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  • 1. A quality improvement project to optimize access to psychosocial care for cancer survivors who experience fear of recurrence.
    Pereira L; Nguyen P; Benea A; Townsley C
    J Psychosoc Oncol; 2023; 41(6):721-731. PubMed ID: 37702764
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  • 2. Medical, demographic and psychological correlates of fear of cancer recurrence (FCR) morbidity in breast, colorectal and melanoma cancer survivors with probable clinically significant FCR seeking psychological treatment through the ConquerFear study.
    Smith A'; Sharpe L; Thewes B; Turner J; Gilchrist J; Fardell JE; Girgis A; Tesson S; Descallar J; Bell ML; Beith J; Butow P;
    Support Care Cancer; 2018 Dec; 26(12):4207-4216. PubMed ID: 29882025
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  • 3. Revision of the fear of cancer recurrence cognitive and emotional model by Lee-Jones et al with women with breast cancer.
    Maheu C; Hébert M; Louli J; Yao TR; Lambert S; Cooke A; Black A; Kyriacou J
    Cancer Rep (Hoboken); 2019 Aug; 2(4):e1172. PubMed ID: 32721129
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  • 4. The impact of fear of cancer recurrence on healthcare utilization among long-term breast cancer survivors recruited through ECOG-ACRIN trials.
    Vachon E; Krueger E; Champion VL; Haggstrom DA; Cella D; Cohee AA
    Psychooncology; 2021 Mar; 30(3):279-286. PubMed ID: 33022832
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  • 5. Fear of recurrence among older breast, ovarian, endometrial, and colorectal cancer survivors: Findings from the WHI LILAC study.
    Krok-Schoen JL; Naughton MJ; Bernardo BM; Young GS; Paskett ED
    Psychooncology; 2018 Jul; 27(7):1810-1815. PubMed ID: 29644766
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  • 6. Examining Predictors of Fear of Cancer Recurrence Using Leventhal's Commonsense Model: Distinct Implications for Oncology Nurses.
    Galica J; Maheu C; Brennenstuhl S; Townsley C; Metcalfe K
    Cancer Nurs; 2021; 44(1):3-12. PubMed ID: 31868820
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  • 7. Effect of lymphedema self-management group-based education compared with social network-based education on quality of life and fear of cancer recurrence in women with breast cancer: a randomized controlled clinical trial.
    Omidi Z; Kheirkhah M; Abolghasemi J; Haghighat S
    Qual Life Res; 2020 Jul; 29(7):1789-1800. PubMed ID: 32152817
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  • 8. Trajectories of fear of cancer recurrence in young breast cancer survivors.
    Schapira L; Zheng Y; Gelber SI; Poorvu P; Ruddy KJ; Tamimi RM; Peppercorn J; Come SE; Borges VF; Partridge AH; Rosenberg SM
    Cancer; 2022 Jan; 128(2):335-343. PubMed ID: 34614212
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  • 9. Exploring characteristics, predictors, and consequences of fear of cancer recurrence among Asian-American breast cancer survivors.
    Ashing KT; Cho D; Lai L; Yeung S; Young L; Yeon C; Fong Y
    Psychooncology; 2017 Dec; 26(12):2253-2260. PubMed ID: 27992680
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  • 10. Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Inhibited Disclosure: Testing the Social-Cognitive Processing Model in Couples Coping With Breast Cancer.
    Soriano EC; Otto AK; LoSavio ST; Perndorfer C; Siegel SD; Laurenceau JP
    Ann Behav Med; 2021 Mar; 55(3):192-202. PubMed ID: 32608472
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  • 11. Assessing the relationship between fear of cancer recurrence and health care utilization in early-stage breast cancer survivors.
    Otto AK; Soriano EC; Siegel SD; LoSavio ST; Laurenceau JP
    J Cancer Surviv; 2018 Dec; 12(6):775-785. PubMed ID: 30341560
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  • 12. Fear of cancer recurrence promotes cancer screening behaviors among family caregivers of cancer survivors.
    Takeuchi E; Kim Y; Shaffer KM; Cannady RS; Carver CS
    Cancer; 2020 Apr; 126(8):1784-1792. PubMed ID: 31913499
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  • 13. Psychological morbidity and stress but not social factors influence level of fear of cancer recurrence in young women with early breast cancer: results of a cross-sectional study.
    Thewes B; Bell ML; Butow P; Beith J; Boyle F; Friedlander M; McLachlan SA;
    Psychooncology; 2013 Dec; 22(12):2797-806. PubMed ID: 24038525
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  • 14. Checking Behavior, Fear of Recurrence, and Daily Triggers in Breast Cancer Survivors.
    Soriano EC; Valera R; Pasipanodya EC; Otto AK; Siegel SD; Laurenceau JP
    Ann Behav Med; 2019 Mar; 53(3):244-254. PubMed ID: 29771272
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  • 15. The course of fear of cancer recurrence: Different patterns by age in breast cancer survivors.
    Starreveld DEJ; Markovitz SE; van Breukelen G; Peters ML
    Psychooncology; 2018 Jan; 27(1):295-301. PubMed ID: 28727897
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  • 16. Examining the preliminary efficacy of an intervention for fear of cancer recurrence in female cancer survivors: a randomized controlled clinical trial pilot study.
    Tomei C; Lebel S; Maheu C; Lefebvre M; Harris C
    Support Care Cancer; 2018 Aug; 26(8):2751-2762. PubMed ID: 29500582
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  • 17. Fear of cancer recurrence among breast cancer survivors could be controlled by prudent dietary modification with polyunsaturated fatty acids.
    Okubo R; Noguchi H; Hamazaki K; Sekiguchi M; Kinoshita T; Katsumata N; Narisawa T; Uezono Y; Xiao J; Matsuoka YJ
    J Affect Disord; 2019 Feb; 245():1114-1118. PubMed ID: 30699854
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  • 18. Current approaches to managing fear of cancer recurrence; a descriptive survey of psychosocial and clinical health professionals.
    Thewes B; Brebach R; Dzidowska M; Rhodes P; Sharpe L; Butow P
    Psychooncology; 2014 Apr; 23(4):390-6. PubMed ID: 24307136
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  • 19. Predictors of fear of recurrence in patients one year after cancer rehabilitation: a prospective study.
    Mehnert A; Koch U; Sundermann C; Dinkel A
    Acta Oncol; 2013 Aug; 52(6):1102-9. PubMed ID: 23384721
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  • 20. Fear of cancer recurrence among survivors of childhood cancer.
    Wroot H; Afzal AR; Forbes C; Russell KB; Trepanier L; Patton M; Fidler-Benaoudia M; Reynolds K; Schulte F
    Psychooncology; 2020 Jul; 29(7):1132-1140. PubMed ID: 32281171
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