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  • 1. Cathelicidin CATH-B1 Inhibits Pseudorabies Virus Infection via Direct Interaction and TLR4/JNK/IRF3-Mediated Interferon Activation.
    Ye C; Wan C; Chen J; Li G; Li Y; Wang Y; Tao Q; Peng L; Fang R
    J Virol; 2023 Jul; 97(7):e0070623. PubMed ID: 37314341
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  • 2. PRV UL13 inhibits cGAS-STING-mediated IFN-β production by phosphorylating IRF3.
    Bo Z; Miao Y; Xi R; Zhong Q; Bao C; Chen H; Sun L; Qian Y; Jung YS; Dai J
    Vet Res; 2020 Sep; 51(1):118. PubMed ID: 32933581
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  • 3. Pseudorabies Virus EP0 Antagonizes the Type I Interferon Response via Inhibiting IRF9 Transcription.
    Wang M; Liu Y; Qin C; Lang Y; Xu A; Yu C; Zhao Z; Zhang R; Yang J; Tang J
    J Virol; 2022 Jul; 96(13):e0217121. PubMed ID: 35708311
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  • 4. Inhibition of PARP1 Dampens Pseudorabies Virus Infection through DNA Damage-Induced Antiviral Innate Immunity.
    Li GL; Ding GX; Zeng L; Ming SL; Fu PF; Wang Q; Yang GY; Wang J; Chu BB
    J Virol; 2021 Jul; 95(16):e0076021. PubMed ID: 34037418
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  • 5. The 25-kDa linear polyethylenimine exerts specific antiviral activity against pseudorabies virus through interferencing its adsorption via electrostatic interaction.
    Huan C; Yan P; Yang F; Pan H; Hou Y; Jiang L; Yao J; Chen H; Li J; Gao S
    J Virol; 2024 Mar; 98(3):e0000724. PubMed ID: 38305153
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  • 6. Pseudorabies Virus Inhibits Type I and Type III Interferon-Induced Signaling via Proteasomal Degradation of Janus Kinases.
    Yin Y; Romero N; Favoreel HW
    J Virol; 2021 Sep; 95(20):e0079321. PubMed ID: 34379505
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  • 7. Pseudorabies Virus dUTPase UL50 Induces Lysosomal Degradation of Type I Interferon Receptor 1 and Antagonizes the Alpha Interferon Response.
    Zhang R; Xu A; Qin C; Zhang Q; Chen S; Lang Y; Wang M; Li C; Feng W; Zhang R; Jiang Z; Tang J
    J Virol; 2017 Nov; 91(21):. PubMed ID: 28794045
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  • 8. Antiviral Activity of Chicken Cathelicidin B1 Against Influenza A Virus.
    Peng L; Du W; Balhuizen MD; Haagsman HP; de Haan CAM; Veldhuizen EJA
    Front Microbiol; 2020; 11():426. PubMed ID: 32265870
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  • 9. Cathelicidin antimicrobial peptides suppress EV71 infection via regulating antiviral response and inhibiting viral binding.
    Yu J; Dai Y; Fu Y; Wang K; Yang Y; Li M; Xu W; Wei L
    Antiviral Res; 2021 Mar; 187():105021. PubMed ID: 33508330
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  • 10. Synergistic inhibition of pseudorabies virus replication by porcine alpha/beta interferon and gamma interferon in vitro.
    Yao Q; Qian P; Cao Y; He Y; Si Y; Xu Z; Chen H
    Eur Cytokine Netw; 2007 Jun; 18(2):71-7. PubMed ID: 17594939
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  • 11. Porcine ISG15 modulates the antiviral response during pseudorabies virus replication.
    Liu H; Li S; Yang X; Wang X; Li Y; Wang C; Chen L; Chang H
    Gene; 2018 Dec; 679():212-218. PubMed ID: 30201339
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  • 12. Porcine IFITM1 is a host restriction factor that inhibits pseudorabies virus infection.
    Wang J; Wang CF; Ming SL; Li GL; Zeng L; Wang MD; Su BQ; Wang Q; Yang GY; Chu BB
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2020 May; 151():1181-1193. PubMed ID: 31743714
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  • 13. A Tug of War: Pseudorabies Virus and Host Antiviral Innate Immunity.
    Ye G; Liu H; Zhou Q; Liu X; Huang L; Weng C
    Viruses; 2022 Mar; 14(3):. PubMed ID: 35336954
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  • 14. Pseudorabies virus glycoprotein gE suppresses interferon-β production via CREB-binding protein degradation.
    Lu M; Qiu S; Zhang L; Sun Y; Bao E; Lv Y
    Virus Res; 2021 Jan; 291():198220. PubMed ID: 33152381
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  • 15. Coinfection of Porcine Circovirus 2 and Pseudorabies Virus Enhances Immunosuppression and Inflammation through NF-κB, JAK/STAT, MAPK, and NLRP3 Pathways.
    Li X; Chen S; Zhang L; Niu G; Zhang X; Yang L; Ji W; Ren L
    Int J Mol Sci; 2022 Apr; 23(8):. PubMed ID: 35457287
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  • 16. Pseudorabies virus-induced expression and antiviral activity of type I or type III interferon depend on the type of infected epithelial cell.
    Yin Y; Ma J; Van Waesberghe C; Devriendt B; Favoreel HW
    Front Immunol; 2022; 13():1016982. PubMed ID: 36405751
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  • 17. Swine NONO is an essential factor to inhibit pseudorabies virus infection.
    Jiang D; Jiang C; Sui C; Wu X; Hu Y; Lee C; Cong X; Li J; Du Y; Qi J
    Vet Microbiol; 2022 Dec; 275():109582. PubMed ID: 36306554
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  • 18. TMEM41B Is an Interferon-Stimulated Gene That Promotes Pseudorabies Virus Replication.
    Li XQ; Zeng L; Liang DG; Qi YL; Yang GY; Zhong K; Chu BB; Wang J
    J Virol; 2023 Jun; 97(6):e0041223. PubMed ID: 37255475
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  • 19. Suppression of the interferon-mediated innate immune response by pseudorabies virus.
    Brukman A; Enquist LW
    J Virol; 2006 Jul; 80(13):6345-56. PubMed ID: 16775323
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  • 20. Pseudorabies virus UL24 antagonizes OASL-mediated antiviral effect.
    Chen X; Kong N; Xu J; Wang J; Zhang M; Ruan K; Li L; Zhang Y; Zheng H; Tong W; Li G; Shan T; Tong G
    Virus Res; 2021 Apr; 295():198276. PubMed ID: 33476694
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