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  • 1. DNA Mutational Profiling in Patients With Colorectal Cancer Treated With Standard of Care Reveals Differences in Outcome and Racial Distribution of Mutations.
    Innocenti F; Mu W; Qu X; Ou FS; Kabbarah O; Blanke CD; Venook AP; Lenz HJ; Rashid NU
    J Clin Oncol; 2024 Feb; 42(4):399-409. PubMed ID: 37992266
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  • 2. Mutational Analysis of Patients With Colorectal Cancer in CALGB/SWOG 80405 Identifies New Roles of Microsatellite Instability and Tumor Mutational Burden for Patient Outcome.
    Innocenti F; Ou FS; Qu X; Zemla TJ; Niedzwiecki D; Tam R; Mahajan S; Goldberg RM; Bertagnolli MM; Blanke CD; Sanoff H; Atkins J; Polite B; Venook AP; Lenz HJ; Kabbarah O
    J Clin Oncol; 2019 May; 37(14):1217-1227. PubMed ID: 30865548
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  • 3. Molecular biomarkers and histological parameters impact on survival and response to first- line systemic therapy of metastatic colorectal cancer patients.
    Rebersek M; Mesti T; Boc M; Ocvirk J
    Radiol Oncol; 2019 Mar; 53(1):85-95. PubMed ID: 30840593
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  • 4. FOLFOXIRI Plus Cetuximab or Bevacizumab as First-Line Treatment of
    Stintzing S; Heinrich K; Tougeron D; Modest DP; Schwaner I; Eucker J; Pihusch R; Stauch M; Kaiser F; Kahl C; Karthaus M; Müller C; Burkart C; Reinacher-Schick A; Kasper-Virchow S; Fischer von Weikersthal L; Krammer-Steiner B; Prager GW; Taieb J; Heinemann V
    J Clin Oncol; 2023 Sep; 41(25):4143-4153. PubMed ID: 37352476
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  • 5. Cetuximab Rechallenge Plus Avelumab in Pretreated Patients With RAS Wild-type Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: The Phase 2 Single-Arm Clinical CAVE Trial.
    Martinelli E; Martini G; Famiglietti V; Troiani T; Napolitano S; Pietrantonio F; Ciardiello D; Terminiello M; Borrelli C; Vitiello PP; De Braud F; Morano F; Avallone A; Normanno N; Nappi A; Maiello E; Latiano T; Falcone A; Cremolini C; Rossini D; Santabarbara G; Pinto C; Santini D; Cardone C; Zanaletti N; Di Liello A; Renato D; Esposito L; Marrone F; Ciardiello F
    JAMA Oncol; 2021 Oct; 7(10):1529-1535. PubMed ID: 34382998
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  • 6. Clinicopathologic features and treatment efficacy of Chinese patients with BRAF-mutated metastatic colorectal cancer: a retrospective observational study.
    Wang X; Wei Q; Gao J; Li J; Li J; Gong J; Li Y; Shen L
    Chin J Cancer; 2017 Oct; 36(1):81. PubMed ID: 29037218
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  • 7. Rechallenge for Patients With RAS and BRAF Wild-Type Metastatic Colorectal Cancer With Acquired Resistance to First-line Cetuximab and Irinotecan: A Phase 2 Single-Arm Clinical Trial.
    Cremolini C; Rossini D; Dell'Aquila E; Lonardi S; Conca E; Del Re M; Busico A; Pietrantonio F; Danesi R; Aprile G; Tamburini E; Barone C; Masi G; Pantano F; Pucci F; Corsi DC; Pella N; Bergamo F; Rofi E; Barbara C; Falcone A; Santini D
    JAMA Oncol; 2019 Mar; 5(3):343-350. PubMed ID: 30476968
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  • 8. Influence of BRAF and PIK3CA mutations on the efficacy of FOLFIRI plus bevacizumab or cetuximab as first-line therapy in patients with RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal carcinoma and <3 baseline circulating tumour cells: the randomised phase II VISNÚ-2 study.
    Sastre J; García-Alfonso P; Viéitez JM; Cano MT; Rivera F; Reina-Zoilo JJ; Salud-Salvia A; Quintero G; Robles-Díaz L; Safont MJ; La Casta A; Gil S; Polo E; Asensio-Martínez E; García-Paredes B; López RL; Guillot M; Valladares-Ayerbes M; Aranda E; Díaz-Rubio E;
    ESMO Open; 2021 Apr; 6(2):100062. PubMed ID: 33711671
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  • 9. Maintenance therapy with Fluoropyrimidine and cetuximab or bevacizumab after first line FOLFOX-chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer according to RAS or BRAF
    Kang S; Lee MW; Song IC; Lee HJ; Yun HJ; Jo DY; Kim JS; Kwon JH; Kim JY; Lee KH; Ryu H
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2023 Aug; 149(10):7819-7829. PubMed ID: 37031435
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  • 10. A phase II study of daily encorafenib in combination with biweekly cetuximab in patients with BRAF V600E mutated metastatic colorectal cancer: the NEW BEACON study.
