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  • 1. Schwann cell-derived exosomes promote lung cancer progression via miRNA-21-5p.
    Zhou Y; Zhang Y; Xu J; Wang Y; Yang Y; Wang W; Gu A; Han B; Shurin GV; Zhong R; Shurin MR; Zhong H
    Glia; 2024 Apr; 72(4):692-707. PubMed ID: 38192185
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  • 2. Exosomal long noncoding RNA MLETA1 promotes tumor progression and metastasis by regulating the miR-186-5p/EGFR and miR-497-5p/IGF1R axes in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Hsu XR; Wu JE; Wu YY; Hsiao SY; Liang JL; Wu YJ; Tung CH; Huang MF; Lin MS; Yang PC; Chen YL; Hong TM
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Oct; 42(1):283. PubMed ID: 37880793
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  • 3. Hypoxic tumor-derived exosomal miR-31-5p promotes lung adenocarcinoma metastasis by negatively regulating SATB2-reversed EMT and activating MEK/ERK signaling.
    Yu F; Liang M; Huang Y; Wu W; Zheng B; Chen C
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2021 Jun; 40(1):179. PubMed ID: 34074322
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  • 4. Inhibitory role of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells-derived exosome in non-small-cell lung cancer: microRNA-30b-5p, EZH2 and PI3K/AKT pathway.
    Wu T; Tian Q; Liu R; Xu K; Shi S; Zhang X; Gao L; Yin X; Xu S; Wang P
    J Cell Mol Med; 2023 Nov; 27(22):3526-3538. PubMed ID: 37698037
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  • 5. Cancer-associated fibroblasts contribute to oral cancer cells proliferation and metastasis via exosome-mediated paracrine miR-34a-5p.
    Li YY; Tao YW; Gao S; Li P; Zheng JM; Zhang SE; Liang J; Zhang Y
    EBioMedicine; 2018 Oct; 36():209-220. PubMed ID: 30243489
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  • 6. Endothelial cell-derived exosomes boost and maintain repair-related phenotypes of Schwann cells via miR199-5p to promote nerve regeneration.
    Huang J; Zhang G; Li S; Li J; Wang W; Xue J; Wang Y; Fang M; Zhou N
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2023 Jan; 21(1):10. PubMed ID: 36624511
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  • 7. Schwann Cells Augment Cell Spreading and Metastasis of Lung Cancer.
    Zhou Y; Shurin GV; Zhong H; Bunimovich YL; Han B; Shurin MR
    Cancer Res; 2018 Oct; 78(20):5927-5939. PubMed ID: 30135194
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  • 8. Exosome-Mediated miR-21 Was Involved in the Promotion of Structural and Functional Recovery Effect Produced by Electroacupuncture in Sciatic Nerve Injury.
    Liu YP; Yang YD; Mou FF; Zhu J; Li H; Zhao TT; Zhao Y; Shao SJ; Cui GH; Guo HD
    Oxid Med Cell Longev; 2022; 2022():7530102. PubMed ID: 35132352
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  • 9. Hypoxic BMSC-derived exosomal miRNAs promote metastasis of lung cancer cells via STAT3-induced EMT.
    Zhang X; Sai B; Wang F; Wang L; Wang Y; Zheng L; Li G; Tang J; Xiang J
    Mol Cancer; 2019 Mar; 18(1):40. PubMed ID: 30866952
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  • 10. Integration of bioinformatics analysis and experimental validation identifies plasma exosomal miR-103b/877-5p/29c-5p as diagnostic biomarkers for early lung adenocarcinoma.
    Wu J; Feng Z; Wang R; Li A; Wang H; He X; Shen Z
    Cancer Med; 2022 Dec; 11(23):4411-4421. PubMed ID: 35585716
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  • 11. Cancer-derived exosomal miR-138-5p modulates polarization of tumor-associated macrophages through inhibition of KDM6B.
    Xun J; Du L; Gao R; Shen L; Wang D; Kang L; Chen C; Zhang Z; Zhang Y; Yue S; Feng S; Xiang R; Mi X; Tan X
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(14):6847-6859. PubMed ID: 34093857
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  • 12. Apelin enhances biological functions in lung cancer A549 cells by downregulating exosomal miR-15a-5p.
    Ran J; Li Y; Liu L; Zhu Y; Ni Y; Huang H; Liu Z; Miao Z; Zhang L
    Carcinogenesis; 2021 Feb; 42(2):243-253. PubMed ID: 32808032
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  • 13. Bone mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomal microRNA-7-5p inhibits progression of acute myeloid leukemia by targeting OSBPL11.
    Jiang D; Wu X; Sun X; Tan W; Dai X; Xie Y; Du A; Zhao Q
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2022 Jan; 20(1):29. PubMed ID: 35012554
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  • 14. Tumor-derived exosomal miR-619-5p promotes tumor angiogenesis and metastasis through the inhibition of RCAN1.4.
    Kim DH; Park S; Kim H; Choi YJ; Kim SY; Sung KJ; Sung YH; Choi CM; Yun M; Yi YS; Lee CW; Kim SY; Lee JC; Rho JK
    Cancer Lett; 2020 Apr; 475():2-13. PubMed ID: 32004570
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  • 15. Exosomes Derived from Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells Carrying miRNA-22-3p Promote Schwann Cells Proliferation and Migration through Downregulation of PTEN.
    Yang J; Wang B; Wang Y; Feng C; Chen L; Liu Y; Chen X; Dong P
    Dis Markers; 2022; 2022():7071877. PubMed ID: 36148159
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  • 16. Exosomal transfer of miR-195-5p restrains lung adenocarcinoma progression.
    Zhou Y; Wang G; Cai J; Du Y; Li H; Duan L; Zhao G; Huang Y
    Exp Cell Res; 2023 Mar; 424(1):113485. PubMed ID: 36657657
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  • 17. Exosomal miR-499a-5p promotes cell proliferation, migration and EMT via mTOR signaling pathway in lung adenocarcinoma.
    He S; Li Z; Yu Y; Zeng Q; Cheng Y; Ji W; Xia W; Lu S
    Exp Cell Res; 2019 Jun; 379(2):203-213. PubMed ID: 30978341
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  • 18. Exosomes secreted from human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells promote pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma growth by transferring miR-100-5p.
    Ding Y; Mei W; Zheng Z; Cao F; Liang K; Jia Y; Wang Y; Liu D; Li J; Li F
    Tissue Cell; 2021 Dec; 73():101623. PubMed ID: 34543801
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  • 19. Exosomal miR-673-5p from fibroblasts promotes Schwann cell-mediated peripheral neuron myelination by targeting the TSC2/mTORC1/SREBP2 axis.
    Zhao Y; Liang Y; Xu Z; Liu J; Liu X; Ma J; Sun C; Yang Y
    J Biol Chem; 2022 Mar; 298(3):101718. PubMed ID: 35151688
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  • 20. Cisplatin-resistant lung cancer cell-derived exosomes increase cisplatin resistance of recipient cells in exosomal miR-100-5p-dependent manner.
    Qin X; Yu S; Zhou L; Shi M; Hu Y; Xu X; Shen B; Liu S; Yan D; Feng J
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2017; 12():3721-3733. PubMed ID: 28553110
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