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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. SRT1720 inhibits bladder cancer cell progression by impairing autophagic flux.
    Li L; Fu S; Wang J; Lu J; Tao Y; Zhao L; Fu B; Lu L; Xiang C; Sun X; Liu S; Wang D; Wang Z
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2024 Apr; 222():116111. PubMed ID: 38458329
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  • 2. SRT1720 inhibits the growth of bladder cancer in organoids and murine models through the SIRT1-HIF axis.
    Tan P; Wang M; Zhong A; Wang Y; Du J; Wang J; Qi L; Bi Z; Zhang P; Lin T; Zhang J; Yang L; Chen J; Han P; Gong Q; Liu Y; Chen C; Wei Q
    Oncogene; 2021 Oct; 40(42):6081-6092. PubMed ID: 34471236
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  • 3. Cadmium-induced cytotoxicity in mouse liver cells is associated with the disruption of autophagic flux via inhibiting the fusion of autophagosomes and lysosomes.
    Zou H; Wang T; Yuan J; Sun J; Yuan Y; Gu J; Liu X; Bian J; Liu Z
    Toxicol Lett; 2020 Mar; 321():32-43. PubMed ID: 31862506
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  • 4. FoxO1 inhibits autophagosome-lysosome fusion leading to endothelial autophagic-apoptosis in diabetes.
    Zhang H; Ge S; He K; Zhao X; Wu Y; Shao Y; Wu X
    Cardiovasc Res; 2019 Dec; 115(14):2008-2020. PubMed ID: 30689742
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  • 5. Inhibition of autophagy enhances the anticancer effect of enzalutamide on bladder cancer.
    Quan Y; Lei H; Wahafu W; Liu Y; Ping H; Zhang X
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2019 Dec; 120():109490. PubMed ID: 31574376
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  • 6. Autophagic flux disruption contributes to Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide-induced apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells via MAPK/ERK activation.
    Pan H; Wang Y; Na K; Wang Y; Wang L; Li Z; Guo C; Guo D; Wang X
    Cell Death Dis; 2019 Jun; 10(6):456. PubMed ID: 31186406
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  • 7. Thymoquinone Suppresses the Proliferation, Migration and Invasiveness through Regulating ROS, Autophagic Flux and miR-877-5p in Human Bladder Carcinoma Cells.
    Zhou X; Wang F; Wu H; Chen X; Zhang Y; Lin J; Cai Y; Xiang J; He N; Hu Z; Jin X
    Int J Biol Sci; 2021; 17(13):3456-3475. PubMed ID: 34512159
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  • 8. Vacuolin-1 potently and reversibly inhibits autophagosome-lysosome fusion by activating RAB5A.
    Lu Y; Dong S; Hao B; Li C; Zhu K; Guo W; Wang Q; Cheung KH; Wong CW; Wu WT; Markus H; Yue J
    Autophagy; 2014; 10(11):1895-905. PubMed ID: 25483964
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  • 9. Hydroxysafflor yellow A promotes apoptosis via blocking autophagic flux in liver cancer.
    Wu N; Li J; Luo H; Wang D; Bai X
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2021 Apr; 136():111227. PubMed ID: 33485070
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  • 10. Identification of compound CA-5f as a novel late-stage autophagy inhibitor with potent anti-tumor effect against non-small cell lung cancer.
    Zhang L; Qiang P; Yu J; Miao Y; Chen Z; Qu J; Zhao Q; Chen Z; Liu Y; Yao X; Liu B; Cui L; Jing H; Sun G
    Autophagy; 2019 Mar; 15(3):391-406. PubMed ID: 30145925
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  • 11. Blockage of autophagosome-lysosome fusion through SNAP29 O-GlcNAcylation promotes apoptosis via ROS production.
    Pellegrini FR; De Martino S; Fianco G; Ventura I; Valente D; Fiore M; Trisciuoglio D; Degrassi F
    Autophagy; 2023 Jul; 19(7):2078-2093. PubMed ID: 36704963
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  • 12. SRT1720 induces lysosomal-dependent cell death of breast cancer cells.
    Lahusen TJ; Deng CX
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2015 Jan; 14(1):183-92. PubMed ID: 25411356
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  • 13. Nitazoxanide impairs mitophagy flux through ROS-mediated mitophagy initiation and lysosomal dysfunction in bladder cancer.
    Sun H; Ou T; Hu J; Yang Z; Lei Q; Li Y; Wang G; Li Y; Wu K; Wang S; Wu S
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2021 Aug; 190():114588. PubMed ID: 33957094
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  • 14. Downregulation of LAPTM4B Contributes to the Impairment of the Autophagic Flux via Unopposed Activation of mTORC1 Signaling During Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury.
    Gu S; Tan J; Li Q; Liu S; Ma J; Zheng Y; Liu J; Bi W; Sha P; Li X; Wei M; Cao N; Yang HT
    Circ Res; 2020 Sep; 127(7):e148-e165. PubMed ID: 32693673
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  • 15. BET inhibitor JQ1 suppresses cell proliferation via inducing autophagy and activating LKB1/AMPK in bladder cancer cells.
    Li F; Yang C; Zhang HB; Ma J; Jia J; Tang X; Zeng J; Chong T; Wang X; He D; Guo P
    Cancer Med; 2019 Aug; 8(10):4792-4805. PubMed ID: 31250978
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  • 16. S6K1 Is Indispensible for Stress-Induced Microtubule Acetylation and Autophagic Flux.
    Hać A; Pierzynowska K; Herman-Antosiewicz A
    Cells; 2021 Apr; 10(4):. PubMed ID: 33920542
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  • 17. Prodigiosin impairs autophagosome-lysosome fusion that sensitizes colorectal cancer cells to 5-fluorouracil-induced cell death.
    Zhao C; Qiu S; He J; Peng Y; Xu H; Feng Z; Huang H; Du Y; Zhou Y; Nie Y
    Cancer Lett; 2020 Jul; 481():15-23. PubMed ID: 32184145
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  • 18. Restoration of Autophagic Flux Rescues Oxidative Damage and Mitochondrial Dysfunction to Protect against Intervertebral Disc Degeneration.
    Kang L; Xiang Q; Zhan S; Song Y; Wang K; Zhao K; Li S; Shao Z; Yang C; Zhang Y
    Oxid Med Cell Longev; 2019; 2019():7810320. PubMed ID: 31976028
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  • 19. Saikosaponin D inhibits autophagosome‑lysosome fusion and induces autophagy‑independent apoptosis in MDA‑MB‑231 breast cancer cells.
    Fu R; Zhang L; Li Y; Li B; Ming Y; Li Z; Xing H; Chen J
    Mol Med Rep; 2020 Aug; 22(2):1026-1034. PubMed ID: 32468000
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  • 20. Intracellular cholesterol transport inhibition Impairs autophagy flux by decreasing autophagosome-lysosome fusion.
    Maharjan Y; Dutta RK; Son J; Wei X; Park C; Kwon HM; Park R
    Cell Commun Signal; 2022 Nov; 20(1):189. PubMed ID: 36434621
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