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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Successful neoadjuvant treatment of EGFR exon 19 deletion combined with TP53 mutation in non-small cell lung cancer using aumolertinib after osimertinib-induced myocardial damage: a case report and literature review.
    Zhang G; Tang X; Zhang X; Qiu X; Lai Q; Li J
    Anticancer Drugs; 2023 Sep; 34(8):954-961. PubMed ID: 36800249
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  • 2. Osimertinib treatment for patients with EGFR exon 20 mutation positive non-small cell lung cancer.
    van Veggel B; Madeira R Santos JFV; Hashemi SMS; Paats MS; Monkhorst K; Heideman DAM; Groves M; Radonic T; Smit EF; Schuuring E; van der Wekken AJ; de Langen AJ
    Lung Cancer; 2020 Mar; 141():9-13. PubMed ID: 31926441
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  • 3. Osimertinib as neoadjuvant therapy in patients with EGFR-mutant resectable stage II-IIIB lung adenocarcinoma (NEOS): A multicenter, single-arm, open-label phase 2b trial.
    Lv C; Fang W; Wu N; Jiao W; Xu S; Ma H; Wang J; Wang R; Ji C; Li S; Wang Y; Yan S; Lu F; Pei Y; Liu Y; Yang Y
    Lung Cancer; 2023 Apr; 178():151-156. PubMed ID: 36863124
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  • 4. Aumolertinib Effectively Reduces Clinical Symptoms of an EGFR L858R-Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Case Coupled With Osimertinib-Induced Cardiotoxicity: Case Report and Review.
    Zhang Q; Liu H; Yang J
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2022; 13():833929. PubMed ID: 35677717
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  • 5. AENEAS: A Randomized Phase III Trial of Aumolertinib Versus Gefitinib as First-Line Therapy for Locally Advanced or MetastaticNon-Small-Cell Lung Cancer With
    Lu S; Dong X; Jian H; Chen J; Chen G; Sun Y; Ji Y; Wang Z; Shi J; Lu J; Chen S; Lv D; Zhang G; Liu C; Li J; Yu X; Lin Z; Yu Z; Wang Z; Cui J; Xu X; Fang J; Feng J; Xu Z; Ma R; Hu J; Yang N; Zhou X; Wu X; Hu C; Zhang Z; Lu Y; Hu Y; Jiang L; Wang Q; Guo R; Zhou J; Li B; Hu C; Tong W; Zhang H; Ma L; Chen Y; Jie Z; Yao Y; Zhang L; Jie W; Li W; Xiong J; Ye X; Duan J; Yang H; Sun M; Sun C; Wei H; Li C; Ali SM; Miller VA; Wu Q
    J Clin Oncol; 2022 Sep; 40(27):3162-3171. PubMed ID: 35580297
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  • 6. Successful osimertinib rechallenge following subsequent chemotherapy regimen in a patient with metastatic non-small cell lung carcinoma: a case report.
    Han ZJ; Luo N; Li L; Liu ZL
    Ann Palliat Med; 2021 Jul; 10(7):8413-8419. PubMed ID: 33977727
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  • 7. Aumolertinib effectively reduces clinical symptoms of an EGFR L858R-mutant non-small cell lung cancer case coupled with osimertinib-induced severe thrombocytopenia: a case report.
    Hu Y; Quan YP; Duan YW; Li H; Shen J; Lin N; Wang C; Tian B; Li JJ
    Anticancer Drugs; 2023 Mar; 34(3):455-459. PubMed ID: 36730569
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  • 8. Sequence-dependent synergistic effect of aumolertinib-pemetrexed combined therapy on EGFR-mutant non-small-cell lung carcinoma with pre-clinical and clinical evidence.
    Ao L; Fang S; Zhang K; Gao Y; Cui J; Jia W; Shan Y; Zhang J; Wang G; Liu J; Zhou F
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2022 May; 41(1):163. PubMed ID: 35501907
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  • 9. Successful Treatment with Afatinib after Osimertinib-induced Interstitial Lung Disease in a Patient with EGFR-mutant Non-small-cell Lung Cancer.
