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  • 21. Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) procedure for mucopolysaccharidosis type II (MPS II) by intraventricular administration (IVA) in murine MPS II.
    Higuchi T; Shimizu H; Fukuda T; Kawagoe S; Matsumoto J; Shimada Y; Kobayashi H; Ida H; Ohashi T; Morimoto H; Hirato T; Nishino K; Eto Y
    Mol Genet Metab; 2012 Sep; 107(1-2):122-8. PubMed ID: 22704483
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  • 22. Extension of the molecular analysis to the promoter region of the iduronate 2-sulfatase gene reveals genomic alterations in mucopolysaccharidosis type II patients with normal coding sequence.
    Brusius-Facchin AC; Abrahão L; Schwartz IV; Lourenço CM; Santos ES; Zanetti A; Tomanin R; Scarpa M; Giugliani R; Leistner-Segal S
    Gene; 2013 Sep; 526(2):150-4. PubMed ID: 23707223
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  • 23. Characterization of a novel mucopolysaccharidosis type II mouse model and recombinant AAV2/8 vector-mediated gene therapy.
    Jung SC; Park ES; Choi EN; Kim CH; Kim SJ; Jin DK
    Mol Cells; 2010 Jul; 30(1):13-8. PubMed ID: 20652491
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  • 24. Cognitive and adaptive behaviors associated with disease severity and genotype in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis II.
    Yee KS; Alexanderian D; Merberg D; Natarajan M; Wang S; Wu Y; Whiteman DAH
    Mol Genet Metab; 2023 Nov; 140(3):107652. PubMed ID: 37506513
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  • 25. Detection of mucopolysaccharidosis type II by measurement of iduronate-2-sulfatase in dried blood spots and plasma samples.
    Dean CJ; Bockmann MR; Hopwood JJ; Brooks DA; Meikle PJ
    Clin Chem; 2006 Apr; 52(4):643-9. PubMed ID: 16497940
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  • 26. Autophagy in the Central Nervous System and Effects of Chloroquine in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II Mice.
    Maeda M; Seto T; Kadono C; Morimoto H; Kida S; Suga M; Nakamura M; Kataoka Y; Hamazaki T; Shintaku H
    Int J Mol Sci; 2019 Nov; 20(23):. PubMed ID: 31757021
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  • 27. Murine neural stem cells model Hunter disease in vitro: glial cell-mediated neurodegeneration as a possible mechanism involved.
    Fusar Poli E; Zalfa C; D'Avanzo F; Tomanin R; Carlessi L; Bossi M; Nodari LR; Binda E; Marmiroli P; Scarpa M; Delia D; Vescovi AL; De Filippis L
    Cell Death Dis; 2013 Nov; 4(11):e906. PubMed ID: 24201805
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  • 28. Changes in glycogen and glycosaminoglycan levels in hepatocytes of iduronate-2-sulfatase knockout mice before and after recombinant iduronate-2-sulfatase supplementation.
    Lee JH; Choe YH; Kim SJ; Paik KH; Jin DK
    Yonsei Med J; 2011 Mar; 52(2):263-7. PubMed ID: 21319344
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  • 29. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy Corrects Neuropathic Phenotype in Murine Model of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II.
    Wakabayashi T; Shimada Y; Akiyama K; Higuchi T; Fukuda T; Kobayashi H; Eto Y; Ida H; Ohashi T
    Hum Gene Ther; 2015 Jun; 26(6):357-66. PubMed ID: 25761450
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  • 30. Auditory characteristics and therapeutic effects of enzyme replacement in mouse model of the mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) II.
    Hong SH; Chu H; Kim KR; Ko MH; Kwon SY; Moon IJ; Chung WH; Cho YS; Kim CH; Suh MW; Choi EW; Sohn YB; Park SW; Kim SH; Cho SY; Ko AR; Jin DK
    Am J Med Genet A; 2012 Sep; 158A(9):2131-8. PubMed ID: 22847837
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  • 31. Improvement of CNS defects via continuous intrathecal enzyme replacement by osmotic pump in mucopolysaccharidosis type II mice.
    Sohn YB; Lee J; Cho SY; Kim SJ; Ko AR; Nam MH; Jin DK
    Am J Med Genet A; 2013 May; 161A(5):1036-43. PubMed ID: 23529876
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  • 32. Case report: a rare case of Hunter syndrome (type II mucopolysaccharidosis) in a girl.
    Semyachkina AN; Voskoboeva EY; Zakharova EY; Nikolaeva EA; Kanivets IV; Kolotii AD; Baydakova GV; Kharabadze MN; Kuramagomedova RG; Melnikova NV
    BMC Med Genet; 2019 May; 20(1):66. PubMed ID: 31046699
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  • 33. [Postnatal and prenatal diagnosis of mucopolysaccharidosis type II (Hunter syndrome)].
    Zhang WM; Shi HP; Li BT; Zhao SM; Qi QW; Sun NH; Huang SZ
    Zhonghua Er Ke Za Zhi; 2006 Sep; 44(9):644-7. PubMed ID: 17217652
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  • 34. Loss of Function of Mutant IDS Due to Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation: New Therapeutic Opportunities for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II.
    Matsuhisa K; Imaizumi K
    Int J Mol Sci; 2021 Nov; 22(22):. PubMed ID: 34830113
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  • 35. Effect of Mutated
    Lin CY; Lin HY; Chuang CK; Zhang PH; Tu RY; Lin SP; Tsai HJ
    Diagnostics (Basel); 2020 Oct; 10(10):. PubMed ID: 33096603
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  • 36. Calnexin promotes the folding of mutant iduronate 2-sulfatase related to mucopolysaccharidosis type II.
    Osaki Y; Matsuhisa K; Che W; Kaneko M; Asada R; Masaki T; Imaizumi K; Saito A
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2019 Jun; 514(1):217-223. PubMed ID: 31029429
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  • 37. Clinical manifestations in female carriers of mucopolysaccharidosis type II: a Spanish cross-sectional study.
    Guillén-Navarro E; Domingo-Jiménez MR; Alcalde-Martín C; Cancho-Candela R; Couce ML; Galán-Gómez E; Alonso-Luengo O
    Orphanet J Rare Dis; 2013 Jun; 8():92. PubMed ID: 23800320
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  • 38. Iduronate-2-sulphatase protein detection in plasma from mucopolysaccharidosis type II patients.
    Parkinson EJ; Muller V; Hopwood JJ; Brooks DA
    Mol Genet Metab; 2004 Jan; 81(1):58-64. PubMed ID: 14728992
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  • 39. Establishment of the Effectiveness of Early Versus Late Stem Cell Gene Therapy in Mucopolysaccharidosis II for Treating Central Versus Peripheral Disease.
    Mandolfo O; Liao A; Singh E; O'leary C; Holley RJ; Bigger BW
    Hum Gene Ther; 2024 Apr; 35(7-8):243-255. PubMed ID: 37427450
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