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  • 21. Accuracy of preoperative CT for local staging in colorectal carcinomas.
    Hennedige T; Teo L; Ang B; Cheong WK; Venkatesh SK
    Singapore Med J; 2010 Jun; 51(6):475-80. PubMed ID: 20658106
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  • 22. Can CT replace MRI in preoperative assessment of the circumferential resection margin in rectal cancer?
    Maizlin ZV; Brown JA; So G; Brown C; Phang TP; Walker ML; Kirby JM; Vora P; Tiwari P
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2010 Mar; 53(3):308-14. PubMed ID: 20173478
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  • 23. The value of pre-operative computed tomography scanning for the assessment of lymph node status in patients with colon cancer.
    de Vries FE; da Costa DW; van der Mooren K; van Dorp TA; Vrouenraets BC
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2014 Dec; 40(12):1777-81. PubMed ID: 25260599
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  • 24. Nationwide practice in CT-based preoperative staging of colon cancer and concordance with definitive pathology.
    Sikkenk DJ; Sijmons JML; Burghgraef TA; Asaggau I; Vos A; da Costa DW; Somers I; Verheijen PM; Dekker JT; Nagengast WB; Tanis PJ; Consten ECJ
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2023 Oct; 49(10):106941. PubMed ID: 37442716
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  • 25. Accurate staging of non-metastatic colon cancer with CT: the importance of training and practice for experienced radiologists and analysis of incorrectly staged cases.
    van de Weerd S; Hong E; van den Berg I; Wijlemans JW; van Vooren J; Prins MW; Wessels FJ; Heeres BC; Roberti S; Nederend J; van Krieken JHJM; Roodhart JML; Beets-Tan RGH; Medema JP
    Abdom Radiol (NY); 2022 Oct; 47(10):3375-3385. PubMed ID: 35798962
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  • 26. Preoperative T staging of colon cancer using CT colonography with multiplanar reconstruction: new diagnostic criteria based on "bordering vessels".
    Komono A; Shida D; Iinuma G; Tsukamoto S; Sakamoto R; Moritani K; Miyake M; Kanemitsu Y
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2019 Apr; 34(4):641-648. PubMed ID: 30666406
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  • 27. Water-enema multidetector computed tomography for planning surgery.
    Venara A; Ridereau-Zins C; Toque L; Cesbron E; Michalak S; Lermite E; Aube C; Hamy A
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2015 May; 30(5):691-6. PubMed ID: 25722102
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  • 28. Colonoscopic high frequency mini-probe ultrasound is more accurate than conventional computed tomography in the local staging of colonic cancer.
    Haji A; Ryan S; Bjarnason I; Donaldson N; Papagrigoriadis S
    Colorectal Dis; 2012 Aug; 14(8):953-9. PubMed ID: 22053753
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  • 29. CT and 3 Tesla MRI in the TN Staging of Colon Cancer: A Prospective, Blind Study.
    Rafaelsen SR; Dam C; Vagn-Hansen C; Møller J; Rahr HB; Sjöström M; Lindebjerg J; Hansen TF; Pedersen MRV
    Curr Oncol; 2022 Feb; 29(2):1069-1079. PubMed ID: 35200590
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  • 30. Accuracy of radiological staging in identifying high-risk colon cancer patients suitable for neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a multicentre experience.
    Dighe S; Swift I; Magill L; Handley K; Gray R; Quirke P; Morton D; Seymour M; Warren B; Brown G
    Colorectal Dis; 2012 Apr; 14(4):438-44. PubMed ID: 21689323
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  • 31. A prospective analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of 3 T MRI, CT and endoscopic ultrasound for preoperative T staging of potentially resectable esophageal cancer.
    Guo J; Wang Z; Qin J; Zhang H; Liu W; Zhao Y; Lu Y; Yan X; Zhang Z; Zhang T; Zhang S; Dominik NM; Kamel IR; Li H; Qu J
    Cancer Imaging; 2020 Sep; 20(1):64. PubMed ID: 32912319
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  • 32. Inter-rater agreement between radiologists using the novel CT-TDV (T3c+; tumour deposits; EMVI) system in patients with potentially curable right colon cancer.
    Hodges N; Duxbury O; Corr A; Cho SH; Miskovic D; Brown G
    Br J Radiol; 2023 Jun; 96(1146):20220682. PubMed ID: 37000465
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  • 33. Staging with computed tomography of patients with colon cancer.
    Malmstrøm ML; Brisling S; Klausen TW; Săftoiu A; Perner T; Vilmann P; Gögenur I
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2018 Jan; 33(1):9-17. PubMed ID: 29116438
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  • 34. Preoperative local staging of esophageal carcinoma using dual-phase contrast-enhanced imaging with multi-detector row computed tomography: value of the arterial phase images.
    Umeoka S; Koyama T; Watanabe G; Saga T; Kataoka M; Togashi K; Hatabu H
    J Comput Assist Tomogr; 2010; 34(3):406-12. PubMed ID: 20498545
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  • 35. Computed tomography has low sensitivity for the diagnosis of early colon cancer.
    Lao IH; Chao H; Wang YJ; Mak CW; Tzeng WS; Wu RH; Chang ST; Fang JL
    Colorectal Dis; 2013 Jul; 15(7):807-11. PubMed ID: 23350992
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  • 36. Renal cell carcinoma T staging: Diagnostic accuracy of preoperative contrast-enhanced computed tomography.
    Fateh SM; Arkawazi LA; Tahir SH; Rashid RJ; Rahman DH; Aghaways I; Kakamad FH; Salih AM; Bapir R; Fakhralddin SS; Fattah FH; Abdalla BA; Mohammed SH
    Mol Clin Oncol; 2023 Feb; 18(2):11. PubMed ID: 36761384
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  • 37. Preoperative computed tomography staging of nonmetastatic colon cancer predicts outcome: implications for clinical trials.
    Smith NJ; Bees N; Barbachano Y; Norman AR; Swift RI; Brown G
    Br J Cancer; 2007 Apr; 96(7):1030-6. PubMed ID: 17353925
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  • 38. Accuracy of multidetector computed tomography in identifying poor prognostic factors in colonic cancer.
    Dighe S; Blake H; Koh MD; Swift I; Arnaout A; Temple L; Barbachano Y; Brown G
    Br J Surg; 2010 Sep; 97(9):1407-15. PubMed ID: 20564305
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  • 39. The oncological outcome after right hemicolectomy and accuracy of CT scan as a preoperative tool for staging in right sided colonic cancers.
    Lim M; Hussain Z; Howe A; Storey R; Petty D; Haselden J; Sebag-Montefiore D; Alexander D
    Colorectal Dis; 2013 May; 15(5):536-43. PubMed ID: 23067005
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  • 40. The diagnostic accuracy of local staging in colon cancer based on computed tomography (CT): evaluating the role of extramural venous invasion and tumour deposits.
    van den Berg K; Wang S; Willems JMWE; Creemers GJ; Roodhart JML; Shkurti J; Burger JWA; Rutten HJT; Beets-Tan RGH; Nederend J
    Abdom Radiol (NY); 2024 Feb; 49(2):365-374. PubMed ID: 38019283
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