    Eriksen M; Pfeiffer P; Rohrberg KS; Yde CW; Petersen LN; Poulsen LØ; Qvortrup C
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Dec; 22(1):1321. PubMed ID: 36527039
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  • 11. Encorafenib Plus Cetuximab as a New Standard of Care for Previously Treated
    Tabernero J; Grothey A; Van Cutsem E; Yaeger R; Wasan H; Yoshino T; Desai J; Ciardiello F; Loupakis F; Hong YS; Steeghs N; Guren TK; Arkenau HT; Garcia-Alfonso P; Elez E; Gollerkeri A; Maharry K; Christy-Bittel J; Kopetz S
    J Clin Oncol; 2021 Feb; 39(4):273-284. PubMed ID: 33503393
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  • 12. Clinical and exploratory biomarker findings from the MODUL trial (Cohorts 1, 3 and 4) of biomarker-driven maintenance therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Ducreux M; Tabernero J; Grothey A; Arnold D; O'Dwyer PJ; Gilberg F; Abbas A; Thakur MD; Prizant H; Irahara N; Tahiri A; Schmoll HJ; Van Cutsem E; de Gramont A
    Eur J Cancer; 2023 May; 184():137-150. PubMed ID: 36921494
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  • 13. FOLFOX4 Plus Cetuximab for Patients With Previously Untreated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer According to Tumor RAS and BRAF Mutation Status: Updated Analysis of the CECOG/CORE 1.2.002 Study.
    Kaczirek K; Ciuleanu TE; Vrbanec D; Marton E; Messinger D; Liegl-Atzwanger B; Wrba F; Knittelfelder R; Lindner E; Zielinski CC; Streubel B; Brodowicz T
    Clin Colorectal Cancer; 2015 Jun; 14(2):91-8. PubMed ID: 25666295
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  • 14. Wild-type APC Is Associated with Poor Survival in Metastatic Microsatellite Stable Colorectal Cancer.
    Wang C; Ouyang C; Cho M; Ji J; Sandhu J; Goel A; Kahn M; Fakih M
    Oncologist; 2021 Mar; 26(3):208-214. PubMed ID: 33230914
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  • 15. Association Between Baseline Circulating Tumor Cells, Molecular Tumor Profiling, and Clinical Characteristics in a Large Cohort of Chemo-naïve Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients Prospectively Collected.
    Sastre J; Orden V; Martínez A; Bando I; Balbín M; Bellosillo B; Palanca S; Peligros Gomez MI; Mediero B; Llovet P; Moral VM; Viéitez JM; García-Alfonso P; Calle SG; Ortiz-Morales MJ; Salud A; Quintero G; Lopez C; Díaz-Rubio E; Aranda E;
    Clin Colorectal Cancer; 2020 Sep; 19(3):e110-e116. PubMed ID: 32278676
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  • 16. Long-term Survival Update and Extended RAS Mutational Analysis of the CAIRO2 Trial: Addition of Cetuximab to CAPOX/Bevacizumab in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.
    Ten Hoorn S; Mol L; Sommeijer DW; Nijman L; van den Bosch T; de Back TR; Ylstra B; van Dijk E; van Noesel CJM; Reinten RJ; Nagtegaal ID; Koopman M; Punt CJA; Vermeulen L
    Clin Colorectal Cancer; 2023 Mar; 22(1):67-75. PubMed ID: 36564280
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  • 17. Impact of BRAF and RAS mutations on first-line efficacy of FOLFIRI plus cetuximab versus FOLFIRI plus bevacizumab: analysis of the FIRE-3 (AIO KRK-0306) study.
    Stintzing S; Miller-Phillips L; Modest DP; Fischer von Weikersthal L; Decker T; Kiani A; Vehling-Kaiser U; Al-Batran SE; Heintges T; Kahl C; Seipelt G; Kullmann F; Stauch M; Scheithauer W; Held S; Moehler M; Jagenburg A; Kirchner T; Jung A; Heinemann V;
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Jul; 79():50-60. PubMed ID: 28463756
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  • 18. Cetuximab plus FOLFOX-4 in untreated patients with advanced colorectal cancer: a Gruppo Oncologico dell'Italia Meridionale Multicenter phase II study.
    Colucci G; Giuliani F; Garufi C; Mattioli R; Manzione L; Russo A; Lopez M; Parrella P; Tommasi S; Copetti M; Daniele B; Pisconti S; Tuveri G; Silvestris N; Maiello E
    Oncology; 2010; 79(5-6):415-22. PubMed ID: 21474966
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  • 19. Wild-type BRAF is required for response to panitumumab or cetuximab in metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Di Nicolantonio F; Martini M; Molinari F; Sartore-Bianchi A; Arena S; Saletti P; De Dosso S; Mazzucchelli L; Frattini M; Siena S; Bardelli A
    J Clin Oncol; 2008 Dec; 26(35):5705-12. PubMed ID: 19001320
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  • 20. Expanded Low Allele Frequency
    Loree JM; Dowers A; Tu D; Jonker DJ; Edelstein DL; Quinn H; Holtrup F; Price T; Zalcberg JR; Moore MJ; Karapetis CS; O'Callaghan CJ; Waring P; Kennecke HF; Hamilton SR; Kopetz S
    Clin Cancer Res; 2021 Jan; 27(1):52-59. PubMed ID: 33087330
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