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  • 1. Investigation of radiomics and deep convolutional neural networks approaches for glioma grading.
    Aouadi S; Torfeh T; Arunachalam Y; Paloor S; Riyas M; Hammoud R; Al-Hammadi N
    Biomed Phys Eng Express; 2023 Mar; 9(3):. PubMed ID: 36898146
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  • 2. Prediction of cervix cancer stage and grade from diffusion weighted imaging using EfficientNet.
    Aouadi S; Torfeh T; Bouhali O; Yoganathan SA; Paloor S; Chandramouli S; Hammoud R; Al-Hammadi N
    Biomed Phys Eng Express; 2024 Jun; 10(4):. PubMed ID: 38815562
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  • 3. Predicting the risk stratification of gastrointestinal stromal tumors using machine learning-based ultrasound radiomics.
    Zhuo M; Tang Y; Guo J; Qian Q; Xue E; Chen Z
    J Med Ultrason (2001); 2024 Jan; 51(1):71-82. PubMed ID: 37798591
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  • 4. Diffusion- and perfusion-weighted MRI radiomics model may predict isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutation and tumor aggressiveness in diffuse lower grade glioma.
    Kim M; Jung SY; Park JE; Jo Y; Park SY; Nam SJ; Kim JH; Kim HS
    Eur Radiol; 2020 Apr; 30(4):2142-2151. PubMed ID: 31828414
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  • 5. Radiomics-Based Machine Learning Classification for Glioma Grading Using Diffusion- and Perfusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
    Hashido T; Saito S; Ishida T
    J Comput Assist Tomogr; 2021 Jul-Aug 01; 45(4):606-613. PubMed ID: 34270479
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  • 6. Glioma Tumor Grading Using Radiomics on Conventional MRI: A Comparative Study of WHO 2021 and WHO 2016 Classification of Central Nervous Tumors.
    Moodi F; Khodadadi Shoushtari F; Ghadimi DJ; Valizadeh G; Khormali E; Salari HM; Ohadi MAD; Nilipour Y; Jahanbakhshi A; Rad HS
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2023 Nov; ():. PubMed ID: 38031466
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  • 7. Classification of the glioma grading using radiomics analysis.
    Cho HH; Lee SH; Kim J; Park H
    PeerJ; 2018; 6():e5982. PubMed ID: 30498643
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  • 8. Use of radiomics based on
    Zhou Y; Ma XL; Zhang T; Wang J; Zhang T; Tian R
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging; 2021 Aug; 48(9):2904-2913. PubMed ID: 33547553
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  • 9. Ultrasound deep learning radiomics and clinical machine learning models to predict low nuclear grade, ER, PR, and HER2 receptor status in pure ductal carcinoma
    Zhu M; Kuang Y; Jiang Z; Liu J; Zhang H; Zhao H; Luo H; Chen Y; Peng Y
    Gland Surg; 2024 Apr; 13(4):512-527. PubMed ID: 38720675
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  • 10. MRI Radiomic Features to Predict IDH1 Mutation Status in Gliomas: A Machine Learning Approach using Gradient Tree Boosting.
    Sakai Y; Yang C; Kihira S; Tsankova N; Khan F; Hormigo A; Lai A; Cloughesy T; Nael K
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Oct; 21(21):. PubMed ID: 33121211
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  • 11. Deep Convolutional Radiomic Features on Diffusion Tensor Images for Classification of Glioma Grades.
    Zhang Z; Xiao J; Wu S; Lv F; Gong J; Jiang L; Yu R; Luo T
    J Digit Imaging; 2020 Aug; 33(4):826-837. PubMed ID: 32040669
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  • 12. Radiomics MRI Phenotyping with Machine Learning to Predict the Grade of Lower-Grade Gliomas: A Study Focused on Nonenhancing Tumors.
    Park YW; Choi YS; Ahn SS; Chang JH; Kim SH; Lee SK
    Korean J Radiol; 2019 Sep; 20(9):1381-1389. PubMed ID: 31464116
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  • 13. An investigation of machine learning methods in delta-radiomics feature analysis.
    Chang Y; Lafata K; Sun W; Wang C; Chang Z; Kirkpatrick JP; Yin FF
    PLoS One; 2019; 14(12):e0226348. PubMed ID: 31834910
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  • 14. Developing and validating a deep learning and radiomic model for glioma grading using multiplanar reconstructed magnetic resonance contrast-enhanced T1-weighted imaging: a robust, multi-institutional study.
    Ding J; Zhao R; Qiu Q; Chen J; Duan J; Cao X; Yin Y
    Quant Imaging Med Surg; 2022 Feb; 12(2):1517-1528. PubMed ID: 35111644
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  • 15. Molecular subtyping of diffuse gliomas using magnetic resonance imaging: comparison and correlation between radiomics and deep learning.
    Li Y; Wei D; Liu X; Fan X; Wang K; Li S; Zhang Z; Ma K; Qian T; Jiang T; Zheng Y; Wang Y
    Eur Radiol; 2022 Feb; 32(2):747-758. PubMed ID: 34417848
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  • 16. Automated glioma grading on conventional MRI images using deep convolutional neural networks.
    Zhuge Y; Ning H; Mathen P; Cheng JY; Krauze AV; Camphausen K; Miller RW
    Med Phys; 2020 Jul; 47(7):3044-3053. PubMed ID: 32277478
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  • 17. Radiomics strategy for glioma grading using texture features from multiparametric MRI.
    Tian Q; Yan LF; Zhang X; Zhang X; Hu YC; Han Y; Liu ZC; Nan HY; Sun Q; Sun YZ; Yang Y; Yu Y; Zhang J; Hu B; Xiao G; Chen P; Tian S; Xu J; Wang W; Cui GB
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2018 Dec; 48(6):1518-1528. PubMed ID: 29573085
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  • 18. Improved Glioma Grading Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
    Gutta S; Acharya J; Shiroishi MS; Hwang D; Nayak KS
    AJNR Am J Neuroradiol; 2021 Jan; 42(2):233-239. PubMed ID: 33303522
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  • 19. Pattern Classification for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors by Integration of Radiomics and Deep Convolutional Features.
    Ning Z; Luo J; Li Y; Han S; Feng Q; Xu Y; Chen W; Chen T; Zhang Y
    IEEE J Biomed Health Inform; 2019 May; 23(3):1181-1191. PubMed ID: 29993591
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  • 20. Machine-learning-based contrast-enhanced computed tomography radiomic analysis for categorization of ovarian tumors.
    Li J; Zhang T; Ma J; Zhang N; Zhang Z; Ye Z
    Front Oncol; 2022; 12():934735. PubMed ID: 36016613
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