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  • 1. A new clinical model for predicting lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer.
    Wang K; He H; Lin Y; Zhang Y; Chen J; Hu J; He X
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2024 Apr; 39(1):46. PubMed ID: 38565736
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  • 2. Utility of artificial intelligence with deep learning of hematoxylin and eosin-stained whole slide images to predict lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer using endoscopically resected specimens; prediction of lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer.
    Song JH; Hong Y; Kim ER; Kim SH; Sohn I
    J Gastroenterol; 2022 Sep; 57(9):654-666. PubMed ID: 35802259
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  • 3. Deep Submucosal Invasion Is Not an Independent Risk Factor for Lymph Node Metastasis in T1 Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis.
    Zwager LW; Bastiaansen BAJ; Montazeri NSM; Hompes R; Barresi V; Ichimasa K; Kawachi H; Machado I; Masaki T; Sheng W; Tanaka S; Togashi K; Yasue C; Fockens P; Moons LMG; Dekker E
    Gastroenterology; 2022 Jul; 163(1):174-189. PubMed ID: 35436498
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  • 4. Lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer with the only high-risk histology of submucosal invasion depth ≥ 1000 μm.
    Yamaoka Y; Shiomi A; Kagawa H; Hino H; Manabe S; Chen K; Nanishi K; Notsu A
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2022 Nov; 37(11):2387-2395. PubMed ID: 36283994
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  • 5. Proteomic characteristics reveal the signatures and the risks of T1 colorectal cancer metastasis to lymph nodes.
    Zhuang A; Zhuang A; Chen Y; Qin Z; Zhu D; Ren L; Wei Y; Zhou P; Yue X; He F; Xu J; Ding C
    Elife; 2023 May; 12():. PubMed ID: 37158593
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  • 6. Nomogram Development and External Validation for Predicting the Risk of Lymph Node Metastasis in T1 Colorectal Cancer.
    Oh JR; Park B; Lee S; Han KS; Youk EG; Lee DH; Kim DS; Lee DS; Hong CW; Kim BC; Kim B; Kim MJ; Park SC; Sohn DK; Chang HJ; Oh JH
    Cancer Res Treat; 2019 Oct; 51(4):1275-1284. PubMed ID: 30653743
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  • 7. The prognostic value of lymph node yield in the earliest stage of colorectal cancer: a multicenter cohort study.
    Backes Y; Elias SG; Bhoelan BS; Groen JN; van Bergeijk J; Seerden TCJ; Pullens HJM; Spanier BWM; Geesing JMJ; Kessels K; Kerkhof M; Siersema PD; de Vos Tot Nederveen Cappel WH; van Lelyveld N; Wolfhagen FHJ; Ter Borg F; Offerhaus GJA; Lacle MM; Moons LMG;
    BMC Med; 2017 Jul; 15(1):129. PubMed ID: 28705200
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  • 8. CT morphological features for predicting the risk of lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer.
    Li S; Li Z; Wang L; Wu M; Chen X; He C; Xu Y; Dong M; Liang Y; Chen X; Liu Z
    Eur Radiol; 2023 Oct; 33(10):6861-6871. PubMed ID: 37171490
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  • 9. The risk of lymph node metastasis makes it unsafe to expand the conventional indications for endoscopic treatment of T1 colorectal cancer: A retrospective study of 428 patients.
    Kim B; Kim EH; Park SJ; Cheon JH; Kim TI; Kim WH; Kim H; Hong SP
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2016 Sep; 95(37):e4373. PubMed ID: 27631203
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  • 10. A clinical model for predicting lymph node metastasis in submucosal invasive (T1) colorectal cancer.
    Macias-Garcia F; Celeiro-Muñoz C; Lesquereux-Martinez L; Gude-Sampedro F; Uribarri-Gonzalez L; Abdulkader I; Alvarez-Castro A; Dominguez-Muñoz JE
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2015 Jun; 30(6):761-8. PubMed ID: 25700808
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  • 11. Whole slide image-based prediction of lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer using unsupervised artificial intelligence.
