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  • 21. Home-based multidimensional survivorship programmes for breast cancer survivors.
    Cheng KKF; Lim YTE; Koh ZM; Tam WWS
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2017 Aug; 8(8):CD011152. PubMed ID: 28836379
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  • 22. Peer support for the maintenance of physical activity and health in cancer survivors: the PEER trial - a study protocol of a randomised controlled trial.
    Adlard KN; Jenkins DG; Salisbury CE; Bolam KA; Gomersall SR; Aitken JF; Chambers SK; Dunn JC; Courneya KS; Skinner TL
    BMC Cancer; 2019 Jul; 19(1):656. PubMed ID: 31269917
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  • 23. Testing an early online intervention for the treatment of disturbed sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic (Sleep COVID-19): structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.
    Elder GJ; Alfonso-Miller P; Atkinson WCM; Santhi N; Ellis JG
    Trials; 2020 Aug; 21(1):704. PubMed ID: 32771068
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  • 24. Beta-blockers for suspected or diagnosed acute myocardial infarction.
    Safi S; Sethi NJ; Nielsen EE; Feinberg J; Jakobsen JC; Gluud C
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2019 Dec; 12(12):CD012484. PubMed ID: 31845756
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  • 25. Depression and anxiety in long-term survivors 5 and 10 years after cancer diagnosis.
    Götze H; Friedrich M; Taubenheim S; Dietz A; Lordick F; Mehnert A
    Support Care Cancer; 2020 Jan; 28(1):211-220. PubMed ID: 31001695
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  • 26. Active monitoring, radical prostatectomy and radical radiotherapy in PSA-detected clinically localised prostate cancer: the ProtecT three-arm RCT.
    Hamdy FC; Donovan JL; Lane JA; Mason M; Metcalfe C; Holding P; Wade J; Noble S; Garfield K; Young G; Davis M; Peters TJ; Turner EL; Martin RM; Oxley J; Robinson M; Staffurth J; Walsh E; Blazeby J; Bryant R; Bollina P; Catto J; Doble A; Doherty A; Gillatt D; Gnanapragasam V; Hughes O; Kockelbergh R; Kynaston H; Paul A; Paez E; Powell P; Prescott S; Rosario D; Rowe E; Neal D
    Health Technol Assess; 2020 Aug; 24(37):1-176. PubMed ID: 32773013
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  • 27. Exercise interventions on health-related quality of life for cancer survivors.
    Mishra SI; Scherer RW; Geigle PM; Berlanstein DR; Topaloglu O; Gotay CC; Snyder C
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2012 Aug; 2012(8):CD007566. PubMed ID: 22895961
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  • 28. Follow-up strategies following completion of primary cancer treatment in adult cancer survivors.
    Høeg BL; Bidstrup PE; Karlsen RV; Friberg AS; Albieri V; Dalton SO; Saltbæk L; Andersen KK; Horsboel TA; Johansen C
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2019 Nov; 2019(11):. PubMed ID: 31750936
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  • 29. Abiraterone acetate and prednisolone with or without enzalutamide for high-risk non-metastatic prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of primary results from two randomised controlled phase 3 trials of the STAMPEDE platform protocol.
    Attard G; Murphy L; Clarke NW; Cross W; Jones RJ; Parker CC; Gillessen S; Cook A; Brawley C; Amos CL; Atako N; Pugh C; Buckner M; Chowdhury S; Malik Z; Russell JM; Gilson C; Rush H; Bowen J; Lydon A; Pedley I; O'Sullivan JM; Birtle A; Gale J; Srihari N; Thomas C; Tanguay J; Wagstaff J; Das P; Gray E; Alzoueb M; Parikh O; Robinson A; Syndikus I; Wylie J; Zarkar A; Thalmann G; de Bono JS; Dearnaley DP; Mason MD; Gilbert D; Langley RE; Millman R; Matheson D; Sydes MR; Brown LC; Parmar MKB; James ND;
    Lancet; 2022 Jan; 399(10323):447-460. PubMed ID: 34953525
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  • 30. Yoga for improving health-related quality of life, mental health and cancer-related symptoms in women diagnosed with breast cancer.
    Cramer H; Lauche R; Klose P; Lange S; Langhorst J; Dobos GJ
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2017 Jan; 1(1):CD010802. PubMed ID: 28045199
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  • 31. Nutritional interventions for survivors of childhood cancer.
    Cohen JE; Wakefield CE; Cohn RJ
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2016 Aug; 2016(8):CD009678. PubMed ID: 27545902
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  • 32. The association between social support, intrusive thoughts, avoidance, and adjustment following an experimental cancer treatment.
    Devine D; Parker PA; Fouladi RT; Cohen L
    Psychooncology; 2003; 12(5):453-62. PubMed ID: 12833558
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  • 33. Illness-related intrusive thoughts and illness anxiety disorder.
    Arnáez S; García-Soriano G; López-Santiago J; Belloch A
    Psychol Psychother; 2021 Mar; 94(1):63-80. PubMed ID: 31957211
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  • 34. Telephone interventions for symptom management in adults with cancer.
    Ream E; Hughes AE; Cox A; Skarparis K; Richardson A; Pedersen VH; Wiseman T; Forbes A; Bryant A
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2020 Jun; 6(6):CD007568. PubMed ID: 32483832
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  • 35. Intrusive thoughts and psychological distress among breast cancer survivors: global meaning as a possible protective factor.
    Vickberg SM; Bovbjerg DH; DuHamel KN; Currie V; Redd WH
    Behav Med; 2000; 25(4):152-60. PubMed ID: 10789021
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  • 36. Psychological intervention (ConquerFear) for treating fear of cancer recurrence: mediators and moderators of treatment efficacy.
    Sharpe L; Turner J; Fardell JE; Thewes B; Smith AB; Gilchrist J; Beith J; Girgis A; Tesson S; Day S; Grunewald K; Butow P;
    J Cancer Surviv; 2019 Oct; 13(5):695-702. PubMed ID: 31347010
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  • 37. Study protocol of the CORRECT multicenter trial: the efficacy of blended cognitive behavioral therapy for reducing psychological distress in colorectal cancer survivors.
    Leermakers L; Döking S; Thewes B; Braamse AMJ; Gielissen MFM; de Wilt JHW; Collette EH; Dekker J; Prins JB
    BMC Cancer; 2018 Jul; 18(1):748. PubMed ID: 30021555
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  • 38. Cognitive behavioural therapy for tinnitus.
    Fuller T; Cima R; Langguth B; Mazurek B; Vlaeyen JW; Hoare DJ
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2020 Jan; 1(1):CD012614. PubMed ID: 31912887
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  • 39. Effect of blended and unguided online delivery of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy versus care as usual on distress among cancer patients and survivors: protocol for the three-arm parallel randomized controlled buddy trial.
    Badaghi N; van Kruijsbergen M; Prins J; Kelders S; Cillessen L; Compen F; Donders R; Kwakkenbos L; Speckens A
    BMC Psychol; 2023 Jan; 11(1):21. PubMed ID: 36698197
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  • 40. Short-term efficacy of a computer-tailored physical activity intervention for prostate and colorectal cancer patients and survivors: a randomized controlled trial.
    Golsteijn RHJ; Bolman C; Volders E; Peels DA; de Vries H; Lechner L
    Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act; 2018 Oct; 15(1):106. PubMed ID: 30376857
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