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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Testicular germ cell tumour cells release microRNA-containing extracellular vesicles that induce phenotypic and genotypic changes in cells of the tumour microenvironment.
    Alonso-Crisostomo L; Trendell J; Ferraresso M; Bailey S; Ward D; Scurlock ZGL; Wenlock SC; Bastos CAP; Jugdaohsingh R; Faria NJ; Enright AJ; Scarpini CG; Coleman N; Murray MJ
    Int J Cancer; 2024 Jan; 154(2):372-388. PubMed ID: 37632231
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  • 2. MicroRNA miR-371a-3p in serum of patients with germ cell tumours: evaluations for establishing a serum biomarker.
    Spiekermann M; Belge G; Winter N; Ikogho R; Balks T; Bullerdiek J; Dieckmann KP
    Andrology; 2015 Jan; 3(1):78-84. PubMed ID: 25187505
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  • 3. miRNA-302s may act as oncogenes in human testicular germ cell tumours.
    Das MK; Evensen HSF; Furu K; Haugen TB
    Sci Rep; 2019 Jun; 9(1):9189. PubMed ID: 31235829
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  • 4. The metastatic potential of seminomatous germ cell tumours is associated with a specific microRNA pattern.
    Ernst S; Heinzelmann J; Bohle RM; Weber G; Stöckle M; Junker K; Heinzelbecker J
    Andrology; 2020 Nov; 8(6):1687-1698. PubMed ID: 32530514
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  • 5. Molecular signatures identified by integrating gene expression and methylation in non-seminoma and seminoma of testicular germ cell tumours.
    Mallik S; Qin G; Jia P; Zhao Z
    Epigenetics; 2021; 16(2):162-176. PubMed ID: 32615059
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  • 6. Serum Levels of MicroRNA miR-371a-3p: A Sensitive and Specific New Biomarker for Germ Cell Tumours.
    Dieckmann KP; Radtke A; Spiekermann M; Balks T; Matthies C; Becker P; Ruf C; Oing C; Oechsle K; Bokemeyer C; Hammel J; Melchior S; Wosniok W; Belge G
    Eur Urol; 2017 Feb; 71(2):213-220. PubMed ID: 27495845
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  • 7. Evaluation of miR-371a-3p to predict viable germ cell tumor in patients with pure seminoma receiving retroperitoneal lymph node dissection.
    Konneh B; Lafin JT; Howard J; Gerald T; Amini A; Savelyeva A; Woldu SL; Lewis CM; Jia L; Margulis V; Coleman N; Scarpini C; Frazier AL; Murray MJ; Amatruda JF; Bagrodia A
    Andrology; 2023 May; 11(4):634-640. PubMed ID: 36254623
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  • 8. The Novel Biomarker of Germ Cell Tumours, Micro-RNA-371a-3p, Has a Very Rapid Decay in Patients with Clinical Stage 1.
    Radtke A; Hennig F; Ikogho R; Hammel J; Anheuser P; Wülfing C; Belge G; Dieckmann KP
    Urol Int; 2018; 100(4):470-475. PubMed ID: 29698973
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  • 9. Serum Levels of MicroRNA-371a-3p (M371 Test) as a New Biomarker of Testicular Germ Cell Tumors: Results of a Prospective Multicentric Study.
    Dieckmann KP; Radtke A; Geczi L; Matthies C; Anheuser P; Eckardt U; Sommer J; Zengerling F; Trenti E; Pichler R; Belz H; Zastrow S; Winter A; Melchior S; Hammel J; Kranz J; Bolten M; Krege S; Haben B; Loidl W; Ruf CG; Heinzelbecker J; Heidenreich A; Cremers JF; Oing C; Hermanns T; Fankhauser CD; Gillessen S; Reichegger H; Cathomas R; Pichler M; Hentrich M; Eredics K; Lorch A; Wülfing C; Peine S; Wosniok W; Bokemeyer C; Belge G
    J Clin Oncol; 2019 Jun; 37(16):1412-1423. PubMed ID: 30875280
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  • 10. Integrated Microarray-Based Data Analysis of miRNA Expression Profiles: Identification of Novel Biomarkers of Cisplatin-Resistance in Testicular Germ Cell Tumours.
