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  • 1. Survival in relation to time to start of curative treatment of colon cancer: A national register-based observational noninferiority study.
    Rydbeck D; Bock D; Haglind E; Angenete E; Onerup A
    Colorectal Dis; 2023 Aug; 25(8):1613-1621. PubMed ID: 37317006
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  • 2. Colon cancer treatment in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic: A nationwide register-based study.
    Eklöv K; Nygren J; Bringman S; Löfgren J; Sjövall A; Nordenvall C; Everhov ÅH
    Colorectal Dis; 2022 Aug; 24(8):925-932. PubMed ID: 35362199
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  • 3. Short- and long-term outcomes after laparoscopic versus open emergency resection for colon cancer: an observational propensity score-matched study.
    Odermatt M; Miskovic D; Siddiqi N; Khan J; Parvaiz A
    World J Surg; 2013 Oct; 37(10):2458-67. PubMed ID: 23846176
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  • 4. Aspects of survival from colorectal cancer in Denmark.
    Iversen LH
    Dan Med J; 2012 Apr; 59(4):B4428. PubMed ID: 22459726
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  • 5. Surgical Approach to Transverse Colon Cancer: Analysis of Current Practice and Oncological Outcomes Using the National Cancer Database.
    Crippa J; Grass F; Achilli P; Behm KT; Mathis KL; Day CN; Harmsen WS; Mari GM; Larson DW
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2021 Mar; 64(3):284-292. PubMed ID: 33555708
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  • 6. Effects of laparoscopic surgery on survival, quality of care and utilization in patients with colon cancer: a population-based study.
    Tan EC; Yang MC; Chen CC
    Curr Med Res Opin; 2018 Sep; 34(9):1663-1671. PubMed ID: 29863425
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  • 7. Survival and outcomes after laparoscopic versus open curative resection for colon cancer.
    Hakami R; Alsaffar A; AlKhayal KA; Arab N; Alshammari T; Almotairi ED; Alturki N; Falah SA; Ali Albati N; Hussain M; Abdullah M; Aljomah NA; Homoud SA; Ashari L; Abduljabbar A; Badahdah FA; Albalawi S; Alobaid O; Zubaidi A; Traiki TB; Alsanea N; Abdulfattah FW; Abduldaem AM; Alqahtani S; Alharbi R
    Ann Saudi Med; 2019; 39(3):137-142. PubMed ID: 31215226
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  • 8. A Case-matched Comparative Study of Laparoscopic Versus Open Right Colonic Resection for Colon Cancer: Developing Country Perspectives.
    Ammori BJ; Kakish H; Asmer H; Al-Najjar H; Hamed OH; Al Ebous A; Dabous A; Daoud F; Almasri M
    Surg Laparosc Endosc Percutan Tech; 2020 Jul; 31(1):56-60. PubMed ID: 32740475
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  • 9. Uptake and outcomes of laparoscopically assisted resection for colon and rectal cancer in Australia: a population-based study.
    Dobbins TA; Young JM; Solomon MJ
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2014 Apr; 57(4):415-22. PubMed ID: 24608296
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  • 10. Laparoscopy may decrease morbidity and length of stay after elective colon cancer resection, especially in frail patients: results from an observational real-life study.
    Cerdán Santacruz C; Frasson M; Flor-Lorente B; Ramos Rodríguez JL; Trallero Anoro M; Millán Scheiding M; Maseda Díaz O; Dujovne Lindenbaum P; Monzón Abad A; García-Granero Ximenez E;
    Surg Endosc; 2017 Dec; 31(12):5032-5042. PubMed ID: 28455773
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  • 11. Survival after laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery for colon cancer: long-term outcome of a randomised clinical trial.
    ; Buunen M; Veldkamp R; Hop WC; Kuhry E; Jeekel J; Haglind E; Påhlman L; Cuesta MA; Msika S; Morino M; Lacy A; Bonjer HJ
    Lancet Oncol; 2009 Jan; 10(1):44-52. PubMed ID: 19071061
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  • 12. Laparoscopic Lavage vs Primary Resection for Acute Perforated Diverticulitis: The SCANDIV Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Schultz JK; Yaqub S; Wallon C; Blecic L; Forsmo HM; Folkesson J; Buchwald P; Körner H; Dahl FA; Øresland T;
    JAMA; 2015 Oct; 314(13):1364-75. PubMed ID: 26441181
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  • 13. Short term results in a population based study indicate advantage for laparoscopic colon cancer surgery versus open.
    Petersson J; Matthiessen P; Jadid KD; Bock D; Angenete E
    Sci Rep; 2023 Mar; 13(1):4335. PubMed ID: 36927758
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  • 14. Robotic Approach is Associated With a Lower Conversion Rate Compared to Laparoscopic Approach for Patients Undergoing Colectomy for T4b Colon Cancer. An Analysis of the National Cancer Database.
    Kamel MK; Al-Qudah G; Shchatsko A; Keane CA; Serpa E; Nituica C; Blebea J; Marar O
    Surg Innov; 2023 Apr; 30(2):193-200. PubMed ID: 36069752
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  • 15. Long-term oncological outcomes for minimally invasive surgery versus open surgery for colon cancer-a population-based nationwide study with a non-inferiority design.
    Jadid KD; Cao Y; Petersson J; Sjövall A; Angenete E; Matthiessen P
    Colorectal Dis; 2023 May; 25(5):954-963. PubMed ID: 36762443
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  • 16. Open compared with laparoscopic complete mesocolic excision with central lymphadenectomy for colon cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Athanasiou CD; Markides GA; Kotb A; Jia X; Gonsalves S; Miskovic D
    Colorectal Dis; 2016 Jul; 18(7):O224-35. PubMed ID: 27187520
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  • 17. Long term oncological outcomes for laparoscopic versus open surgery for rectal cancer - A population-based nationwide noninferiority study.
    Dehlaghi Jadid K; Cao Y; Petersson J; Angenete E; Matthiessen P
    Colorectal Dis; 2022 Nov; 24(11):1308-1317. PubMed ID: 35656573
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  • 18. Laparoscopic and open right-sided colonic resection in daily routine practice. A prospective multicentre study within an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol.
    Tiefenthal M; Asklid D; Hjern F; Matthiessen P; Gustafsson UO
    Colorectal Dis; 2016 Feb; 18(2):187-94. PubMed ID: 26260304
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  • 19. Oncological outcomes of open, laparoscopic and robotic colectomy in patients with transverse colon cancer.
    Maertens V; Stefan S; Rutgers M; Siddiqi N; Khan JS
    Tech Coloproctol; 2022 Oct; 26(10):821-830. PubMed ID: 35804251
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  • 20. Laparoscopic colectomy reduces complications and hospital length of stay in colon cancer patients with liver disease and ascites.
    Pei KY; Asuzu DT; Davis KA
    Surg Endosc; 2018 Mar; 32(3):1286-1292. PubMed ID: 28812198
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