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  • 21. Research into the anti-pulmonary fibrosis mechanism of Renshen Pingfei formula based on network pharmacology, metabolomics, and verification of AMPK/PPAR-γ pathway of active ingredients.
    Yan L; Jiang MY; Fan XS
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2023 Dec; 317():116773. PubMed ID: 37308028
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  • 22. Bioactive compounds and mechanism of Xianglian pill in the treatment of gastric cancer: Network pharmacology analysis and experimental validation.
    Yu L; Sun L; Yu Q; Xiong F; Wang D; Pu L; Peng F; Xie X; Peng C
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2023 Oct; 314():116573. PubMed ID: 37142148
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  • 23. Network Pharmacology-based Prediction and Verification of Shikonin for Treating Colorectal Cancer.
    Wang Z; Cui Q; Shi L; Zhang M; Song P; Duan D; Guo W
    Recent Pat Anticancer Drug Discov; 2022; 17(3):297-311. PubMed ID: 34951580
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  • 24. Metabolomics and integrated network pharmacology analysis reveal that ginkgolides act as potential active anticancer components by regulating one-carbon metabolism.
    Zhou J; Qian M; Li C; Zhou W; Yao L; Chen Y; Abliz Z
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2022 Nov; 298():115609. PubMed ID: 35952968
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  • 25. Uncovering the anti-NSCLC effects and mechanisms of gypenosides by metabolomics and network pharmacology analysis.
    Qi YS; Xie JB; Xie P; Duan Y; Ling YQ; Gu YL; Piao XL
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 Dec; 281():114506. PubMed ID: 34371113
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  • 26. Study on the underlying mechanism of Poria in intervention of arrhythmia zebrafish by integrating metabolomics and network pharmacology.
    Yang H; Liu YR; Song ZX; Tang ZS; Jia AL; Wang MG; Duan JA
    Phytomedicine; 2024 Jan; 122():155143. PubMed ID: 37890443
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  • 27. Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking Validation to Reveal the Pharmacological Mechanisms of Kangai Injection against Colorectal Cancer.
    Zheng BB; Wang Q; Yue Y; Li J; Li XJ; Wang X
    Biomed Res Int; 2022; 2022():3008842. PubMed ID: 36046463
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  • 28. Mechanisms of Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction in the treatment of coronary heart disease based on integrated metabolomics and network pharmacology approach.
    Yang Y; Su C; Zhang XZ; Li J; Huang SC; Kuang HF; Zhang QY
    J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci; 2023 May; 1223():123712. PubMed ID: 37060624
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  • 29. An integrated approach for identifying the efficacy and potential mechanisms of TCM against atherosclerosis-Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction as a case study.
    Li C; Chi C; Li W; Li Z; Wang X; Wang M; Zhang L; Lu J; Liu R
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2022 Oct; 296():115436. PubMed ID: 35667584
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  • 30. Prediction of the mechanism of Dachengqi Decoction treating colorectal cancer based on the analysis method of " into serum components -action target-key pathway".
    Yin FT; Zhou XH; Kang SY; Li XH; Li J; Ullah I; Zhang AH; Sun H; Wang XJ
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2022 Jul; 293():115286. PubMed ID: 35413412
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  • 31. Multi-omics and network pharmacology study reveals the effects of Dengzhan Shengmai capsule against neuroinflammatory injury and thrombosis induced by ischemic stroke.
    Ye J; Huang F; Zeng H; Xu X; Wu G; Tian S; Zhao J; Zhang W
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2023 Apr; 305():116092. PubMed ID: 36587875
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  • 32. Integrated Brain Metabolomics and Network Pharmacology Analysis to Reveal the Improvement Effect of Bai Chan Ting on Parkinson's Disease.
    Zhang N; Fu J; Gao X; Lu F; Lu Y; Liu S
    Biomed Res Int; 2022; 2022():6113093. PubMed ID: 36523484
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  • 33. Active Ingredients and Anti-Arthritic Mechanisms of Ba-Wei-Long-Zuan Granule Revealed by
    Fan G; Li Q; Li HJ; Zhang YS; Xu XM; Fang G; Ge YM; Du LL
    Chem Biodivers; 2020 Jun; 17(6):e2000122. PubMed ID: 32274851
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  • 34. Integrated Metabolomics and Network Pharmacology to Reveal the Mechanisms of Guizhi-Fuling Treatment for Myocardial Ischemia.
    Duan B; Ye Y; Zhou Z; Han L; Huang F; Li J; Wang Q; Zeng X; Yu X
    Chem Biodivers; 2022 Oct; 19(10):e202200386. PubMed ID: 36073658
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  • 35. The Underling Mechanisms Exploration of
    Zeng W; Fang Y; Mo S; Shen C; Yang H; Luo G; Xiao L; Zhan R; Yan P
    Drug Des Devel Ther; 2023; 17():439-457. PubMed ID: 36818604
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  • 36. Erianin, the main active ingredient of Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl, inhibits precancerous lesions of gastric cancer (PLGC) through suppression of the HRAS-PI3K-AKT signaling pathway as revealed by network pharmacology and in vitro experimental verification.
    Wang Y; Chu F; Lin J; Li Y; Johnson N; Zhang J; Gai C; Su Z; Cheng H; Wang L; Ding X
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 Oct; 279():114399. PubMed ID: 34246740
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  • 37. [Systematic comparison of two kinds of Bufonis Venenum derived from different Bufo gargarizans subspecies based on metabolomics and antitumor activity].
    Sun B; Li ML; Ding YH; Zhang Y; Xia B; Guo SY; Wang SL; Bian BL; Si N; Zhao HY
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2023 Mar; 48(5):1280-1288. PubMed ID: 37005812
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  • 38. Bufotalin from Venenum Bufonis inhibits growth of multidrug resistant HepG2 cells through G2/M cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
    Zhang DM; Liu JS; Tang MK; Yiu A; Cao HH; Jiang L; Chan JY; Tian HY; Fung KP; Ye WC
    Eur J Pharmacol; 2012 Oct; 692(1-3):19-28. PubMed ID: 22841670
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  • 39. Cell cycle arrest is an important mechanism of action of compound Kushen injection in the prevention of colorectal cancer.
    Sun J; Li M; Lin T; Wang D; Chen J; Zhang Y; Mu Q; Su H; Wu N; Liu A; Yu Y; Liu Y; Wang S; Yu X; Guo J; Yu W
    Sci Rep; 2022 Mar; 12(1):4384. PubMed ID: 35288618
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  • 40. Investigating the anti-atherosclerotic effects and potential mechanism of Dalbergia odorifera in ApoE-deficient mice using network pharmacology combined with metabolomics.
    Sun K; Li Z; Li W; Chi C; Wang M; Xu R; Gao Y; Li B; Sun Y; Liu R
    J Pharm Biomed Anal; 2024 May; 242():116017. PubMed ID: 38387125
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