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  • 1. Gene Delivery and Analysis of Optogenetic Induction of Lytic Cell Death.
    Oh TJ; Gworek B; Mehfooz A; Zhang K
    Curr Protoc; 2024 Apr; 4(4):e1023. PubMed ID: 38606936
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  • 2. Human RIPK3 maintains MLKL in an inactive conformation prior to cell death by necroptosis.
    Meng Y; Davies KA; Fitzgibbon C; Young SN; Garnish SE; Horne CR; Luo C; Garnier JM; Liang LY; Cowan AD; Samson AL; Lessene G; Sandow JJ; Czabotar PE; Murphy JM
    Nat Commun; 2021 Nov; 12(1):6783. PubMed ID: 34811356
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  • 3. RIPK3-Dependent Recruitment of Low-Inflammatory Myeloid Cells Does Not Protect from Systemic
    Satkovich J; Anderson CJ; Medina CB; Ottolini M; Lukens JR; Kendall MM
    mBio; 2020 Oct; 11(5):. PubMed ID: 33024046
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  • 4. Surviving death: emerging concepts of RIPK3 and MLKL ubiquitination in the regulation of necroptosis.
    Karlowitz R; van Wijk SJL
    FEBS J; 2023 Jan; 290(1):37-54. PubMed ID: 34710282
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  • 5. Enhanced RIPK3 kinase activity-dependent lytic cell death in M1 but not M2 macrophages.
    Hao Q; Kundu S; Kleam J; Zhao ZJ; Idell S; Tang H
    Mol Immunol; 2021 Jan; 129():86-93. PubMed ID: 33221042
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  • 6. The regulation of necroptosis by post-translational modifications.
    Meng Y; Sandow JJ; Czabotar PE; Murphy JM
    Cell Death Differ; 2021 Mar; 28(3):861-883. PubMed ID: 33462412
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  • 7. Necroptosis promotes cell-autonomous activation of proinflammatory cytokine gene expression.
    Zhu K; Liang W; Ma Z; Xu D; Cao S; Lu X; Liu N; Shan B; Qian L; Yuan J
    Cell Death Dis; 2018 May; 9(5):500. PubMed ID: 29703889
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  • 8. Opposite Effects of Apoptotic and Necroptotic Cellular Pathways on Rotavirus Replication.
    Soliman M; Seo JY; Baek YB; Park JG; Kang MI; Cho KO; Park SI
    J Virol; 2022 Jan; 96(1):e0122221. PubMed ID: 34668777
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  • 9. CK1α, CK1δ, and CK1ε are necrosome components which phosphorylate serine 227 of human RIPK3 to activate necroptosis.
    Hanna-Addams S; Liu S; Liu H; Chen S; Wang Z
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2020 Jan; 117(4):1962-1970. PubMed ID: 31932442
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  • 10. Human RIPK3 C-lobe phosphorylation is essential for necroptotic signaling.
    Meng Y; Horne CR; Samson AL; Dagley LF; Young SN; Sandow JJ; Czabotar PE; Murphy JM
    Cell Death Dis; 2022 Jun; 13(6):565. PubMed ID: 35739084
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  • 11. c-Jun N-terminal kinases differentially regulate TNF- and TLRs-mediated necroptosis through their kinase-dependent and -independent activities.
    Cao M; Chen F; Xie N; Cao MY; Chen P; Lou Q; Zhao Y; He C; Zhang S; Song X; Sun Y; Zhu W; Mou L; Luan S; Gao H
    Cell Death Dis; 2018 Nov; 9(12):1140. PubMed ID: 30442927
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  • 12. Roles of RIPK3 in necroptosis, cell signaling, and disease.
    Morgan MJ; Kim YS
    Exp Mol Med; 2022 Oct; 54(10):1695-1704. PubMed ID: 36224345
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  • 13. A toolbox for imaging RIPK1, RIPK3, and MLKL in mouse and human cells.
    Samson AL; Fitzgibbon C; Patel KM; Hildebrand JM; Whitehead LW; Rimes JS; Jacobsen AV; Horne CR; Gavin XJ; Young SN; Rogers KL; Hawkins ED; Murphy JM
    Cell Death Differ; 2021 Jul; 28(7):2126-2144. PubMed ID: 33589776
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  • 14. Casein kinase-1γ1 and 3 stimulate tumor necrosis factor-induced necroptosis through RIPK3.
    Lee SY; Kim H; Li CM; Kang J; Najafov A; Jung M; Kang S; Wang S; Yuan J; Jung YK
    Cell Death Dis; 2019 Dec; 10(12):923. PubMed ID: 31801942
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  • 15. Differential roles of RIPK1 and RIPK3 in TNF-induced necroptosis and chemotherapeutic agent-induced cell death.
    Moriwaki K; Bertin J; Gough PJ; Orlowski GM; Chan FK
    Cell Death Dis; 2015 Feb; 6(2):e1636. PubMed ID: 25675296
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  • 16. Macrophage Notch1 inhibits TAK1 function and RIPK3-mediated hepatocyte necroptosis through activation of β-catenin signaling in liver ischemia and reperfusion injury.
    Xu D; Qu X; Tian Y; Jie Z; Xi Z; Xue F; Ma X; Zhu J; Xia Q
    Cell Commun Signal; 2022 Sep; 20(1):144. PubMed ID: 36114543
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  • 17. Caspase-8, receptor-interacting protein kinase 1 (RIPK1), and RIPK3 regulate retinoic acid-induced cell differentiation and necroptosis.
    Someda M; Kuroki S; Miyachi H; Tachibana M; Yonehara S
    Cell Death Differ; 2020 May; 27(5):1539-1553. PubMed ID: 31659279
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  • 18. FKBP12 mediates necroptosis by initiating RIPK1-RIPK3-MLKL signal transduction in response to TNF receptor 1 ligation.
    Wang Z; Feng J; Yu J; Chen G
    J Cell Sci; 2019 May; 132(10):. PubMed ID: 31028177
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  • 19. Herpes simplex virus 1 ICP6 impedes TNF receptor 1-induced necrosome assembly during compartmentalization to detergent-resistant membrane vesicles.
    Ali M; Roback L; Mocarski ES
    J Biol Chem; 2019 Jan; 294(3):991-1004. PubMed ID: 30504227
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  • 20. Profiling of the chemical space on the phenyl group of substituted benzothiazole RIPK3 inhibitors.
    Xu Y; Liang C; Zhang W; Yu J; Xing C; Liu H; Zhuang C
    Bioorg Chem; 2023 Feb; 131():106339. PubMed ID: 36599218
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