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  • 21. [The Potential of a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Colorectal Cancer Targeting the cGAS-STING Pathway].
    Nakajima S; Kaneta A; Kono K
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2023 Sep; 50(9):950-954. PubMed ID: 37800285
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  • 22. Sonodynamic amplification of cGAS-STING activation by cobalt-based nanoagonist against bone and metastatic tumor.
    Lei J; Zhang W; Ma L; He Y; Liang H; Zhang X; Li G; Feng X; Tan L; Yang C
    Biomaterials; 2023 Nov; 302():122295. PubMed ID: 37666101
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  • 23. Integrated manganese (III)-doped nanosystem for optimizing photothermal ablation: Amplifying hyperthermia-induced STING pathway and enhancing antitumor immunity.
    Xia J; Wang L; Shen T; Li P; Zhu P; Xie S; Chen Z; Zhou F; Zhang J; Ling J; Liu X; Yu H; Sun J
    Acta Biomater; 2023 Jan; 155():601-617. PubMed ID: 36400350
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  • 24. ATR inhibitor AZD6738 enhances the antitumor activity of radiotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors by potentiating the tumor immune microenvironment in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Sheng H; Huang Y; Xiao Y; Zhu Z; Shen M; Zhou P; Guo Z; Wang J; Wang H; Dai W; Zhang W; Sun J; Cao C
    J Immunother Cancer; 2020 May; 8(1):. PubMed ID: 32461345
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  • 25. Tumor-targeted nanoplatform for in situ oxygenation-boosted immunogenic phototherapy of colorectal cancer.
    He H; Liu L; Liang R; Zhou H; Pan H; Zhang S; Cai L
    Acta Biomater; 2020 Mar; 104():188-197. PubMed ID: 31945508
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  • 26. Activatable polymer nanoagonist for second near-infrared photothermal immunotherapy of cancer.
    Jiang Y; Huang J; Xu C; Pu K
    Nat Commun; 2021 Feb; 12(1):742. PubMed ID: 33531498
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  • 27. Compact Plasmonic Blackbody for Cancer Theranosis in the Near-Infrared II Window.
    Zhou J; Jiang Y; Hou S; Upputuri PK; Wu D; Li J; Wang P; Zhen X; Pramanik M; Pu K; Duan H
    ACS Nano; 2018 Mar; 12(3):2643-2651. PubMed ID: 29438610
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  • 28. An Ultrasound-Triggered STING Pathway Nanoagonist for Enhanced Chemotherapy-Induced Immunogenic Cell Death.
    Tian Y; Tian H; Li B; Feng C; Dai Y
    Small; 2024 Jan; ():e2309850. PubMed ID: 38225710
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  • 29. A manganese-phenolic network platform amplifying STING activation to potentiate MRI guided cancer chemo-/chemodynamic/immune therapy.
    Pang X; Fu C; Chen J; Su M; Wei R; Wang Y; Lin W; Wei X; Jiang X; Yang X; Yang H; Wang J; Yang R
    Biomater Sci; 2023 May; 11(11):3840-3850. PubMed ID: 37074080
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  • 30. Polydopamine Nanoparticles as a Versatile Molecular Loading Platform to Enable Imaging-guided Cancer Combination Therapy.
    Dong Z; Gong H; Gao M; Zhu W; Sun X; Feng L; Fu T; Li Y; Liu Z
    Theranostics; 2016; 6(7):1031-42. PubMed ID: 27217836
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  • 31. [Expression of the cGAS-STING Pathway in dMMR/MSI-H in Colorectal Cancer].
    Kaneta A; Nakajima S; Mimura K; Kono K
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2022 Oct; 49(10):1130-1132. PubMed ID: 36281609
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  • 32. Dual near-infrared II laser modulates the cellular redox state of T cells and augments the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.
    Katagiri W; Yokomizo S; Ishizuka T; Yamashita K; Kopp T; Roessing M; Sato A; Iwasaki T; Sato H; Fukuda T; Monaco H; Manganiello S; Nomura S; Ng MR; Feil S; Ogawa E; Fukumura D; Atochin DN; Choi HS; Kashiwagi S
    FASEB J; 2022 Oct; 36(10):e22521. PubMed ID: 36052742
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  • 33. Manganese(ii) complexes stimulate antitumor immunity
    Cai L; Wang Y; Chen Y; Chen H; Yang T; Zhang S; Guo Z; Wang X
    Chem Sci; 2023 Apr; 14(16):4375-4389. PubMed ID: 37123182
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  • 34. Immunogenic Cell Death Augmented by Manganese Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles for Metastatic Melanoma Immunotherapy.
    Li Z; Chu Z; Yang J; Qian H; Xu J; Chen B; Tian T; Chen H; Xu Y; Wang F
    ACS Nano; 2022 Sep; 16(9):15471-15483. PubMed ID: 35981098
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  • 35. Biomimetic manganese-based theranostic nanoplatform for cancer multimodal imaging and twofold immunotherapy.
    Zhao Y; Pan Y; Zou K; Lan Z; Cheng G; Mai Q; Cui H; Meng Q; Chen T; Rao L; Ma L; Yu G
    Bioact Mater; 2023 Jan; 19():237-250. PubMed ID: 35510176
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  • 36. Enhancing anti-tumor immunity through liposomal oxaliplatin and localized immunotherapy via STING activation.
    Gu Z; Hao Y; Schomann T; Ossendorp F; Ten Dijke P; Cruz LJ
    J Control Release; 2023 May; 357():531-544. PubMed ID: 37030544
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  • 37. Photothermal-triggered immunogenic nanotherapeutics for optimizing osteosarcoma therapy by synergizing innate and adaptive immunity.
    Liu K; Liao Y; Zhou Z; Zhang L; Jiang Y; Lu H; Xu T; Yang D; Gao Q; Li Z; Tan S; Cao W; Chen F; Li G
    Biomaterials; 2022 Mar; 282():121383. PubMed ID: 35074635
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  • 38. Manganese-Based Nanoactivator Optimizes Cancer Immunotherapy
    Hou L; Tian C; Yan Y; Zhang L; Zhang H; Zhang Z
    ACS Nano; 2020 Apr; 14(4):3927-3940. PubMed ID: 32298077
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  • 39. Rationally designed dual-plasmonic gold nanorod@cuprous selenide hybrid heterostructures by regioselective overgrowth for
    Shan B; Wang H; Li L; Zhou G; Wen Y; Chen M; Li M
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(25):11656-11672. PubMed ID: 33052239
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  • 40. Ectopic expression of cGAS in
    Waanders L; van der Donk LEH; Ates LS; Maaskant J; van Hamme JL; Eldering E; van Bruggen JAC; Rietveld JM; Bitter W; Geijtenbeek TBH; Kuijl CP
    J Immunother Cancer; 2023 Apr; 11(4):. PubMed ID: 37072345
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