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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. microRNA-1297 Inhibits the Growth and Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer by Suppressing Cyclin D2 Expression.
    Wang Y; Xue J; Kuang H; Zhou X; Liao L; Yin F
    DNA Cell Biol; 2017 Nov; 36(11):991-999. PubMed ID: 28933597
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  • 22. lncRNA MEG3 modified epithelial-mesenchymal transition of ovarian cancer cells by sponging miR-219a-5p and regulating EGFR.
    Wang L; Yu M; Zhao S
    J Cell Biochem; 2019 Oct; 120(10):17709-17722. PubMed ID: 31161607
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  • 23. CircRSF1 contributes to endothelial cell growth, migration and tube formation under ox-LDL stress through regulating miR-758/CCND2 axis.
    Wei Z; Ran H; Yang C
    Life Sci; 2020 Oct; 259():118241. PubMed ID: 32791147
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  • 24. LncRNA HAND2-AS1 exerts anti-oncogenic effects on ovarian cancer via restoration of BCL2L11 as a sponge of microRNA-340-5p.
    Chen J; Lin Y; Jia Y; Xu T; Wu F; Jin Y
    J Cell Physiol; 2019 Dec; 234(12):23421-23436. PubMed ID: 31222748
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  • 25. MiRNA-574-3p inhibits cell progression by directly targeting CCND2 in colorectal cancer.
    Li WC; Wu YQ; Gao B; Wang CY; Zhang JJ
    Biosci Rep; 2019 Dec; 39(12):. PubMed ID: 31729531
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  • 26. HOTAIRM1 suppresses cell proliferation and invasion in ovarian cancer through facilitating ARHGAP24 expression by sponging miR-106a-5p.
    Chao H; Zhang M; Hou H; Zhang Z; Li N
    Life Sci; 2020 Feb; 243():117296. PubMed ID: 31935390
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  • 27. Overexpression of miR-26b-5p regulates the cell cycle by targeting CCND2 in GC-2 cells under exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields.
    Liu Y; Liu WB; Liu KJ; Ao L; Cao J; Zhong JL; Liu JY
    Cell Cycle; 2016; 15(3):357-67. PubMed ID: 26637059
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  • 28. MicroRNA-204-5p Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Cell Proliferation by Down-Regulating USP47.
    Hu L; Kolibaba H; Zhang S; Cao M; Niu H; Mei H; Hao Y; Xu Y; Yin Q
    Cell Transplant; 2019 Dec; 28(1_suppl):51S-58S. PubMed ID: 31526052
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  • 29. MicroRNA miR-502-5p inhibits ovarian cancer genesis by downregulation of GINS complex subunit 2.
    Zhan L; Yang J; Liu Y; Cheng Y; Liu H
    Bioengineered; 2021 Dec; 12(1):3336-3347. PubMed ID: 34288816
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  • 30. Promoting action of long non-coding RNA small nucleolar RNA host gene 4 in ovarian cancer.
    Liu C; Zhao S; Lv ZX; Zhao XJ
    Acta Biochim Pol; 2023 Jan; 70(1):59-68. PubMed ID: 36657061
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  • 31. miR-451a suppresses the development of breast cancer via targeted inhibition of CCND2.
    Zhang H; Chen P; Yang J
    Mol Cell Probes; 2020 Dec; 54():101651. PubMed ID: 32828867
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  • 32. MicroRNA-324-5p affects the radiotherapy response of cervical cancer via targeting ELAV-like RNA binding protein 1.
    Fan MJ; He PJ; Lin XY; Yang CR; Li CZ; Xing LG
    Kaohsiung J Med Sci; 2020 Dec; 36(12):965-972. PubMed ID: 32757457
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  • 33. Long non-coding RNA FEZF1-AS1 induced progression of ovarian cancer via regulating miR-130a-5p/SOX4 axis.
    Sun Z; Gao S; Xuan L; Liu X
    J Cell Mol Med; 2020 Apr; 24(7):4275-4285. PubMed ID: 32135030
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  • 34. MiR-374b-5p-FOXP1 feedback loop regulates cell migration, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and chemosensitivity in ovarian cancer.
    Li H; Liang J; Qin F; Zhai Y
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2018 Oct; 505(2):554-560. PubMed ID: 30274777
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  • 35. LncRNA FAM83H-AS1 contributes to the radioresistance, proliferation, and metastasis in ovarian cancer through stabilizing HuR protein.
    Dou Q; Xu Y; Zhu Y; Hu Y; Yan Y; Yan H
    Eur J Pharmacol; 2019 Jun; 852():134-141. PubMed ID: 30831080
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  • 36. Up-regulation of lncRNA WT1-AS ameliorates Aβ-stimulated neuronal injury through modulation of miR-186-5p/CCND2 axis in Alzheimer's disease.
    Tang Y; Zhang X; Wang S; Liu L; Wang Q; Liu Y; Yu Y; Zhai Q
    Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand); 2024 Jan; 70(1):200-206. PubMed ID: 38372094
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  • 37. miR-106a-5p carried by tumor-derived extracellular vesicles promotes the invasion and metastasis of ovarian cancer by targeting KLF6.
    Zheng Y; Zhu K; Wang G
    Clin Exp Metastasis; 2022 Aug; 39(4):603-621. PubMed ID: 35449340
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  • 38. LncRNA miR503HG interacts with miR-31-5p through multiple ways to regulate cancer cell invasion and migration in ovarian cancer.
    Zhu D; Huang X; Liang F; Zhao L
    J Ovarian Res; 2020 Jan; 13(1):3. PubMed ID: 31907059
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  • 39. MiR-202-5p suppressed cell proliferation, migration and invasion in ovarian cancer via regulating HOXB2.
    Yu HY; Pan SS
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci; 2020 Mar; 24(5):2256-2263. PubMed ID: 32196576
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  • 40. MiR-219-5p inhibits growth and metastasis of ovarian cancer cells by targeting HMGA2.
    Xing F; Song Z; He Y
    Biol Res; 2018 Nov; 51(1):50. PubMed ID: 30474570
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