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  • 1. Metabolic remodeling by the PD-L1 inhibitor BMS-202 significantly inhibits cell malignancy in human glioblastoma.
    Yang X; Wang W; Ji T
    Cell Death Dis; 2024 Mar; 15(3):186. PubMed ID: 38438374
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  • 2. Inhibiting receptor tyrosine kinase AXL with small molecule inhibitor BMS-777607 reduces glioblastoma growth, migration, and invasion in vitro and in vivo.
    Onken J; Torka R; Korsing S; Radke J; Krementeskaia I; Nieminen M; Bai X; Ullrich A; Heppner F; Vajkoczy P
    Oncotarget; 2016 Mar; 7(9):9876-89. PubMed ID: 26848524
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  • 3. ACT001 reduces the expression of PD-L1 by inhibiting the phosphorylation of STAT3 in glioblastoma.
    Tong L; Li J; Li Q; Wang X; Medikonda R; Zhao T; Li T; Ma H; Yi L; Liu P; Xie Y; Choi J; Yu S; Lin Y; Dong J; Huang Q; Jin X; Lim M; Yang X
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(13):5943-5956. PubMed ID: 32483429
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  • 4. Antitumor activity of the PD-1/PD-L1 binding inhibitor BMS-202 in the humanized MHC-double knockout NOG mouse.
    Ashizawa T; Iizuka A; Tanaka E; Kondou R; Miyata H; Maeda C; Sugino T; Yamaguchi K; Ando T; Ishikawa Y; Ito M; Akiyama Y
    Biomed Res; 2019; 40(6):243-250. PubMed ID: 31839668
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  • 5. PD-L1 confers glioblastoma multiforme malignancy via Ras binding and Ras/Erk/EMT activation.
    Qiu XY; Hu DX; Chen WQ; Chen RQ; Qian SR; Li CY; Li YJ; Xiong XX; Liu D; Pan F; Yu SB; Chen XQ
    Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis Dis; 2018 May; 1864(5 Pt A):1754-1769. PubMed ID: 29510196
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  • 6. Dual-sgRNA CRISPR/Cas9 knockout of PD-L1 in human U87 glioblastoma tumor cells inhibits proliferation, invasion, and tumor-associated macrophage polarization.
    Fierro J; DiPasquale J; Perez J; Chin B; Chokpapone Y; Tran AM; Holden A; Factoriza C; Sivagnanakumar N; Aguilar R; Mazal S; Lopez M; Dou H
    Sci Rep; 2022 Feb; 12(1):2417. PubMed ID: 35165339
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  • 7. OMA1 competitively binds to HSPA9 to promote mitophagy and activate the cGAS-STING pathway to mediate GBM immune escape.
    Zhu W; Rao J; Zhang LH; Xue KM; Li L; Li JJ; Chen QZ; Fu R
    J Immunother Cancer; 2024 Apr; 12(4):. PubMed ID: 38604814
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  • 8. BMS-202, a PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor, decelerates the pro-fibrotic effects of fibroblasts derived from scar tissues via ERK and TGFβ1/Smad signaling pathways.
    Cai Y; Xiao M; Li X; Zhou S; Sun Y; Yu W; Zhao T
    Immun Inflamm Dis; 2022 Oct; 10(10):e693. PubMed ID: 36169254
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  • 9. PTRF/Cavin-1 as a Novel RNA-Binding Protein Expedites the NF-κB/PD-L1 Axis by Stabilizing lncRNA NEAT1, Contributing to Tumorigenesis and Immune Evasion in Glioblastoma.
    Yi K; Cui X; Liu X; Wang Y; Zhao J; Yang S; Xu C; Yang E; Xiao M; Hong B; Fang C; Kang C; Tan Y; Wang Q
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():802795. PubMed ID: 35069587
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  • 10. The role of extracellular vesicles and PD-L1 in glioblastoma-mediated immunosuppressive monocyte induction.
    Himes BT; Peterson TE; de Mooij T; Garcia LMC; Jung MY; Uhm S; Yan D; Tyson J; Jin-Lee HJ; Parney D; Abukhadra Y; Gustafson MP; Dietz AB; Johnson AJ; Dong H; Maus RL; Markovic S; Lucien F; Parney IF
    Neuro Oncol; 2020 Jul; 22(7):967-978. PubMed ID: 32080744
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  • 11. EGFR-ERK pathway regulates CSN6 to contribute to PD-L1 expression in glioblastoma.
