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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Using machine learning approach for screening metastatic biomarkers in colorectal cancer and predictive modeling with experimental validation.
    Ahmadieh-Yazdi A; Mahdavinezhad A; Tapak L; Nouri F; Taherkhani A; Afshar S
    Sci Rep; 2023 Nov; 13(1):19426. PubMed ID: 37940644
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  • 2. Identifying the key genes and microRNAs in colorectal cancer liver metastasis by bioinformatics analysis and in vitro experiments.
    Zhang T; Guo J; Gu J; Wang Z; Wang G; Li H; Wang J
    Oncol Rep; 2019 Jan; 41(1):279-291. PubMed ID: 30542696
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  • 3. An integrative transcriptome analysis reveals potential predictive, prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer.
    Samadi P; Soleimani M; Nouri F; Rahbarizadeh F; Najafi R; Jalali A
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Jul; 22(1):835. PubMed ID: 35907803
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  • 4. Long non-coding RNAs: novel prognostic biomarkers for liver metastases in patients with early stage colorectal cancer.
    Kong H; Wu Y; Zhu M; Zhai C; Qian J; Gao X; Wang S; Hou Y; Lu S; Zhu H
    Oncotarget; 2016 Aug; 7(31):50428-50436. PubMed ID: 27391432
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  • 5. Identification of DNA methylation biomarkers for risk of liver metastasis in early-stage colorectal cancer.
    Li W; Guo L; Tang W; Ma Y; Wang X; Shao Y; Zhao H; Ying J
    Clin Epigenetics; 2021 Jun; 13(1):126. PubMed ID: 34108011
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  • 6. Development of novel predictive miRNA/target gene pathways for colorectal cancer distance metastasis to the liver using a bioinformatic approach.
    Makondi PT; Wei PL; Huang CY; Chang YJ
    PLoS One; 2019; 14(2):e0211968. PubMed ID: 30807603
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  • 7. Comparative profiling of primary colorectal carcinomas and liver metastases identifies LEF1 as a prognostic biomarker.
    Lin AY; Chua MS; Choi YL; Yeh W; Kim YH; Azzi R; Adams GA; Sainani K; van de Rijn M; So SK; Pollack JR
    PLoS One; 2011 Feb; 6(2):e16636. PubMed ID: 21383983
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  • 8. Serum microRNA-29a is a promising novel marker for early detection of colorectal liver metastasis.
    Wang LG; Gu J
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2012 Feb; 36(1):e61-7. PubMed ID: 22018950
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  • 9. Aberrant expression of long noncoding RNA SNHG15 correlates with liver metastasis and poor survival in colorectal cancer.
    Huang L; Lin H; Kang L; Huang P; Huang J; Cai J; Xian Z; Zhu P; Huang M; Wang L; Xian CJ; Wang J; Dong J
    J Cell Physiol; 2019 May; 234(5):7032-7039. PubMed ID: 30317592
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  • 10. Integrative Gene Expression Profiling Analysis to Investigate Potential Prognostic Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer.
    Liu X; Bing Z; Wu J; Zhang J; Zhou W; Ni M; Meng Z; Liu S; Tian J; Zhang X; Li Y; Jia S; Guo S
    Med Sci Monit; 2020 Jan; 26():e918906. PubMed ID: 31893510
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  • 11. Establishment of a neutrophil extracellular trap-related prognostic signature for colorectal cancer liver metastasis and expression validation of CYP4F3.
    Tang XL; Xu ZY; Guan J; Yao J; Tang XL; Zhou ZQ; Zhang ZY
    Clin Exp Med; 2024 May; 24(1):112. PubMed ID: 38795162
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  • 12. Prognostic significance of hsa_circ_0048122 to predict liver metastasis in early-stage colorectal cancer.
    Fang Q; Ni C; Cai Z; Li W; Xie J
    J Clin Lab Anal; 2022 Aug; 36(8):e24577. PubMed ID: 35792043
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  • 13. RNA-Seq profiling of circular RNAs in human colorectal Cancer liver metastasis and the potential biomarkers.
    Xu H; Wang C; Song H; Xu Y; Ji G
    Mol Cancer; 2019 Jan; 18(1):8. PubMed ID: 30630466
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  • 14. SVM-T-RFE: a novel gene selection algorithm for identifying metastasis-related genes in colorectal cancer using gene expression profiles.
    Li X; Peng S; Chen J; Lü B; Zhang H; Lai M
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2012 Mar; 419(2):148-53. PubMed ID: 22306013
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  • 15. Maspin is a marker for early recurrence in primary stage III and IV colorectal cancer.
    Snoeren N; Emmink BL; Koerkamp MJ; van Hooff SR; Goos JA; van Houdt WJ; de Wit M; Prins AM; Piersma SR; Pham TV; Belt EJ; Bril H; Stockmann HB; Meijer GA; van Hillegersberg R; Holstege FC; Jimenez CR; Fijneman RJ; Kranenburg OW; Rinkes IH
    Br J Cancer; 2013 Sep; 109(6):1636-47. PubMed ID: 24002600
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  • 16. Construction of a Colorectal Cancer Prognostic Risk Model and Screening of Prognostic Risk Genes Using Machine-Learning Algorithms.
    Du X; Qi H; Ji W; Li P; Hua R; Hu W; Qi F
    Comput Math Methods Med; 2022; 2022():9408839. PubMed ID: 36267311
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  • 17. Integrated analysis of genes associated with poor prognosis of patients with colorectal cancer liver metastasis.
    Qian Z; Zhang G; Song G; Shi J; Gong L; Mou Y; Han Y
    Oncotarget; 2017 Apr; 8(15):25500-25512. PubMed ID: 28424419
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  • 18. Prognostic significance of TBL1XR1 in predicting liver metastasis for early stage colorectal cancer.
    Liu H; Xu Y; Zhang Q; Yang H; Shi W; Liu Z; Li K; Gong Z; Ning S; Li S; Chen Y
    Surg Oncol; 2017 Mar; 26(1):13-20. PubMed ID: 28317580
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  • 19. Serum miR-200c is a novel prognostic and metastasis-predictive biomarker in patients with colorectal cancer.
    Toiyama Y; Hur K; Tanaka K; Inoue Y; Kusunoki M; Boland CR; Goel A
    Ann Surg; 2014 Apr; 259(4):735-43. PubMed ID: 23982750
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  • 20. Support vector machine classifier for prediction of the metastasis of colorectal cancer.
    Zhi J; Sun J; Wang Z; Ding W
    Int J Mol Med; 2018 Mar; 41(3):1419-1426. PubMed ID: 29328363
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