    Takashina Y; Kudo SE; Kouyama Y; Ichimasa K; Miyachi H; Mori Y; Kudo T; Maeda Y; Ogawa Y; Hayashi T; Wakamura K; Enami Y; Sawada N; Baba T; Nemoto T; Ishida F; Misawa M
    Dig Endosc; 2023 Nov; 35(7):902-908. PubMed ID: 36905308
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  • 12. Prognostic factors for T1-2 colorectal cancer after radical resection: Lymph node distribution is a valuable predictor of its survival.
    Huang X; Liu H; Liao X; Xiao Z; Huang Z; Li G
    Asian J Surg; 2021 Jan; 44(1):241-246. PubMed ID: 32792113
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  • 13. Predictors for lymph node metastasis in T1 colorectal cancer.
    Suh JH; Han KS; Kim BC; Hong CW; Sohn DK; Chang HJ; Kim MJ; Park SC; Park JW; Choi HS; Oh JH
    Endoscopy; 2012 Jun; 44(6):590-5. PubMed ID: 22638780
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  • 14. Risk factors of lymph node metastasis or lymphovascular invasion for early gastric cancer: a practical and effective predictive model based on international multicenter data.
    Lin JX; Wang ZK; Wang W; Desiderio J; Xie JW; Wang JB; Lu J; Chen QY; Cao LL; Lin M; Tu RH; Zheng CH; Li P; Parisi A; Zhou ZW; Huang CM
    BMC Cancer; 2019 Nov; 19(1):1048. PubMed ID: 31694573
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  • 15. Lymphovascular Infiltration, Not Depth of Invasion, is the Critical Risk Factor of Metastases in Early Colorectal Cancer: Retrospective Population-based Cohort Study on Prospectively Collected Data, Including Validation.
    Rönnow CF; Arthursson V; Toth E; Krarup PM; Syk I; Thorlacius H
    Ann Surg; 2022 Jan; 275(1):e148-e154. PubMed ID: 32187031
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  • 16. Artificial Intelligence System to Determine Risk of T1 Colorectal Cancer Metastasis to Lymph Node.
    Kudo SE; Ichimasa K; Villard B; Mori Y; Misawa M; Saito S; Hotta K; Saito Y; Matsuda T; Yamada K; Mitani T; Ohtsuka K; Chino A; Ide D; Imai K; Kishida Y; Nakamura K; Saiki Y; Tanaka M; Hoteya S; Yamashita S; Kinugasa Y; Fukuda M; Kudo T; Miyachi H; Ishida F; Itoh H; Oda M; Mori K
    Gastroenterology; 2021 Mar; 160(4):1075-1084.e2. PubMed ID: 32979355
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  • 17. A DNA Methylation-based Epigenetic Signature for the Identification of Lymph Node Metastasis in T1 Colorectal Cancer.
    Zhao Y; Peng F; Wang C; Murano T; Baba H; Ikematsu H; Li W; Goel A
    Ann Surg; 2023 Apr; 277(4):655-663. PubMed ID: 35837968
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  • 18. LASSO-Based Machine Learning Algorithm for Prediction of Lymph Node Metastasis in T1 Colorectal Cancer.
    Kang J; Choi YJ; Kim IK; Lee HS; Kim H; Baik SH; Kim NK; Lee KY
    Cancer Res Treat; 2021 Jul; 53(3):773-783. PubMed ID: 33421980
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  • 19. Local excision of T1 colorectal cancer: good differentiation, absence of lymphovascular invasion, and limited tumor radial infiltration (≤4.25 mm) may allow avoiding radical surgery.
    Morini A; Annicchiarico A; De Giorgi F; Ferioli E; Romboli A; Montali F; Crafa P; Costi R
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2022 Dec; 37(12):2525-2533. PubMed ID: 36335216
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  • 20. Lymph node metastasis in T1-2 colorectal cancer: a population-based study.
    Xiong X; Wang C; Cao J; Gao Z; Ye Y
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2023 Apr; 38(1):94. PubMed ID: 37055602
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