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  • 1. Naringenin Alleviates Radiation-Induced Intestinal Injury by Inhibiting TRPV6 in Mice.
    Ling Z; Wang Z; Chen L; Mao J; Ma D; Han X; Tian L; Zhu Q; Lu G; Yan X; Ding Y; Xiao W; Chen Y; Peng A; Yin X
    Mol Nutr Food Res; 2024 Apr; 68(8):e2300745. PubMed ID: 38581304
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  • 2. Protective effect of total flavonoids of Engelhardia roxburghiana Wall. leaves against radiation-induced intestinal injury in mice and its mechanism.
    Wu S; Tian C; Tu Z; Guo J; Xu F; Qin W; Chang H; Wang Z; Hu T; Sun X; Ning H; Li Y; Gou W; Hou W
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2023 Jul; 311():116428. PubMed ID: 36997130
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  • 3. Perillaldehyde Mitigates Ionizing Radiation-Induced Intestinal Injury by Inhibiting Ferroptosis via the Nrf2 Signaling Pathway.
    Tang LF; Ma X; Xie LW; Zhou H; Yu J; Wang ZX; Li M
    Mol Nutr Food Res; 2023 Oct; 67(19):e2300232. PubMed ID: 37658487
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  • 4. Hyaluronic acid is radioprotective in the intestine through a TLR4 and COX-2-mediated mechanism.
    Riehl TE; Foster L; Stenson WF
    Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol; 2012 Feb; 302(3):G309-16. PubMed ID: 22038822
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  • 5. Vitamin D Receptor Protects against Radiation-Induced Intestinal Injury in Mice via Inhibition of Intestinal Crypt Stem/Progenitor Cell Apoptosis.
    Li W; Lin Y; Luo Y; Wang Y; Lu Y; Li Y; Guo H
    Nutrients; 2021 Aug; 13(9):. PubMed ID: 34578802
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  • 6. Oral administration of probiotic spore ghosts for efficient attenuation of radiation-induced intestinal injury.
    Zheng C; Niu M; Kong Y; Liu X; Li J; Gong X; Ren X; Hong C; Yin M; Wang L
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2024 May; 22(1):303. PubMed ID: 38822376
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  • 7. Combination treatment of podophyllotoxin and rutin promotes mouse Lgr5
    Kalita B; Ranjan R; Gupta ML
    Apoptosis; 2019 Apr; 24(3-4):326-340. PubMed ID: 30725351
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  • 8. Microbiota-derived I3A protects the intestine against radiation injury by activating AhR/IL-10/Wnt signaling and enhancing the abundance of probiotics.
    Xie LW; Cai S; Lu HY; Tang FL; Zhu RQ; Tian Y; Li M
    Gut Microbes; 2024; 16(1):2347722. PubMed ID: 38706205
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  • 9. Amelioration of whole abdominal irradiation-induced intestinal injury in mice with 3,3'-Diindolylmethane (DIM).
    Lu L; Jiang M; Zhu C; He J; Fan S
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2019 Jan; 130():244-255. PubMed ID: 30352304
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  • 10. Villin promoter-mediated transgenic expression of transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 6 (TRPV6) increases intestinal calcium absorption in wild-type and vitamin D receptor knockout mice.
    Cui M; Li Q; Johnson R; Fleet JC
    J Bone Miner Res; 2012 Oct; 27(10):2097-107. PubMed ID: 22589201
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  • 11. FG-4592 protects the intestine from irradiation-induced injury by targeting the TLR4 signaling pathway.
    Feng Z; Xu Q; He X; Wang Y; Fang L; Zhao J; Cheng Y; Liu C; Du J; Cai J
    Stem Cell Res Ther; 2022 Jun; 13(1):271. PubMed ID: 35729656
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  • 12. FG-4592 alleviates radiation-induced intestinal injury by facilitating recovery of intestinal stem cell and reducing damage of intestinal epithelial.
    Xia P; Yang Y; Liu R; Feng Z; Lin Y; Tang H; Du J; Cheng Y; Cai J; Hu H; Liu C; Xu X; Liu H
    Toxicol Lett; 2022 Mar; 357():1-10. PubMed ID: 34929306
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  • 13. 1-(4-nitrobenzenesulfonyl)-4-penylpiperazine increases the number of Peyer's patch-associated regenerating crypts in the small intestines after radiation injury.
    Bhat K; Duhachek-Muggy S; Ramanathan R; Saki M; Alli C; Medina P; Damoiseaux R; Whitelegge J; McBride WH; Schaue D; Vlashi E; Pajonk F
    Radiother Oncol; 2019 Mar; 132():8-15. PubMed ID: 30825974
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  • 14. TRPV6 deficiency attenuates stress and corticosterone-mediated exacerbation of alcohol-induced gut barrier dysfunction and systemic inflammation.
    Meena AS; Shukla PK; Rao R; Canelas C; Pierre JF; Rao R
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1093584. PubMed ID: 36817471
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  • 15. Ghrelin reverts intestinal stem cell loss associated with radiation-induced enteropathy by activating Notch signaling.
    Kwak SY; Shim S; Park S; Kim H; Lee SJ; Kim MJ; Jang WS; Kim YH; Jang H
    Phytomedicine; 2021 Jan; 81():153424. PubMed ID: 33278782
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  • 16. TRPV6 channel mediates alcohol-induced gut barrier dysfunction and systemic response.
    Meena AS; Shukla PK; Bell B; Giorgianni F; Caires R; Fernández-Peña C; Beranova S; Aihara E; Montrose MH; Chaib M; Makowski L; Neeli I; Radic MZ; Vásquez V; Jaggar JH; Cordero-Morales JF; Rao R
    Cell Rep; 2022 Jun; 39(11):110937. PubMed ID: 35705057
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  • 17. Protective effect of polydatin on radiation-induced injury of intestinal epithelial and endothelial cells.
    Li L; Zhang K; Zhang J; Zeng YN; Lai F; Li G; Ma N; Hu MJ; Cui FM; Chen Q
    Biosci Rep; 2018 Dec; 38(6):. PubMed ID: 30333253
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  • 18. A bidirectional effect of Rac1 inhibition-Protects radiation-induced intestinal injury while inhibits tumor.
    An N; Liu T; Zhu B; Yang Y; Yan X; Cao M; Chen Y; Liu R; Xia P; Liu C; Du J; Gao F; Yuan H; Liu H; Cai J
    Life Sci; 2020 Jan; 240():117105. PubMed ID: 31786196
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  • 19. Murine P-glycoprotein deficiency alters intestinal injury repair and blunts lipopolysaccharide-induced radioprotection.
    Staley EM; Yarbrough VR; Schoeb TR; Daft JG; Tanner SM; Steverson D; Lorenz RG
    Radiat Res; 2012 Sep; 178(3):207-16. PubMed ID: 22780103
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  • 20. Naringenin protects against iron overload-induced osteoarthritis by suppressing oxidative stress.
    Pan Z; He Q; Zeng J; Li S; Li M; Chen B; Yang J; Xiao J; Zeng C; Luo H; Wang H
    Phytomedicine; 2022 Oct; 105():154330. PubMed ID: 35905566
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