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  • 21. Long non-coding RNA LPP-AS2 promotes glioma tumorigenesis via miR-7-5p/EGFR/PI3K/AKT/c-MYC feedback loop.
    Zhang X; Niu W; Mu M; Hu S; Niu C
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2020 Sep; 39(1):196. PubMed ID: 32962742
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  • 22. MYST1/KAT8 contributes to tumor progression by activating EGFR signaling in glioblastoma cells.
    Dong Z; Zou J; Li J; Pang Y; Liu Y; Deng C; Chen F; Cui H
    Cancer Med; 2019 Dec; 8(18):7793-7808. PubMed ID: 31691527
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  • 23. Opposite regulation by PI3K/Akt and MAPK/ERK pathways of tissue factor expression, cell-associated procoagulant activity and invasiveness in MDA-MB-231 cells.
    Hu C; Huang L; Gest C; Xi X; Janin A; Soria C; Li H; Lu H
    J Hematol Oncol; 2012 Jul; 5():16. PubMed ID: 22534171
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  • 24. Mir-370-3p Impairs Glioblastoma Stem-Like Cell Malignancy Regulating a Complex Interplay between HMGA2/HIF1A and the Oncogenic Long Non-Coding RNA (lncRNA) NEAT1.
    Lulli V; Buccarelli M; Ilari R; Castellani G; De Dominicis C; Di Giamberardino A; D Alessandris QG; Giannetti S; Martini M; Stumpo V; Boe A; De Luca G; Biffoni M; Marziali G; Pallini R; Ricci-Vitiani L
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 May; 21(10):. PubMed ID: 32443824
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  • 25. The tumor suppressor FOXO3a mediates the response to EGFR inhibition in glioblastoma cells.
    Ramis G; Villalonga-Planells R; Serra-Sitjar M; Brell M; Fernández de Mattos S; Villalonga P
    Cell Oncol (Dordr); 2019 Aug; 42(4):521-536. PubMed ID: 30980364
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  • 26. Molecular determinants of the interaction between glioblastoma CD133
    Shevchenko V; Arnotskaya N; Pak O; Sharma A; Sharma HS; Khotimchenko Y; Bryukhovetskiy A; Bryukhovetskiy I
    Int Rev Neurobiol; 2020; 151():155-169. PubMed ID: 32448605
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  • 27. Hypoxia-inducible miR-196a modulates glioblastoma cell proliferation and migration through complex regulation of NRAS.
    Takkar S; Sharma V; Ghosh S; Suri A; Sarkar C; Kulshreshtha R
    Cell Oncol (Dordr); 2021 Apr; 44(2):433-451. PubMed ID: 33469841
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  • 28. EGFR/SRC/ERK-stabilized YTHDF2 promotes cholesterol dysregulation and invasive growth of glioblastoma.
    Fang R; Chen X; Zhang S; Shi H; Ye Y; Shi H; Zou Z; Li P; Guo Q; Ma L; He C; Huang S
    Nat Commun; 2021 Jan; 12(1):177. PubMed ID: 33420027
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  • 29. Reciprocal control of ADAM17/EGFR/Akt signaling and miR-145 drives GBM invasiveness.
    Guo Y; He X; Zhang M; Qu Y; Gu C; Ren M; Wang H; Ning W; Li J; Yu C; Zhang H
    J Neurooncol; 2020 Apr; 147(2):327-337. PubMed ID: 32170633
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  • 30. Identification of Prognostic Biomarkers for Glioblastoma Based on Transcriptome and Proteome Association Analysis.
    Wang J; Yan S; Chen X; Wang A; Han Z; Liu B; Shen H
    Technol Cancer Res Treat; 2022; 21():15330338211035270. PubMed ID: 35538679
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  • 31. FAT1 is a novel upstream regulator of HIF1α and invasion of high grade glioma.
    Madan E; Dikshit B; Gowda SH; Srivastava C; Sarkar C; Chattopadhyay P; Sinha S; Chosdol K
    Int J Cancer; 2016 Dec; 139(11):2570-82. PubMed ID: 27536856
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  • 32. Hypoxia activated HGF expression in pancreatic stellate cells confers resistance of pancreatic cancer cells to EGFR inhibition.
    Shi X; Wang M; Zhang Y; Guo X; Liu M; Zhou Z; Zhao Y; He R; Gao Y; Liu Y; Pan S; Zhou M; Zhao C; Yin T; Li X; Wang H; Yang J; Zhu F; Li M; Qin R
    EBioMedicine; 2022 Dec; 86():104352. PubMed ID: 36371988
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  • 33. The HIF1α-PDGFD-PDGFRα axis controls glioblastoma growth at normoxia/mild-hypoxia and confers sensitivity to targeted therapy by echinomycin.
    Peng G; Wang Y; Ge P; Bailey C; Zhang P; Zhang D; Meng Z; Qi C; Chen Q; Chen J; Niu J; Zheng P; Liu Y; Liu Y
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2021 Sep; 40(1):278. PubMed ID: 34470658
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  • 34. Nuclear FABP7 immunoreactivity is preferentially expressed in infiltrative glioma and is associated with poor prognosis in EGFR-overexpressing glioblastoma.
    Liang Y; Bollen AW; Aldape KD; Gupta N
    BMC Cancer; 2006 Apr; 6():97. PubMed ID: 16623952
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  • 35. Multiple lesions in receptor tyrosine kinase pathway determine glioblastoma response to pan-ERBB inhibitor PF-00299804 and PI3K/mTOR dual inhibitor PF-05212384.
    Zhu Y; Shah K
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2014 Jun; 15(6):815-22. PubMed ID: 24658109
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  • 36. Extracellular Matrix Proteins Confer Cell Adhesion-Mediated Drug Resistance Through Integrin α
    Yu Q; Xiao W; Sun S; Sohrabi A; Liang J; Seidlits SK
    Front Cell Dev Biol; 2021; 9():616580. PubMed ID: 33834020
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  • 37. Wild‑type IDH1 affects cell migration by modulating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway in primary glioblastoma cells.
    Shen X; Wu S; Zhang J; Li M; Xu F; Wang A; Lei Y; Zhu G
    Mol Med Rep; 2020 Sep; 22(3):1949-1957. PubMed ID: 32705169
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  • 38. Role of glycosyltransferase PomGnT1 in glioblastoma progression.
    Lan J; Guo P; Lin Y; Mao Q; Guo L; Ge J; Li X; Jiang J; Lin X; Qiu Y
    Neuro Oncol; 2015 Feb; 17(2):211-22. PubMed ID: 25085363
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  • 39. Glioblastoma-derived Macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor (MCSF) Induces Microglial Release of Insulin-like Growth Factor-binding Protein 1 (IGFBP1) to Promote Angiogenesis.
    Nijaguna MB; Patil V; Urbach S; Shwetha SD; Sravani K; Hegde AS; Chandramouli BA; Arivazhagan A; Marin P; Santosh V; Somasundaram K
    J Biol Chem; 2015 Sep; 290(38):23401-15. PubMed ID: 26245897
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  • 40. MicroRNAs involved in the EGFR pathway in glioblastoma.
    Xu B; Mei J; Ji W; Huo Z; Bian Z; Jiao J; Li X; Sun J; Shao J
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2021 Feb; 134():111115. PubMed ID: 33341046
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