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  • 1. The E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF135 modulates chemotherapy resistance to oxaliplatin for colorectal cancer by modulating autophagy.
    Qiu Z; He S; Lu B; Sun Y; Zhang T; Lv W; Shen D
    Tissue Cell; 2024 Feb; 86():102282. PubMed ID: 38056362
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  • 2. The E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF135 regulates the tumorigenesis activity of tongue cancer SCC25 cells.
    Jin J; Zhao L; Li Z
    Cancer Med; 2016 Nov; 5(11):3140-3146. PubMed ID: 27709798
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  • 3. A pan-cancer analysis of ring finger protein 135 and its relationship to triple-negative breast cancer proliferation and metastasis.
    Yao Y; Gong G; Guo Z; Zhang D
    Aging (Albany NY); 2022 Dec; 14(23):9758-9772. PubMed ID: 36495591
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  • 4. RNF135 promotes cell proliferation and autophagy in lung adenocarcinoma by promoting the phosphorylation of ULK1.
    Zhuang L; Shi G; Sun Y
    Allergol Immunopathol (Madr); 2024; 52(2):3-9. PubMed ID: 38459884
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  • 5. RNF135, RING finger protein, promotes the proliferation of human glioblastoma cells in vivo and in vitro via the ERK pathway.
    Liu Y; Wang F; Liu Y; Yao Y; Lv X; Dong B; Li J; Ren S; Yao Y; Xu Y
    Sci Rep; 2016 Feb; 6():20642. PubMed ID: 26856755
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  • 6. circHIPK3 promotes oxaliplatin-resistance in colorectal cancer through autophagy by sponging miR-637.
    Zhang Y; Li C; Liu X; Wang Y; Zhao R; Yang Y; Zheng X; Zhang Y; Zhang X
    EBioMedicine; 2019 Oct; 48():277-288. PubMed ID: 31631038
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  • 7. The c-Myc/miR-27b-3p/ATG10 regulatory axis regulates chemoresistance in colorectal cancer.
    Sun W; Li J; Zhou L; Han J; Liu R; Zhang H; Ning T; Gao Z; Liu B; Chen X; Ba Y
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(5):1981-1996. PubMed ID: 32104496
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  • 8. TRIM25 regulates oxaliplatin resistance in colorectal cancer by promoting EZH2 stability.
    Zhou S; Peng J; Xiao L; Zhou C; Fang Y; Ou Q; Qin J; Liu M; Pan Z; Hou Z
    Cell Death Dis; 2021 May; 12(5):463. PubMed ID: 33966039
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  • 9. E3 ubiquitin ligase MAGI3 degrades c-Myc and acts as a predictor for chemotherapy response in colorectal cancer.
    Wang H; Yang W; Qin Q; Yang X; Yang Y; Liu H; Lu W; Gu S; Cao X; Feng D; Zhang Z; He J
    Mol Cancer; 2022 Jul; 21(1):151. PubMed ID: 35864508
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  • 10. Knockdown of ADAM17 inhibits cell proliferation and increases oxaliplatin sensitivity in HCT-8 colorectal cancer through EGFR-PI3K-AKT activation.
    Zhang Q; Wang C; Han X; Yang G; Ge Z; Zhang G
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2018 Sep; 503(4):2333-2339. PubMed ID: 29964008
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  • 11. Exosome-transmitted miR-128-3p increase chemosensitivity of oxaliplatin-resistant colorectal cancer.
    Liu T; Zhang X; Du L; Wang Y; Liu X; Tian H; Wang L; Li P; Zhao Y; Duan W; Xie Y; Sun Z; Wang C
    Mol Cancer; 2019 Mar; 18(1):43. PubMed ID: 30890168
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  • 12. Circadian Clock Gene CRY2 Degradation Is Involved in Chemoresistance of Colorectal Cancer.
    Fang L; Yang Z; Zhou J; Tung JY; Hsiao CD; Wang L; Deng Y; Wang P; Wang J; Lee MH
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2015 Jun; 14(6):1476-87. PubMed ID: 25855785
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  • 13. Functional significance and therapeutic implication of ring-type E3 ligases in colorectal cancer.
    Liu L; Wong CC; Gong B; Yu J
    Oncogene; 2018 Jan; 37(2):148-159. PubMed ID: 28925398
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  • 14. Long Non-Coding RNA BCAR4 Promotes Oxaliplatin Resistance in Colorectal Cancer by Modulating miR-484-3p/RAB5C Expression.
    Li X; Chen X; Fu C; Xie M; Ouyang S
    Chemotherapy; 2023; 68(3):119-130. PubMed ID: 36657426
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  • 15. Suppression MGP inhibits tumor proliferation and reverses oxaliplatin resistance in colorectal cancer.
    Huang C; Wang M; Wang J; Wu D; Gao Y; Huang K; Yao X
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2021 Jul; 189():114390. PubMed ID: 33359068
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  • 16. [Role of ubiquitin-specific peptidase 22 in multidrug resistance of colorectal cancer and its correlation with multidrug resistance gene P-gp].
    Zhang L; Wang JY; Li X; Chen XY; Wu WX
    Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi; 2021 Dec; 101(48):3944-3949. PubMed ID: 34954996
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  • 17. HMGB1-mediated autophagy modulates sensitivity of colorectal cancer cells to oxaliplatin via MEK/ERK signaling pathway.
    Liu W; Zhang Z; Zhang Y; Chen X; Guo S; Lei Y; Xu Y; Ji C; Bi Z; Wang K
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2015; 16(4):511-7. PubMed ID: 25778491
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  • 18. Intense endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) / IRE1α enhanced Oxaliplatin efficacy by decreased ABCC10 in colorectal cancer cells.
    Liu X; Wu B; Chen H; Sun H; Guo X; Sun T; Zhou D; Yang S
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Dec; 22(1):1369. PubMed ID: 36585626
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  • 19. SUMO2/3 promotes the progression and oxaliplatin resistance of colorectal cancer through facilitating the SUMOylation at Ku80-K307.
    Feng D; He J; Yuan M; Chen Q; Zeng X; Zhou Q; Wu J; Han B
    Biofactors; 2023; 49(6):1158-1173. PubMed ID: 37338025
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  • 20. Annexin A1 induces oxaliplatin resistance of gastric cancer through autophagy by targeting PI3K/AKT/mTOR.
    Ren J; Hu Z; Niu G; Xia J; Wang X; Hong R; Gu J; Wang D; Ke C
    FASEB J; 2023 Mar; 37(3):e22790. PubMed ID: 36786694
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