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  • 1. [Expression of immune checkpoints PD-L1, CTLA4, LAG3 in the microenvironment of colon adenocarcinoma depending on MMR status].
    Naumov SS; Krakhmal NV; Tashireva LA; Vtorushin SV
    Arkh Patol; 2024; 86(2):6-13. PubMed ID: 38591901
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  • 2. Mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancer: a model of immunogenic and immune cell-rich tumor despite nonsignificant programmed cell death ligand-1 expression in tumor cells.
    Le Flahec G; Badic B; Guibourg B; Doucet L; Bail JP; Marcorelles P; Schick U; Uguen A
    Hum Pathol; 2018 Feb; 72():135-143. PubMed ID: 29208565
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  • 3. PD-L1 and CD8 are associated with deficient mismatch repair status in triple-negative and HER2-positive breast cancers.
    Hou Y; Nitta H; Parwani AV; Li Z
    Hum Pathol; 2019 Apr; 86():108-114. PubMed ID: 30633926
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  • 4. Prevalence of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection and Mismatch Repair Protein Deficiency and the Correlation of Immune Markers in Tibetan Patients with Gastric Cancer.
    Shi J; Yang X; Wang X; Luo Y; Zhou W; Luo H; Bianba Z; Nima Z; Wang Q; Wang H; Liao R; Ciren Q; Li M; Pang J
    Biomed Res Int; 2022; 2022():2684065. PubMed ID: 35734348
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  • 5. Alteration in the Immune Microenvironment Based on APC Status in MSS/pMMR Colon Cancer.
    Lin H; Cao B
    Dis Markers; 2022; 2022():3592990. PubMed ID: 35937946
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  • 6. Correlation of clinical, pathologic, and genetic parameters with intratumoral immune milieu in mucinous adenocarcinoma of the colon.
    Neyaz A; Pankaj A; Crabbe A; Rickelt S; Leijssen L; Dinaux A; Taylor M; Shroff SG; Crotty R; Zhang ML; Yilmaz OH; Yılmaz O; Patil DT; Parikh AR; Ting DT; Berger D; Deshpande V
    Mod Pathol; 2022 Nov; 35(11):1723-1731. PubMed ID: 35590108
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  • 7. Programmed death-ligand 1 expression in the immune compartment of colon carcinoma.
    Yılmaz O; Pankaj A; Neyez A; Rickelt S; Taylor M; Lang ER; Leijsen L; Dinaux A; Shroff SG; Crotty R; Zhang ML; Cerda S; Zhao Q; Ferrone C; Ting DT; Patil DT; Yilmaz O; Berger D; Deshpande V
    Mod Pathol; 2022 Nov; 35(11):1740-1748. PubMed ID: 35773332
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  • 8. Clinical significance of programmed cell death-ligand expression in small bowel adenocarcinoma is determined by the tumor microenvironment.
    Hoshimoto A; Tatsuguchi A; Hamakubo R; Nishimoto T; Omori J; Akimoto N; Tanaka S; Fujimori S; Hatori T; Shimizu A; Iwakiri K
    World J Gastroenterol; 2023 Oct; 29(40):5566-5581. PubMed ID: 37970475
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  • 9. Clinical, pathological genetics and intratumoral immune milieu of serrated adenocarcinoma of the colon.
    Yılmaz O; Crabbe A; Neyaz A; Pankaj A; Lee SH; Hosseini S; Rickelt S; Cerda S; Zhao Q; Leijsen L; Dineaux A; Shroff SG; Crotty R; Zhang ML; Yilmaz OH; Patil DT; Berger D; Deshpande V
    Histopathology; 2022 Sep; 81(3):380-388. PubMed ID: 35789111
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  • 10. Prognostic value and clinicopathological roles of the tumor immune microenvironment in salivary duct carcinoma.
