJ; Dixon JG; Grothey A
    Clin Colorectal Cancer; 2017 Jun; 16(2):124-128. PubMed ID: 27726953
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