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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Kinesin Family Member C1 Overexpression Exerts Tumor-Promoting Properties in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma via the Rac1/Wnt/β-catenin Pathway.
    Yu BY; Shi LG; Jiang C; Wang GK; Liu J; Wu TY
    Lab Invest; 2023 Jul; 103(7):100134. PubMed ID: 36990154
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  • 2. m
    Zhou Y; Huang Q; Wu C; Xu Y; Guo Y; Yuan X; Xu C; Zhou L
    Int J Oncol; 2024 Feb; 64(2):. PubMed ID: 38063205
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  • 3. Wnt/β-catenin signalling maintains self-renewal and tumourigenicity of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma stem-like cells by activating Oct4.
    Lee SH; Koo BS; Kim JM; Huang S; Rho YS; Bae WJ; Kang HJ; Kim YS; Moon JH; Lim YC
    J Pathol; 2014 Sep; 234(1):99-107. PubMed ID: 24871033
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  • 4. FAM83A promotes proliferation and metastasis via Wnt/β-catenin signaling in head neck squamous cell carcinoma.
    Ji H; Song H; Wang Z; Jiao P; Xu J; Li X; Du H; Wu H; Zhong Y
    J Transl Med; 2021 Oct; 19(1):423. PubMed ID: 34641907
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  • 5. RNA N6-methyladenosine reader IGF2BP2 promotes lymphatic metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of head and neck squamous carcinoma cells via stabilizing slug mRNA in an m6A-dependent manner.
    Yu D; Pan M; Li Y; Lu T; Wang Z; Liu C; Hu G
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2022 Jan; 41(1):6. PubMed ID: 34980207
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  • 6. The m6A demethylase ALKBH5 promotes tumor progression by inhibiting RIG-I expression and interferon alpha production through the IKKε/TBK1/IRF3 pathway in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
    Jin S; Li M; Chang H; Wang R; Zhang Z; Zhang J; He Y; Ma H
    Mol Cancer; 2022 Apr; 21(1):97. PubMed ID: 35395767
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  • 7. ELOVL6 promotes the progression of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma via activating WNT/β-catenin pathway.
    Wang R; Liu X; Li X; Qian M; Yang X; Jiang Q; Wang Y; Liu H; Chen J; Wang X; Gong L
    Mol Carcinog; 2024 Jun; 63(6):1079-1091. PubMed ID: 38426809
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  • 8. Upregulation of lncRNA LINC00473 promotes radioresistance of HNSCC cells through activating Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway.
    Han PB; Ji XJ; Zhang M; Gao LY
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci; 2018 Nov; 22(21):7305-7313. PubMed ID: 30468475
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  • 9. Long non-coding RNA human leucocyte antigen complex group-18 HCG18 (HCG18) promoted cell proliferation and migration in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma through cyclin D1-WNT pathway.
    Mao B; Wang F; Zhang J; Li Q; Ying K
    Bioengineered; 2022 Apr; 13(4):9425-9434. PubMed ID: 35389764
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  • 10. RELA promotes the progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma via TFAP2A-Wnt/β-catenin signaling.
    Yang K; Zhao J; Liu S; Man S
    Mol Carcinog; 2023 May; 62(5):641-651. PubMed ID: 36789977
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  • 11. Long noncoding RNA lnc-H2AFV-1 promotes cell growth by regulating aberrant m6A RNA modification in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
    Chen X; Liu Y; Sun D; Sun R; Wang X; Li M; Song N; Ying J; Guo T; Jiang Y
    Cancer Sci; 2022 Jun; 113(6):2071-2084. PubMed ID: 35403343
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  • 12. CUL4B promotes aggressive phenotypes of HNSCC via the activation of the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway.
    Wang Y; Yue D
    Cancer Med; 2019 May; 8(5):2278-2287. PubMed ID: 30883036
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  • 13. Kinesin family member 23 knockdown inhibits cell proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in esophageal carcinoma by inactivating the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
    Xu Q; Li X; Li Y; Yu J; Yang A
    Funct Integr Genomics; 2023 May; 23(2):154. PubMed ID: 37162618
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  • 14. KDM5B promotes metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition via Wnt/β-catenin pathway in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
    Yuan W; Hu J; Wang M; Li G; Lu S; Qiu Y; Liu C; Liu Y
    Mol Carcinog; 2024 May; 63(5):885-896. PubMed ID: 38353298
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  • 15. HOXB5 acts as an oncogenic driver in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma via EGFR/Akt/Wnt/β-catenin signaling axis.
    Lee K; Chang JW; Oh C; Liu L; Jung SN; Won HR; Kim YI; Rha KS; Koo BS
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2020 Jun; 46(6):1066-1073. PubMed ID: 31864826
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  • 16. Functional and genomic analyses reveal therapeutic potential of targeting β-catenin/CBP activity in head and neck cancer.
    Kartha VK; Alamoud KA; Sadykov K; Nguyen BC; Laroche F; Feng H; Lee J; Pai SI; Varelas X; Egloff AM; Snyder-Cappione JE; Belkina AC; Bais MV; Monti S; Kukuruzinska MA
    Genome Med; 2018 Jul; 10(1):54. PubMed ID: 30029671
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  • 17. Cancer-associated fibroblasts secrete hypoxia-induced serglycin to promote head and neck squamous cell carcinoma tumor cell growth in vitro and in vivo by activating the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
    Xie J; Qi X; Wang Y; Yin X; Xu W; Han S; Cai Y; Han W
    Cell Oncol (Dordr); 2021 Jun; 44(3):661-671. PubMed ID: 33651283
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  • 18. Circular RNA MTCL1 promotes advanced laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma progression by inhibiting C1QBP ubiquitin degradation and mediating beta-catenin activation.
    Wang Z; Sun A; Yan A; Yao J; Huang H; Gao Z; Han T; Gu J; Li N; Wu H; Li K
    Mol Cancer; 2022 Apr; 21(1):92. PubMed ID: 35366893
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  • 19. LNCAROD is stabilized by m6A methylation and promotes cancer progression via forming a ternary complex with HSPA1A and YBX1 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
    Ban Y; Tan P; Cai J; Li J; Hu M; Zhou Y; Mei Y; Tan Y; Li X; Zeng Z; Xiong W; Li G; Li X; Yi M; Xiang B
    Mol Oncol; 2020 Jun; 14(6):1282-1296. PubMed ID: 32216017
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  • 20. Antisense oligonucleotides targeting lncRNA AC104041.1 induces antitumor activity through Wnt2B/β-catenin pathway in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.
    Li M; Ding X; Zhang Y; Li X; Zhou H; Yang L; Li Y; Yang P; Zhang X; Hu J; Nice E; Wu H; Xu H
    Cell Death Dis; 2020 Aug; 11(8):672. PubMed ID: 32826863
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