    Hirai H; Nakaguro M; Tada Y; Saigusa N; Kawakita D; Honma Y; Kano S; Tsukahara K; Ozawa H; Okada T; Okami K; Yamazaki K; Sato Y; Urano M; Kajiwara M; Utsumi Y; Shimura T; Fushimi C; Shimizu A; Kondo T; Imanishi Y; Sakai A; Sato Y; Togashi T; Hanazawa T; Matsuki T; Yamazaki K; Nagao T
    Virchows Arch; 2023 Sep; 483(3):367-379. PubMed ID: 37464232
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  • 11. Mismatch repair deficiency is associated with MSI phenotype, increased tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and PD-L1 expression in immune cells in ovarian cancer.
    Xiao X; Dong D; He W; Song L; Wang Q; Yue J; Xie L
    Gynecol Oncol; 2018 Apr; 149(1):146-154. PubMed ID: 29496294
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  • 12. High density of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes is linked to tumoral PD-L1 expression regardless of the mismatch repair status in colorectal cancer.
    Möller K; Blessin NC; Höflmayer D; Büscheck F; Luebke AM; Kluth M; Hube-Magg C; Zalewski K; Hinsch A; Neipp M; Mofid H; Lárusson H; Daniels T; Isbert C; Coerper S; Ditterich D; Rupprecht H; Goetz A; Bernreuther C; Sauter G; Uhlig R; Wilczak W; Simon R; Steurer S; Minner S; Burandt E; Krech T; Perez D; Izbicki JR; Clauditz TS; Marx AH
    Acta Oncol; 2021 Sep; 60(9):1210-1217. PubMed ID: 34092167
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  • 13. Antibodies Against Immune Checkpoint Molecules Restore Functions of Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinomas.
    Zhou G; Sprengers D; Boor PPC; Doukas M; Schutz H; Mancham S; Pedroza-Gonzalez A; Polak WG; de Jonge J; Gaspersz M; Dong H; Thielemans K; Pan Q; IJzermans JNM; Bruno MJ; Kwekkeboom J
    Gastroenterology; 2017 Oct; 153(4):1107-1119.e10. PubMed ID: 28648905
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  • 14. MMR deficient undifferentiated/dedifferentiated endometrial carcinomas showing significant programmed death ligand-1 expression (sp 142) with potential therapeutic implications.
    Hacking S; Jin C; Komforti M; Liang S; Nasim M
    Pathol Res Pract; 2019 Oct; 215(10):152552. PubMed ID: 31353229
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  • 15. Can evaluation of mismatch repair defect and TILs increase the number of triple-negative breast cancer patients eligible for immunotherapy?
    Özcan D; Lade-Keller J; Tramm T
    Pathol Res Pract; 2021 Oct; 226():153606. PubMed ID: 34530255
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  • 16. Implications of LAG3 and CTLA4 immune checkpoints beyond PD-1/PD-L1 as a potential target in determining the prognosis of uveal melanoma patients.
    Kashyap S; Singh MK; Kumar N; Jha J; Lomi N; Meel R; Bakhshi S; Sen S; Singh L
    Br J Ophthalmol; 2024 May; 108(6):903-912. PubMed ID: 36918273
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  • 17. PD-L1 Expression in Mismatch Repair-deficient Endometrial Carcinomas, Including Lynch Syndrome-associated and MLH1 Promoter Hypermethylated Tumors.
    Sloan EA; Ring KL; Willis BC; Modesitt SC; Mills AM
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2017 Mar; 41(3):326-333. PubMed ID: 27984238
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  • 18. Cytolytic activity correlates with the mutational burden and deregulated expression of immune checkpoints in colorectal cancer.
    Zaravinos A; Roufas C; Nagara M; de Lucas Moreno B; Oblovatskaya M; Efstathiades C; Dimopoulos C; Ayiomamitis GD
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Aug; 38(1):364. PubMed ID: 31429779
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  • 19. [Correlation between mismatch-repair protein expression and clinicopathologic features in 658 colorectal cancers].
    Hu XR; Xu C; Kang Y; Wang T; Zhang Y; Yang XH
    Zhonghua Bing Li Xue Za Zhi; 2018 Nov; 47(11):827-833. PubMed ID: 30423605
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  • 20. Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of tumor immune microenvironment between primary tumor and brain metastases in NSCLC.
    Liu JS; Cai YX; He YZ; Xu J; Tian SF; Li ZQ
    BMC Cancer; 2024 Jan; 24(1):123. PubMed ID: 38267913
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