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  • 1. Associations of urinary non-persistent endocrine disrupting chemical biomarkers with early-to-mid pregnancy plasma sex-steroid and thyroid hormones.
    Ryva BA; Pacyga DC; Anderson KY; Calafat AM; Whalen J; Aung MT; Gardiner JC; Braun JM; Schantz SL; Strakovsky RS
    Environ Int; 2024 Jan; 183():108433. PubMed ID: 38219543
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  • 2. Maternal urinary phthalate metabolites during pregnancy and thyroid hormone concentrations in maternal and cord sera: The HOME Study.
    Romano ME; Eliot MN; Zoeller RT; Hoofnagle AN; Calafat AM; Karagas MR; Yolton K; Chen A; Lanphear BP; Braun JM
    Int J Hyg Environ Health; 2018 May; 221(4):623-631. PubMed ID: 29606598
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  • 3. Urinary concentrations of bisphenol A, parabens and phthalate metabolite mixtures in relation to reproductive success among women undergoing in vitro fertilization.
    Mínguez-Alarcón L; Messerlian C; Bellavia A; Gaskins AJ; Chiu YH; Ford JB; Azevedo AR; Petrozza JC; Calafat AM; Hauser R; Williams PL;
    Environ Int; 2019 May; 126():355-362. PubMed ID: 30826614
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  • 4. Associations between exposure to a mixture of phenols, parabens, and phthalates and sex steroid hormones in children 6-19 years from NHANES, 2013-2016.
    Hu P; Pan C; Su W; Vinturache A; Hu Y; Dong X; Ding G
    Sci Total Environ; 2022 May; 822():153548. PubMed ID: 35114227
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  • 5. A repeated measures study of phenol, paraben and Triclocarban urinary biomarkers and circulating maternal hormones during gestation in the Puerto Rico PROTECT cohort.
    Aker AM; Ferguson KK; Rosario ZY; Mukherjee B; Alshawabkeh AN; Calafat AM; Cordero JF; Meeker JD
    Environ Health; 2019 Apr; 18(1):28. PubMed ID: 30940137
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  • 6. Associations between maternal phenol and paraben urinary biomarkers and maternal hormones during pregnancy: A repeated measures study.
    Aker AM; Johns L; McElrath TF; Cantonwine DE; Mukherjee B; Meeker JD
    Environ Int; 2018 Apr; 113():341-349. PubMed ID: 29366524
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  • 7. Phenols and parabens in relation to reproductive and thyroid hormones in pregnant women.
    Aker AM; Watkins DJ; Johns LE; Ferguson KK; Soldin OP; Anzalota Del Toro LV; Alshawabkeh AN; Cordero JF; Meeker JD
    Environ Res; 2016 Nov; 151():30-37. PubMed ID: 27448730
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  • 8. Exposure to a mixture of non-persistent environmental chemicals and neonatal thyroid function in a cohort with improved exposure assessment.
    Coiffier O; Nakiwala D; Rolland M; Malatesta A; Lyon-Caen S; Chovelon B; Faure P; Sophie Gauchez A; Guergour D; Sakhi AK; Sabaredzovic A; Thomsen C; Pin I; Slama R; Corne C; Philippat C
    Environ Int; 2023 Mar; 173():107840. PubMed ID: 36857904
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  • 9. Association between trimester-specific exposure to thirteen endocrine disrupting chemicals and preterm birth: Comparison of three statistical models.
    Chen Y; Xiao H; Namat A; Liu J; Ruan F; Xu S; Li R; Xia W
    Sci Total Environ; 2022 Dec; 851(Pt 2):158236. PubMed ID: 36041600
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  • 10. Non-persistent endocrine disrupting chemical mixtures and uterine leiomyomata in the study of environment, lifestyle and fibroids (SELF).
    Fruh V; Wesselink AK; Schildroth S; Bethea TN; Geller RJ; Calafat AM; Coull BA; Wegienka G; Harmon QE; Baird DD; Wise LA; Claus Henn B
    Chemosphere; 2024 Jun; 357():142050. PubMed ID: 38631496
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  • 11. Associations of individual and cumulative urinary phthalate and replacement biomarkers with gestational weight gain through late pregnancy.
