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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. R-spondin-3 promotes proliferation and invasion of breast cancer cells independently of Wnt signaling.
    Ter Steege EJ; Doornbos LW; Haughton PD; van Diest PJ; Hilkens J; Derksen PWB; Bakker ERM
    Cancer Lett; 2023 Aug; 568():216301. PubMed ID: 37406727
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  • 2. R-spondin-3 is an oncogenic driver of poorly differentiated invasive breast cancer.
    Ter Steege EJ; Boer M; Timmer NC; Ammerlaan CM; Song JY; Derksen PW; Hilkens J; Bakker ER
    J Pathol; 2022 Nov; 258(3):289-299. PubMed ID: 36106661
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  • 3. RSPO3 expands intestinal stem cell and niche compartments and drives tumorigenesis.
    Hilkens J; Timmer NC; Boer M; Ikink GJ; Schewe M; Sacchetti A; Koppens MAJ; Song JY; Bakker ERM
    Gut; 2017 Jun; 66(6):1095-1105. PubMed ID: 27511199
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  • 4. RSPO3 promotes the aggressiveness of bladder cancer via Wnt/β-catenin and Hedgehog signaling pathways.
    Chen Z; Zhou L; Chen L; Xiong M; Kazobinka G; Pang Z; Hou T
    Carcinogenesis; 2019 Apr; 40(2):360-369. PubMed ID: 30329043
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  • 5. R-spondin3 Is Associated with Basal-Progenitor Behavior in Normal and Tumor Mammary Cells.
    Tocci JM; Felcher CM; García Solá ME; Goddio MV; Zimberlin MN; Rubinstein N; Srebrow A; Coso OA; Abba MC; Meiss RP; Kordon EC
    Cancer Res; 2018 Aug; 78(16):4497-4511. PubMed ID: 29748375
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  • 6. RSPO3 antagonism inhibits growth and tumorigenicity in colorectal tumors harboring common Wnt pathway mutations.
    Fischer MM; Yeung VP; Cattaruzza F; Hussein R; Yen WC; Murriel C; Evans JW; O'Young G; Brunner AL; Wang M; Cain J; Cancilla B; Kapoun A; Hoey T
    Sci Rep; 2017 Nov; 7(1):15270. PubMed ID: 29127379
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  • 7. Loss of AXIN1 drives acquired resistance to WNT pathway blockade in colorectal cancer cells carrying RSPO3 fusions.
    Picco G; Petti C; Centonze A; Torchiaro E; Crisafulli G; Novara L; Acquaviva A; Bardelli A; Medico E
    EMBO Mol Med; 2017 Mar; 9(3):293-303. PubMed ID: 28100566
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  • 8. R-spondin 3 deletion induces Erk phosphorylation to enhance Wnt signaling and promote bone formation in the appendicular skeleton.
    Nagano K; Yamana K; Saito H; Kiviranta R; Pedroni AC; Raval D; Niehrs C; Gori F; Baron R
    Elife; 2022 Nov; 11():. PubMed ID: 36321691
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  • 9. R-spondin 3 regulates dorsoventral and anteroposterior patterning by antagonizing Wnt/β-catenin signaling in zebrafish embryos.
    Rong X; Chen C; Zhou P; Zhou Y; Li Y; Lu L; Liu Y; Zhou J; Duan C
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(6):e99514. PubMed ID: 24918770
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  • 10. RSPO3 is a marker candidate for predicting tumor aggressiveness in ovarian cancer.
    Gu H; Tu H; Liu L; Liu T; Liu Z; Zhang W; Liu J
    Ann Transl Med; 2020 Nov; 8(21):1351. PubMed ID: 33313096
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  • 11. Nkx2-5 regulates cardiac growth through modulation of Wnt signaling by R-spondin3.
    Cambier L; Plate M; Sucov HM; Pashmforoush M
    Development; 2014 Aug; 141(15):2959-71. PubMed ID: 25053429
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  • 12. R-spondin signalling is essential for the maintenance and differentiation of mouse nephron progenitors.
    Vidal VP; Jian-Motamedi F; Rekima S; Gregoire EP; Szenker-Ravi E; Leushacke M; Reversade B; Chaboissier MC; Schedl A
    Elife; 2020 May; 9():. PubMed ID: 32324134
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  • 13. Disruption of stem cell niche-confined R-spondin 3 expression leads to impaired hematopoiesis.
    Kurtova AV; Heinlein M; Haas S; Velten L; Dijkgraaf GJP; Storm EE; Kljavin NM; Boumahdi S; Himmels P; Herault A; Mancini A; Koeppen H; Dail M; Yan Q; Zhang J; Koch U; Radtke F; Modrusan Z; Metcalfe C; Piskol R; de Sauvage FJ
    Blood Adv; 2023 Feb; 7(4):491-507. PubMed ID: 35914228
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  • 14. Targeting the Wnt signaling pathway through R-spondin 3 identifies an anti-fibrosis treatment strategy for multiple organs.
    Zhang M; Haughey M; Wang NY; Blease K; Kapoun AM; Couto S; Belka I; Hoey T; Groza M; Hartke J; Bennett B; Cain J; Gurney A; Benish B; Castiglioni P; Drew C; Lachowicz J; Carayannopoulos L; Nathan SD; Distler J; Brenner DA; Hariharan K; Cho H; Xie W
    PLoS One; 2020; 15(3):e0229445. PubMed ID: 32160239
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  • 15. Aberrant RSPO3-LGR4 signaling in Keap1-deficient lung adenocarcinomas promotes tumor aggressiveness.
    Gong X; Yi J; Carmon KS; Crumbley CA; Xiong W; Thomas A; Fan X; Guo S; An Z; Chang JT; Liu QJ
    Oncogene; 2015 Sep; 34(36):4692-701. PubMed ID: 25531322
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  • 16. R-spondin3 promotes the tumor growth of choriocarcinoma JEG-3 cells.
    Chen Z; Zhang J; Yuan A; Han J; Tan L; Zhou Z; Zhao H; Su R; Huang B; Wang B; Sun B; Fan X; Yang Q
    Am J Physiol Cell Physiol; 2020 Mar; 318(3):C664-C674. PubMed ID: 31851527
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  • 17.
    Greicius G; Kabiri Z; Sigmundsson K; Liang C; Bunte R; Singh MK; Virshup DM
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2018 Apr; 115(14):E3173-E3181. PubMed ID: 29559533
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  • 18. Endothelial RSPO3 Controls Vascular Stability and Pruning through Non-canonical WNT/Ca(2+)/NFAT Signaling.
    Scholz B; Korn C; Wojtarowicz J; Mogler C; Augustin I; Boutros M; Niehrs C; Augustin HG
    Dev Cell; 2016 Jan; 36(1):79-93. PubMed ID: 26766444
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  • 19. The Wnt signaling regulator R-spondin 3 promotes angioblast and vascular development.
    Kazanskaya O; Ohkawara B; Heroult M; Wu W; Maltry N; Augustin HG; Niehrs C
    Development; 2008 Nov; 135(22):3655-64. PubMed ID: 18842812
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  • 20. R-spondin-3 induces secretory, antimicrobial Lgr5
    Sigal M; Reinés MDM; Müllerke S; Fischer C; Kapalczynska M; Berger H; Bakker ERM; Mollenkopf HJ; Rothenberg ME; Wiedenmann B; Sauer S; Meyer TF
    Nat Cell Biol; 2019 Jul; 21(7):812-823. PubMed ID: 31235935
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