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  • 1. AGK2 pre-treatment protects against thioacetamide-induced acute liver failure via regulating the MFN2-PERK axis and ferroptosis signaling pathway.
    Zhang QQ; Chen Q; Cao P; Shi CX; Zhang LY; Wang LW; Gong ZJ
    Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int; 2024 Feb; 23(1):43-51. PubMed ID: 36966125
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  • 2. Protective role of AGK2 on thioacetamide-induced acute liver failure in mice.
    Jiao FZ; Wang Y; Zhang WB; Zhang HY; Chen Q; Shi CX; Wang LW; Gong ZJ
    Life Sci; 2019 Aug; 230():68-75. PubMed ID: 31129140
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  • 3. Mitofusin2 Ameliorated Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Through Maintaining Mitochondria-Associated Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Integrity in Cisplatin-Induced Acute Kidney Injury.
    Liu YT; Zhang H; Duan SB; Wang JW; Chen H; Zhan M; Zhang W; Li AM; Liu Y; Yang Y; Yang S
    Antioxid Redox Signal; 2024 Jan; 40(1-3):16-39. PubMed ID: 37053105
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  • 4. Celecoxib attenuates hepatocyte apoptosis by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress in thioacetamide-induced cirrhotic rats.
    Su W; Tai Y; Tang SH; Ye YT; Zhao C; Gao JH; Tuo BG; Tang CW
    World J Gastroenterol; 2020 Jul; 26(28):4094-4107. PubMed ID: 32821072
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  • 5. Protein kinase RNA-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase (PERK) signaling pathway plays a major role in reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis in diabetic cardiomyopathy.
    Liu ZW; Zhu HT; Chen KL; Dong X; Wei J; Qiu C; Xue JH
    Cardiovasc Diabetol; 2013 Nov; 12():158. PubMed ID: 24180212
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  • 6. C/EBP homologous protein (CHOP) contributes to hepatocyte death via the promotion of ERO1α signalling in acute liver failure.
    Rao J; Zhang C; Wang P; Lu L; Qian X; Qin J; Pan X; Li G; Wang X; Zhang F
    Biochem J; 2015 Mar; 466(2):369-78. PubMed ID: 25387528
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  • 7. Mechanism of glycyrrhizin on ferroptosis during acute liver failure by inhibiting oxidative stress.
    Wang Y; Chen Q; Shi C; Jiao F; Gong Z
    Mol Med Rep; 2019 Nov; 20(5):4081-4090. PubMed ID: 31545489
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  • 8. Kaempferol protects mice from d-GalN/LPS-induced acute liver failure by regulating the ER stress-Grp78-CHOP signaling pathway.
    Wang H; Chen L; Zhang X; Xu L; Xie B; Shi H; Duan Z; Zhang H; Ren F
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2019 Mar; 111():468-475. PubMed ID: 30594786
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  • 9. Mitofusin-2 regulates inflammation-mediated mouse neuroblastoma N2a cells dysfunction and endoplasmic reticulum stress via the Yap-Hippo pathway.
    Hou S; Wang L; Zhang G
    J Physiol Sci; 2019 Sep; 69(5):697-709. PubMed ID: 31134519
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  • 10. Endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling is involved in mitomycin C (MMC)-induced apoptosis in human fibroblasts via PERK pathway.
    Shi K; Wang D; Cao X; Ge Y
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(3):e59330. PubMed ID: 23533616
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  • 11. Dihydroquercetin improves experimental acute liver failure by targeting ferroptosis and mitochondria-mediated apoptosis through the SIRT1/p53 axis.
    Zeng Y; He Y; Wang L; Xu H; Zhang Q; Wang Y; Zhang J; Wang L
    Phytomedicine; 2024 Jun; 128():155533. PubMed ID: 38552433
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  • 12. [Mechanism of Gegen Qinlian Decoction in improving glucose metabolism in vitro and in vivo by alleviating hepatic endoplasmic reticulum stress].
    Jiang Y; Yan LK; Wang Y; Ding JF; Xu ZH; Cui C; Tu J
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2023 Oct; 48(20):5565-5575. PubMed ID: 38114149
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  • 13. [Hydrogen Sulfide Ameliorates Myocardial Injury Caused by Sepsis Through Suppressing ROS-Mediated Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress].
    Zhao YH; Cao GD; Guo LC; Cheng QH
    Sichuan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban; 2022 Sep; 53(5):798-804. PubMed ID: 36224681
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  • 14. Hepatic TGFβr1 Deficiency Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide/D-Galactosamine-Induced Acute Liver Failure Through Inhibiting GSK3β-Nrf2-Mediated Hepatocyte Apoptosis and Ferroptosis.
    Huang S; Wang Y; Xie S; Lai Y; Mo C; Zeng T; Kuang S; Deng G; Zhou C; Chen Y; Huang S; Gao L; Lv Z
    Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2022; 13(6):1649-1672. PubMed ID: 35202887
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  • 15. [Protective effect of ethyl acetate extract from Bidens bipinnata on hepatocyte damage induced by endoplasmic reticulum stress].
    Guo ML; Ma XY; Gong YQ; Feng ML; Zhao YW; Duan LX
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2021 Aug; 46(15):3893-3899. PubMed ID: 34472265
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  • 16. Mfn2 modulates the UPR and mitochondrial function via repression of PERK.
    Muñoz JP; Ivanova S; Sánchez-Wandelmer J; Martínez-Cristóbal P; Noguera E; Sancho A; Díaz-Ramos A; Hernández-Alvarez MI; Sebastián D; Mauvezin C; Palacín M; Zorzano A
    EMBO J; 2013 Aug; 32(17):2348-61. PubMed ID: 23921556
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  • 17. Saturated fatty acid induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress and apoptosis in human liver cells via the PERK/ATF4/CHOP signaling pathway.
    Cao J; Dai DL; Yao L; Yu HH; Ning B; Zhang Q; Chen J; Cheng WH; Shen W; Yang ZX
    Mol Cell Biochem; 2012 May; 364(1-2):115-29. PubMed ID: 22246806
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  • 18. Yinchenhao decoction attenuates obstructive jaundice-induced liver injury and hepatocyte apoptosis by suppressing protein kinase RNA-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase-induced pathway.
    Wu YL; Li ZL; Zhang XB; Liu H
    World J Gastroenterol; 2019 Nov; 25(41):6205-6221. PubMed ID: 31749592
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  • 19. 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural protects against ER stress-induced apoptosis in GalN/TNF-α-injured L02 hepatocytes through regulating the PERK-eIF2α signaling pathway.
    Jiang ZQ; Ma YX; Li MH; Zhan XQ; Zhang X; Wang MY
    Chin J Nat Med; 2015 Dec; 13(12):896-905. PubMed ID: 26721708
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  • 20. LR12 Promotes Liver Repair by Improving the Resolution of Inflammation and Liver Regeneration in Mice with Thioacetamide- (TAA-) Induced Acute Liver Failure.
    Wang Y; Xie X; Liu H; Liu H; Jiang H
    Mediators Inflamm; 2021; 2021():2327721. PubMed ID: 34135689
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