    Pacyga DC; Patti MA; Papandonatos GD; Haggerty DK; Calafat AM; Gardiner JC; Braun JM; Schantz SL; Strakovsky RS
    Sci Total Environ; 2023 Jan; 855():158788. PubMed ID: 36116648
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  • 12. Hair product use and urinary biomarker concentrations of non-persistent endocrine disrupting chemicals among reproductive-aged Black women.
    Schildroth S; Geller RJ; Wesselink AK; Lovett SM; Bethea TN; Claus Henn B; Harmon QE; Taylor KW; Calafat AM; Wegienka G; Gaston SA; Baird DD; Wise LA
    Chemosphere; 2024 Aug; 361():142442. PubMed ID: 38810806
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  • 13. Maternal phthalate and phthalate alternative metabolites and urinary biomarkers of estrogens and testosterones across pregnancy.
    Pacyga DC; Gardiner JC; Flaws JA; Li Z; Calafat AM; Korrick SA; Schantz SL; Strakovsky RS
    Environ Int; 2021 Oct; 155():106676. PubMed ID: 34116379
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  • 14. Urinary phthalate/DINCH metabolites associations with kisspeptin and reproductive hormones in teenagers: A cross-sectional study from the HBM4EU aligned studies.
    Rodríguez-Carrillo A; Remy S; Koppen G; Wauters N; Mustieles V; Desalegn A; Iszatt N; den Hond E; Verheyen VJ; Fábelová L; Murinova LP; Pedraza-Díaz S; Esteban M; Poyatos RM; Govarts E; van Nuijs ALN; Covaci A; Schoeters G; Olea N; Fernández MF
    Sci Total Environ; 2024 Jun; 929():172426. PubMed ID: 38631641
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  • 15. Phthalates and sex steroid hormones across the perimenopausal period: A longitudinal analysis of the Midlife Women's Health Study.
    Babadi RS; Williams PL; Preston EV; Li Z; Smith RL; Strakovsky RS; Mahalingaiah S; Hauser R; Flaws JA; James-Todd T
    Environ Int; 2024 Jun; 188():108770. PubMed ID: 38821016
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  • 16. Urinary Concentrations of Phthalate Metabolite Mixtures in Relation to Serum Biomarkers of Thyroid Function and Autoimmunity among Women from a Fertility Center.
    Souter I; Bellavia A; Williams PL; Korevaar TIM; Meeker JD; Braun JM; de Poortere RA; Broeren MA; Ford JB; Calafat AM; Chavarro JE; Hauser R; Mínguez-Alarcón L;
    Environ Health Perspect; 2020 Jun; 128(6):67007. PubMed ID: 32515996
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  • 17. Associations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances with maternal early second trimester sex-steroid hormones.
    Pacyga DC; Papandonatos GD; Rosas L; Whalen J; Smith S; Park JS; Gardiner JC; Braun JM; Schantz SL; Strakovsky RS
    Int J Hyg Environ Health; 2024 Jun; 259():114380. PubMed ID: 38657330
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  • 18. Associations between exposure to a mixture of phenols and sex steroid hormones among pre- and postmenopausal women: evidence from NHANES 2015-2016.
    Guo M; Zhu C
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int; 2023 Apr; 30(19):57103-57113. PubMed ID: 36930311
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  • 19. Sex-specific association of exposure to a mixture of phenols, parabens, and phthalates with thyroid hormone and antibody levels in US adolescents and adults.
    Cheng F; Chen X; Fan J; Qiao J; Jia H
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int; 2023 Dec; 30(57):121207-121223. PubMed ID: 37950782
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  • 20. Identifying windows of susceptibility to endocrine disrupting chemicals in relation to gestational weight gain among pregnant women attending a fertility clinic.
    Tyagi P; James-Todd T; Mínguez-Alarcón L; Ford JB; Keller M; Petrozza J; Calafat AM; Hauser R; Williams PL; Bellavia A;
    Environ Res; 2021 Mar; 194():110638. PubMed ID: 33359703
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