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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Exploring the mechanism of Corbrin capsules in the intervention of AKI-COVID-19 based on network pharmacology combined with GEO dataset.
    Qin XJ; Hu WJ; Xu XJ
    Gene; 2024 Jul; 916():148438. PubMed ID: 38579905
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  • 2. Exploring active ingredients and mechanisms of Coptidis Rhizoma-ginger against colon cancer using network pharmacology and molecular docking.
    Zeng T; Ling C; Liang Y
    Technol Health Care; 2024; 32(S1):523-542. PubMed ID: 38759074
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  • 3. Network Pharmacology and Experimental Validation of Qingwen Baidu Decoction Therapeutic Potential in COVID-19-related Lung Injury.
    Yang J; Zhang Z; Liu H; Wang J; Xie S; Li P; Wen J; Wei S; Li R; Ma X; Zhao Y
    Comb Chem High Throughput Screen; 2024; 27(9):1286-1302. PubMed ID: 37957903
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  • 4. Potential effect of Maxing Shigan decoction against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) revealed by network pharmacology and experimental verification.
    Li Y; Chu F; Li P; Johnson N; Li T; Wang Y; An R; Wu D; Chen J; Su Z; Gu X; Ding X
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 May; 271():113854. PubMed ID: 33513419
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  • 5. Research on the Mechanism of Guizhi to Treat Nephrotic Syndrome Based on Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking Technology.
    He D; Li Q; Du G; Sun J; Meng G; Chen S
    Biomed Res Int; 2021; 2021():8141075. PubMed ID: 34873575
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  • 6. Virtual screening of the multi-gene regulatory molecular mechanism of Si-Wu-tang against non-triple-negative breast cancer based on network pharmacology combined with experimental validation.
    Zhang Z; Liu J; Liu Y; Shi D; He Y; Zhao P
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 Apr; 269():113696. PubMed ID: 33358854
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  • 7. In silico analysis of the potential mechanism of a preventive Chinese medicine formula on coronavirus disease 2019.
    Wu H; Gong K; Qin Y; Yuan Z; Xia S; Zhang S; Yang J; Yang P; Li L; Xie M
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 Jul; 275():114098. PubMed ID: 33831468
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  • 8. Network pharmacology and molecular docking analysis on molecular targets and mechanisms of Huashi Baidu formula in the treatment of COVID-19.
    Tao Q; Du J; Li X; Zeng J; Tan B; Xu J; Lin W; Chen XL
    Drug Dev Ind Pharm; 2020 Aug; 46(8):1345-1353. PubMed ID: 32643448
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  • 9. Network pharmacology, molecular docking integrated surface plasmon resonance technology reveals the mechanism of Toujie Quwen Granules against coronavirus disease 2019 pneumonia.
    Ye M; Luo G; Ye D; She M; Sun N; Lu YJ; Zheng J
    Phytomedicine; 2021 May; 85():153401. PubMed ID: 33191068
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  • 10. Exploring the Potential Molecular Mechanism of the Shugan Jieyu Capsule in the Treatment of Depression through Network Pharmacology, Molecular Docking, and Molecular Dynamics Simulation.
    Liu Z; Huang H; Yu Y; Jia Y; Li L; Shi X; Wang F
    Curr Comput Aided Drug Des; 2024; 20(5):501-517. PubMed ID: 37340752
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  • 11. Based on network pharmacology and bioinformatics to analyze the mechanism of action of Astragalus membranaceus in the treatment of vitiligo and COVID-19.
    Wang Y; Ding M; Chi J; Wang T; Zhang Y; Li Z; Li Q
    Sci Rep; 2023 Mar; 13(1):3884. PubMed ID: 36890149
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  • 12. Network pharmacology-based prediction and validation of the active ingredients and potential mechanisms of the Huangxiong formula for treating ischemic stroke.
    Zhao S; Zhang P; Yan Y; Xu W; Li J; Wang L; Wang N; Huang Y
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2023 Aug; 312():116507. PubMed ID: 37080367
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  • 13. Network pharmacology and experimental verification of the potential mechanism of Er-Xian decoction in aplastic anemia.
    Ye M; Liu G; Yang Y; Yang H; Ren J; Chen W; Gao Z
    Sci Rep; 2023 Oct; 13(1):17385. PubMed ID: 37833363
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  • 14. The mechanism of Gejie Zhilao Pill in treating tuberculosis based on network pharmacology and molecular docking verification.
    Gao Y; Shang B; He Y; Deng W; Wang L; Sui S
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol; 2024; 14():1405627. PubMed ID: 39015338
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  • 15. [Mechanism of Wuling Capsules against hepatic fibrosis based on network pharmacology and animal experiments].
    Li N; Ren SJ; Zhou R; Song ZX; Liu YR; Tang ZS; Zhou JP; Cao ZJ
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2023 Oct; 48(19):5365-5376. PubMed ID: 38114126
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  • 16. Mechanism of Astragalus mongholicus Bunge ameliorating cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury: Based on network pharmacology analysis and experimental verification.
    Li R; Lou Q; Ji T; Li Y; Yang H; Ma Z; Zhu Y; Qian C; Yang W; Wang Y; Luo S
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 Jul; 329():118157. PubMed ID: 38588987
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  • 17. Exploring the mechanism of Jinlida granules against type 2 diabetes mellitus by an integrative pharmacology strategy.
    Gu H; Zhong L; Zhang Y; Sun J; Liu L; Liu Z
    Sci Rep; 2024 May; 14(1):10286. PubMed ID: 38704482
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  • 18. Understanding apoptotic induction by Sargentodoxa cuneata-Patrinia villosa herb pair via PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling in colorectal cancer cells using network pharmacology and cellular studies.
    Mu BX; Li Y; Ye N; Liu S; Zou X; Qian J; Wu C; Zhuang Y; Chen M; Zhou JY
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 Jan; 319(Pt 3):117342. PubMed ID: 37879505
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  • 19. Study on the mechanism of treating COVID-19 with Shenqi Wan based on network pharmacology.
    Ye XW; Deng YL; Zhang X; Liu MM; Liu Y; Xie YT; Wan Q; Huang M; Zhang T; Xi JH; Zhang JL
    Drug Dev Ind Pharm; 2021 Aug; 47(8):1279-1289. PubMed ID: 34605344
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  • 20. Chemical composition and pharmacological mechanism of shenfu decoction in the treatment of novel coronavirus
    Li X; Lin H; Wang Q; Cui L; Luo H; Luo L
    Drug Dev Ind Pharm; 2020 Dec; 46(12):1947-1959. PubMed ID: 33054436
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