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  • 1. Anti-breast cancer activity of biosynthesized selenium nanoparticles using Bacillus coagulans supernatant.
    Khaledizade E; Tafvizi F; Jafari P
    J Trace Elem Med Biol; 2024 Mar; 82():127357. PubMed ID: 38103517
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  • 2. Enhanced Induction of Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest in MCF-7 Breast Cancer and HT-29 Colon Cancer Cell Lines via Low-Dose Biosynthesis of Selenium Nanoparticles Utilizing Lactobacillus casei.
    Haji Mehdi Nouri Z; Tafvizi F; Amini K; Khandandezfully N; Kheirkhah B
    Biol Trace Elem Res; 2024 Mar; 202(3):1288-1304. PubMed ID: 37392361
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  • 3. Biogenic copper oxide nanoparticles from Bacillus coagulans induced reactive oxygen species generation and apoptotic and anti-metastatic activities in breast cancer cells.
    Dolati M; Tafvizi F; Salehipour M; Komeili Movahed T; Jafari P
    Sci Rep; 2023 Feb; 13(1):3256. PubMed ID: 36828883
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  • 4. Green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles mediated from Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb extract and its cytotoxicity, antimicrobial, mosquitocidal and photocatalytic activities.
    Cittrarasu V; Kaliannan D; Dharman K; Maluventhen V; Easwaran M; Liu WC; Balasubramanian B; Arumugam M
    Sci Rep; 2021 Jan; 11(1):1032. PubMed ID: 33441811
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  • 5. Anti-proliferative, apoptotic potential of synthesized selenium nanoparticles against breast cancer cell line (MCF7).
    Soltani L; Darbemamieh M
    Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids; 2021; 40(9):926-941. PubMed ID: 34396908
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  • 6. Apoptosis induction in colon cancer cells (SW480) by BiFe
    Golrokh FJ; Tolami HF; Ghanbarirad M; Mahmoudi A; Tabassi NR; Alkinani TA; Taramsari SM; Aghajani S; Taati H; Akbari F; Noveiri MJS; Hedayati M; Ghasemipour T; Salehzadeh A
    J Trace Elem Med Biol; 2024 May; 83():127369. PubMed ID: 38176316
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  • 7. Hybrid of niosomes and bio-synthesized selenium nanoparticles as a novel approach in drug delivery for cancer treatment.
    Gharbavi M; Johari B; Mousazadeh N; Rahimi B; Leilan MP; Eslami SS; Sharafi A
    Mol Biol Rep; 2020 Sep; 47(9):6517-6529. PubMed ID: 32767222
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  • 8. A newly isolated Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SRB04 for the synthesis of selenium nanoparticles with potential antibacterial properties.
    Ashengroph M; Hosseini SR
    Int Microbiol; 2021 Jan; 24(1):103-114. PubMed ID: 33124680
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  • 9. Green and ecofriendly biosynthesis of selenium nanoparticles using Urtica dioica (stinging nettle) leaf extract: Antimicrobial and anticancer activity.
    Hashem AH; Salem SS
    Biotechnol J; 2022 Feb; 17(2):e2100432. PubMed ID: 34747563
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  • 10. Preparation, characteristics and antioxidant activity of polysaccharides and proteins-capped selenium nanoparticles synthesized by Lactobacillus casei ATCC 393.
    Xu C; Qiao L; Guo Y; Ma L; Cheng Y
    Carbohydr Polym; 2018 Sep; 195():576-585. PubMed ID: 29805014
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  • 11. Biosynthesis, characterization and biomedical potential of Arthrospira indica SOSA-4 mediated SeNPs.
    Afzal B; Naaz H; Ahmedi S; Zeya B; Imtiyaz K; Yasin D; Sami N; Ahmad Gogry F; Alam Rizvi M; Manzoor N; Mohammad Rizwanul Haq Q; Fatma T
    Bioorg Chem; 2022 Dec; 129():106218. PubMed ID: 36341741
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  • 12. Biomedical potential of actinobacterially synthesized selenium nanoparticles with special reference to anti-biofilm, anti-oxidant, wound healing, cytotoxic and anti-viral activities.
    Ramya S; Shanmugasundaram T; Balagurunathan R
    J Trace Elem Med Biol; 2015 Oct; 32():30-9. PubMed ID: 26302909
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  • 13. Selenium nanoparticles fabricated in laminarin polysaccharides solutions exert their cytotoxicities in HepG2 cells by inhibiting autophagy and promoting apoptosis.
    Cui D; Ma J; Liang T; Sun L; Meng L; Liang T; Li Q
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2019 Sep; 137():829-835. PubMed ID: 31284007
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  • 14. Potential of green-synthesized selenium nanoparticles using apigenin in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells.
    Al-Otaibi AM; Al-Gebaly AS; Almeer R; Albasher G; Al-Qahtani WS; Abdel Moneim AE
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int; 2022 Jul; 29(31):47539-47548. PubMed ID: 35182347
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  • 15. Biogenic and facile synthesis of selenium nanoparticles using Vaccinium arctostaphylos L. fruit extract and anticancer activity against in vitro model of breast cancer.
    Gharbavi M; Mousavi M; Pour-Karim M; Tavakolizadeh M; Sharafi A
    Cell Biol Int; 2022 Oct; 46(10):1612-1624. PubMed ID: 35819083
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  • 16. Evaluation of the antimicrobial mechanism of biogenic selenium nanoparticles against
    Xu Y; Zhang T; Che J; Yi J; Wei L; Li H
    Biofouling; 2023 Feb; 39(2):157-170. PubMed ID: 37038871
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  • 17. Cytotoxicity and antimicrobial efficiency of selenium nanoparticles biosynthesized by Spirulina platensis.
    Abbas HS; Abou Baker DH; Ahmed EA
    Arch Microbiol; 2021 Mar; 203(2):523-532. PubMed ID: 32968818
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  • 18. Construction of arabinogalactans/selenium nanoparticles composites for enhancement of the antitumor activity.
    Tang S; Wang T; Jiang M; Huang C; Lai C; Fan Y; Yong Q
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2019 May; 128():444-451. PubMed ID: 30703423
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  • 19. Synthesis, characterization, in vitro antioxidant and hypoglycemic activities of selenium nanoparticles decorated with polysaccharides of Gracilaria lemaneiformis.
    Tang L; Luo X; Wang M; Wang Z; Guo J; Kong F; Bi Y
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2021 Dec; 193(Pt A):923-932. PubMed ID: 34728301
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  • 20. Green synthesis of nanohydroxyapatite trough Elaeagnus angustifolia L. extract and evaluating its anti-tumor properties in MCF7 breast cancer cell line.
    Zarban A; Azaryan E; Binabaj MM; Karbasi S; Naseri M
    BMC Complement Med Ther; 2023 Sep; 23(1):338. PubMed ID: 37752472
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