    Nishima S; Miyanaga A; Saito S; Yuasa M; Takahashi S; Kashiwada T; Sugano T; Noro R; Minegishi Y; Terasaki Y; Saito Y; Kubota K; Seike M; Gemma A
    Intern Med; 2021 Feb; 60(4):591-594. PubMed ID: 32999231
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  • 10. Audit of Molecular Mechanisms of Primary and Secondary Resistance to Various Generations of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Known Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients in a Tertiary Centre.
    Suryavanshi M; Jaipuria J; Mattoo S; Dhandha S; Khatri M
    Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol); 2022 Nov; 34(11):e451-e462. PubMed ID: 35810049
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  • 11. Upfront Use of First-/Second-Generation EGFR-TKI Followed by Osimertinib Shows Better Prognosis than Upfront Osimertinib Therapy in Japanese Patients with Non-small-cell Lung Cancer with Exon 19 Deletion: A Single-Center Retrospective Study.
    Hori T; Yamamoto K; Ito T; Ikushima S; Omura T; Yano I
    Biol Pharm Bull; 2023; 46(6):788-795. PubMed ID: 37258143
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  • 12. A novel osimertinib-resistant human lung adenocarcinoma cell line harbouring mutant EGFR and activated IGF1R.
    Makimoto G; Ninomiya K; Kubo T; Sunami R; Kato Y; Ichihara E; Ohashi K; Rai K; Hotta K; Tabata M; Maeda Y; Kiura K
    Jpn J Clin Oncol; 2021 May; 51(6):956-965. PubMed ID: 33829270
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  • 13. Aumolertinib-based comprehensive treatment for an uncommon site of EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations with multiple metastases non-small cell lung cancer: a case report.
    Deng Y; Yang C; Liu W; Cai S; Guo X
    Anticancer Drugs; 2022 Apr; 33(4):406-412. PubMed ID: 35266890
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  • 14. Aumolertinib: A Review in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Shirley M; Keam SJ
    Drugs; 2022 Apr; 82(5):577-584. PubMed ID: 35305259
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  • 15. Carcinomatosis under control by osimertinib in
    Provenzano L; Cuccarini V; Platania M; Canziani L; Spagnoletti A; Doniselli FM; Eoli M; Prelaj A; Anghileri E
    Tumori; 2021 Dec; 107(6):NP136-NP140. PubMed ID: 34727807
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  • 16. Transformation or tumor heterogeneity: Mutations in EGFR, SOX2, TP53, and RB1 persist in the histological rapid conversion from lung adenocarcinoma to small-cell lung cancer.
    Hao L; Chen H; Wang L; Zhou H; Zhang Z; Han J; Hou J; Zhu Y; Zhang H; Wang Q
    Thorac Cancer; 2023 Apr; 14(11):1036-1041. PubMed ID: 36810856
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  • 17. Osimertinib alone as second-line treatment for brain metastases (BM) control may be more limited than for non-BM in advanced NSCLC patients with an acquired EGFR T790M mutation.
    Li C; Nie W; Guo J; Xiong A; Zhong H; Chu T; Zhong R; Xu J; Lu J; Zheng X; Zhang B; Shen Y; Pan F; Han B; Zhang X
    Respir Res; 2021 May; 22(1):145. PubMed ID: 33975616
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  • 18. Durable clinical benefit from afatinib in a lung adenocarcinoma patient with acquired EGFR L718V mutation-mediated resistance towards osimertinib: a case report and literature review.
    Song Z; Ren G; Wang X; Du H; Sun Y; Hu L
    Ann Palliat Med; 2022 Mar; 11(3):1126-1134. PubMed ID: 35365043
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  • 19. Complete response to first-line osimertinib monotherapy in a complex epidermal growth factor receptor mutant ( L833V / H835L ) lung adenocarcinoma patient: a case report.
    Luo Z; Luo C; Zhou R; Xiao Y; Wang T
    Anticancer Drugs; 2023 Sep; 34(8):939-941. PubMed ID: 37227041
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  • 20. Clinical efficacy analysis of Osimertinib treatment for a patient with leptomeningeal metastasis of EGFR+ non-small cell lung cancer without the T790M mutation.
    Hu X; Chen W; Li X; Zhao C; Zhang C; Xiong F; Wu H
    Ann Palliat Med; 2019 Nov; 8(5):525-531. PubMed ID: 31865717
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