    Su L; Guo W; Lou L; Nie S; Zhang Q; Liu Y; Chang Y; Zhang X; Li Y; Shen H
    Mol Carcinog; 2020 May; 59(5):520-532. PubMed ID: 32134157
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  • 12. CD137 and PD-L1 targeting with immunovirotherapy induces a potent and durable antitumor immune response in glioblastoma models.
    Puigdelloses M; Garcia-Moure M; Labiano S; Laspidea V; Gonzalez-Huarriz M; Zalacain M; Marrodan L; Martinez-Velez N; De la Nava D; Ausejo I; Hervás-Stubbs S; Herrador G; Chen Z; Hambardzumyan D; Patino Garcia A; Jiang H; Gomez-Manzano C; Fueyo J; Gállego Pérez-Larraya J; Alonso M
    J Immunother Cancer; 2021 Jul; 9(7):. PubMed ID: 34281988
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  • 13. Glioblastoma-Derived IL6 Induces Immunosuppressive Peripheral Myeloid Cell PD-L1 and Promotes Tumor Growth.
    Lamano JB; Lamano JB; Li YD; DiDomenico JD; Choy W; Veliceasa D; Oyon DE; Fakurnejad S; Ampie L; Kesavabhotla K; Kaur R; Kaur G; Biyashev D; Unruh DJ; Horbinski CM; James CD; Parsa AT; Bloch O
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Jun; 25(12):3643-3657. PubMed ID: 30824583
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  • 14. Approaching the Dimerization Mechanism of Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting PD-L1 with Molecular Simulation.
    Liang J; Wang B; Yang Y; Liu B; Jin Y
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Jan; 24(2):. PubMed ID: 36674800
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  • 15. Phosphofructokinase 1 platelet isoform induces PD-L1 expression to promote glioblastoma immune evasion.
    Wang S; Park SH; Lim JS; Park YY; Du L; Lee JH
    Genes Genomics; 2022 Dec; 44(12):1509-1517. PubMed ID: 35917090
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  • 16. Plasma PD-L1 as a biomarker in the clinical management of glioblastoma multiforme-a retrospective cohort study.
    Masood AB; Batool S; Bhatti SN; Ali A; Valko M; Jomova K; Kuca K
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1202098. PubMed ID: 37529045
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  • 17. ILT4 inhibition prevents TAM- and dysfunctional T cell-mediated immunosuppression and enhances the efficacy of anti-PD-L1 therapy in NSCLC with EGFR activation.
    Chen X; Gao A; Zhang F; Yang Z; Wang S; Fang Y; Li J; Wang J; Shi W; Wang L; Zheng Y; Sun Y
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(7):3392-3416. PubMed ID: 33537094
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  • 18. Synthesis and Preclinical Evaluation of a
    Robu S; Richter A; Gosmann D; Seidl C; Leung D; Hayes W; Cohen D; Morin P; Donnelly DJ; Lipovšek D; Bonacorsi SJ; Smith A; Steiger K; Aulehner C; Krackhardt AM; Weber WA
    J Nucl Med; 2021 Sep; 62(9):1228-1234. PubMed ID: 33517324
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  • 19. eIF5B regulates the expression of PD-L1 in prostate cancer cells by interacting with Wig1.
    Li Q; Xiao M; Shi Y; Hu J; Bi T; Wang C; Yan L; Li X
    BMC Cancer; 2021 Sep; 21(1):1022. PubMed ID: 34525951
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  • 20. Immunosuppressive tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells mediate adaptive immune resistance via a PD-1/PD-L1 mechanism in glioblastoma.
    Antonios JP; Soto H; Everson RG; Moughon D; Orpilla JR; Shin NP; Sedighim S; Treger J; Odesa S; Tucker A; Yong WH; Li G; Cloughesy TF; Liau LM; Prins RM
    Neuro Oncol; 2017 Jun; 19(6):796-807. PubMed ID: 28115578
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