    Roška J; Lobo J; Ivovič D; Wachsmannová L; Mueller T; Henrique R; Jerónimo C; Chovanec M; Jurkovičová D
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Jan; 24(3):. PubMed ID: 36768818
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  • 11. The present and future of serum diagnostic tests for testicular germ cell tumours.
    Murray MJ; Huddart RA; Coleman N
    Nat Rev Urol; 2016 Dec; 13(12):715-725. PubMed ID: 27754472
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  • 12. The Role of miRNA in Testicular Cancer: Current Insights and Future Perspectives.
    Ditonno F; Franco A; Manfredi C; Fasanella D; Abate M; La Rocca R; Crocerossa F; Iossa V; Falagario UG; Cirillo L; Altieri VM; Di Mauro E; Crocetto F; Barone B; Cilio S; Pandolfo SD; Aveta A; Mirone V; Franzese CA; Arcaniolo D; Napolitano L
    Medicina (Kaunas); 2023 Nov; 59(11):. PubMed ID: 38004082
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  • 13. MicroRNA and transcription factor co-regulatory networks and subtype classification of seminoma and non-seminoma in testicular germ cell tumors.
    Qin G; Mallik S; Mitra R; Li A; Jia P; Eischen CM; Zhao Z
    Sci Rep; 2020 Jan; 10(1):852. PubMed ID: 31965022
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  • 14. MiR-371a-3p Serum Levels Are Increased in Recurrence of Testicular Germ Cell Tumor Patients.
    Terbuch A; Adiprasito JB; Stiegelbauer V; Seles M; Klec C; Pichler GP; Resel M; Posch F; Lembeck AL; Stöger H; Szkandera J; Pummer K; Bauernhofer T; Hutterer GC; Gerger A; Stotz M; Pichler M
    Int J Mol Sci; 2018 Oct; 19(10):. PubMed ID: 30321995
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  • 15. Comprehensive microRNA expression analysis of pediatric gonadal germ cell tumors: unveiling novel biomarkers and signatures.
    Santarosa Vieira AG; da Silva LS; Albino da Silva EC; Laus AC; Faria TMV; van Helvoort Lengert A; Martins GE; de Oliveira MA; Reis RM; Lopes LF; Pinto MT
    Mol Oncol; 2024 Jun; 18(6):1593-1607. PubMed ID: 38725152
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  • 16. Serum levels of microRNA-371a-3p are not elevated in testicular tumours of non-germ cell origin.
    Belge G; Grobelny F; Radtke A; Bodes J; Matthies C; Wülfing C; Dieckmann KP
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2021 Feb; 147(2):435-443. PubMed ID: 33200255
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  • 17. MicroRNAs in Differentiation of Embryoid Bodies and the Teratoma Subtype of Testicular Cancer.
    Myklebust MP; Søviknes AM; Halvorsen OJ; Thor A; Dahl O; Ræder H
    Cancer Genomics Proteomics; 2022; 19(2):178-193. PubMed ID: 35181587
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  • 18. Circulating MicroRNAs, the Next-Generation Serum Biomarkers in Testicular Germ Cell Tumours: A Systematic Review.
    Leão R; Albersen M; Looijenga LHJ; Tandstad T; Kollmannsberger C; Murray MJ; Culine S; Coleman N; Belge G; Hamilton RJ; Dieckmann KP
    Eur Urol; 2021 Oct; 80(4):456-466. PubMed ID: 34175151
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  • 19. Germ cell tumour subtypes display differential expression of microRNA371a-3p.
    Vilela-Salgueiro B; Barros-Silva D; Lobo J; Costa AL; Guimarães R; Cantante M; Lopes P; Braga I; Oliveira J; Henrique R; Jerónimo C
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci; 2018 Jun; 373(1748):. PubMed ID: 29685967
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  • 20. Diagnostic markers for germ cell neoplasms: from placental-like alkaline phosphatase to micro-RNAs.
    Rajpert-De Meyts E; Nielsen JE; Skakkebaek NE; Almstrup K
    Folia Histochem Cytobiol; 2015; 53(3):177-88. PubMed ID: 26306513
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