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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. The collagen matrix regulates the survival and function of pancreatic islets.
    Zhu Y; Yang M; Xu W; Zhang Y; Pan L; Wang L; Wang F; Lu Y
    Endocrine; 2024 Mar; 83(3):537-547. PubMed ID: 37999835
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  • 2. Extracellular matrix inclusion in immunoisolating alginate-based microcapsules promotes longevity, reduces fibrosis, and supports function of islet allografts in vivo.
    Kuwabara R; Qin T; Alberto Llacua L; Hu S; Boekschoten MV; de Haan BJ; Smink AM; de Vos P
    Acta Biomater; 2023 Mar; 158():151-162. PubMed ID: 36610609
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  • 3. Collagen type VI interaction improves human islet survival in immunoisolating microcapsules for treatment of diabetes.
    Llacua LA; Hoek A; de Haan BJ; de Vos P
    Islets; 2018 Mar; 10(2):60-68. PubMed ID: 29521546
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  • 4. Inclusion of extracellular matrix molecules and necrostatin-1 in the intracapsular environment of alginate-based microcapsules synergistically protects pancreatic β cells against cytokine-induced inflammatory stress.
    Qin T; Hu S; Smink AM; de Haan BJ; Silva-Lagos LA; Lakey JRT; de Vos P
    Acta Biomater; 2022 Jul; 146():434-449. PubMed ID: 35500812
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  • 5. IGF-1R/YAP signaling pathway is involved in collagen V-induced insulin biosynthesis and secretion in rat islet INS-1 cells.
    Zhu Y; Chen S; Liu W; Xu F; Lu J; Hayashi T; Mizuno K; Hattori S; Fujisaki H; Ikejima T
    Connect Tissue Res; 2022 Sep; 63(5):498-513. PubMed ID: 35129018
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  • 6. Donor age significantly influences the Raman spectroscopic biomolecular fingerprint of human pancreatic extracellular matrix proteins following collagenase-based digestion.
    Spiers RM; Marzi J; Brauchle EM; Cross SE; Vaughan RH; Bateman PA; Hughes SJ; Schenke-Layland K; Johnson PRV
    Acta Biomater; 2019 Nov; 99():269-283. PubMed ID: 31525537
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  • 7. Enhanced function of pancreatic islets co-encapsulated with ECM proteins and mesenchymal stromal cells in a silk hydrogel.
    Davis NE; Beenken-Rothkopf LN; Mirsoian A; Kojic N; Kaplan DL; Barron AE; Fontaine MJ
    Biomaterials; 2012 Oct; 33(28):6691-7. PubMed ID: 22766242
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  • 8. Culture on a native bone marrow-derived extracellular matrix restores the pancreatic islet basement membrane, preserves islet function, and attenuates islet immunogenicity.
    Wang H; Li S; Dai Q; Gonzalez A; Tran ON; Sun H; DeFronzo RA; Dean DD; Yeh CK; Chen XD
    FASEB J; 2020 Jun; 34(6):8044-8056. PubMed ID: 32307751
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  • 9. Extracellular matrix molecules and their potential contribution to the function of transplanted pancreatic islets.
    Llacua LA; Faas MM; de Vos P
    Diabetologia; 2018 Jun; 61(6):1261-1272. PubMed ID: 29306997
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  • 10. Modulation of the pancreatic islet-stress axis as a novel potential therapeutic target in diabetes mellitus.
    Ludwig B; Barthel A; Reichel A; Block NL; Ludwig S; Schally AV; Bornstein SR
    Vitam Horm; 2014; 95():195-222. PubMed ID: 24559919
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  • 11. Extracellular matrix components supporting human islet function in alginate-based immunoprotective microcapsules for treatment of diabetes.
    Llacua A; de Haan BJ; Smink SA; de Vos P
    J Biomed Mater Res A; 2016 Jul; 104(7):1788-96. PubMed ID: 26990360
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  • 12. Evaluation of insulin secretion of isolated rat islets cultured in extracellular matrix.
    Nagata N; Gu Y; Hori H; Balamurugan AN; Touma M; Kawakami Y; Wang W; Baba TT; Satake A; Nozawa M; Tabata Y; Inoue K
    Cell Transplant; 2001; 10(4-5):447-51. PubMed ID: 11549070
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  • 13. In situ type I oligomeric collagen macroencapsulation promotes islet longevity and function in vitro and in vivo.
    Stephens CH; Orr KS; Acton AJ; Tersey SA; Mirmira RG; Considine RV; Voytik-Harbin SL
    Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab; 2018 Oct; 315(4):E650-E661. PubMed ID: 29894201
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  • 14. ECM-based bioactive microencapsulation significantly improves islet function and graft performance.
    Krishtul S; Skitel Moshe M; Kovrigina I; Baruch L; Machluf M
    Acta Biomater; 2023 Nov; 171():249-260. PubMed ID: 37708927
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  • 15. Therapeutic Strategies for Modulating the Extracellular Matrix to Improve Pancreatic Islet Function and Survival After Transplantation.
    Smink AM; de Vos P
    Curr Diab Rep; 2018 May; 18(7):39. PubMed ID: 29779190
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  • 16. Adeno-associated virus vector mediated gene transfer to pancreatic beta cells.
    Prasad KM; Yang Z; Bleich D; Nadler JL
    Gene Ther; 2000 Sep; 7(18):1553-61. PubMed ID: 11021593
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  • 17. Hyaluronan deposition in islets may precede and direct the location of islet immune-cell infiltrates.
    Bogdani M; Speake C; Dufort MJ; Johnson PY; Larmore MJ; Day AJ; Wight TN; Lernmark Å; Greenbaum CJ
    Diabetologia; 2020 Mar; 63(3):549-560. PubMed ID: 31907557
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  • 18. Collagen type I enhances cell growth and insulin biosynthesis in rat pancreatic cells.
    Zhu Y; Liu W; Chen S; Xu F; Zhang L; Hayashi T; Mizuno K; Hattori S; Fujisaki H; Ikejima T
    J Mol Endocrinol; 2021 Sep; 67(3):135-148. PubMed ID: 34370695
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  • 19. Macroporous biohybrid cryogels for co-housing pancreatic islets with mesenchymal stromal cells.
    Borg DJ; Welzel PB; Grimmer M; Friedrichs J; Weigelt M; Wilhelm C; Prewitz M; Stißel A; Hommel A; Kurth T; Freudenberg U; Bonifacio E; Werner C
    Acta Biomater; 2016 Oct; 44():178-87. PubMed ID: 27506126
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  • 20. Effect of hTIMP-1 overexpression in human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells on the repair of pancreatic islets in type-1 diabetic mice.
    Bao Y; Zhao Z; Gao H
    Cell Biol Int; 2021 May; 45(5):1038-1049. PubMed ID: 33404139
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