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  • 1. N6-methyladenosine-modified circSLCO1B3 promotes intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression via regulating HOXC8 and PD-L1.
    Li J; Xu X; Xu K; Zhou X; Wu K; Yao Y; Liu Z; Chen C; Wang L; Sun Z; Jiao D; Han X
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2024 Apr; 43(1):119. PubMed ID: 38641828
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  • 2. CircRTN4IP1 regulates the malignant progression of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma by sponging miR-541-5p to induce HIF1A production.
    Tang J; Wang R; Tang R; Gu P; Han J; Huang W
    Pathol Res Pract; 2022 Feb; 230():153732. PubMed ID: 34974242
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  • 3. circHMGCS1-016 reshapes immune environment by sponging miR-1236-3p to regulate CD73 and GAL-8 expression in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
    Xu YP; Dong ZN; Wang SW; Zheng YM; Zhang C; Zhou YQ; Zhao YJ; Zhao Y; Wang F; Peng R; Tang MC; Bai DS; Huang XY; Guo CY
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2021 Sep; 40(1):290. PubMed ID: 34526098
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  • 4. Expression of Programmed Death Ligand 1 Is Associated with the Prognosis of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.
    Dong Z; Liao B; Shen W; Sui C; Yang J
    Dig Dis Sci; 2020 Feb; 65(2):480-488. PubMed ID: 31410753
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  • 5. Circular RNA ACTN4 promotes intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression by recruiting YBX1 to initiate FZD7 transcription.
    Chen Q; Wang H; Li Z; Li F; Liang L; Zou Y; Shen H; Li J; Xia Y; Cheng Z; Yang T; Wang K; Shen F
    J Hepatol; 2022 Jan; 76(1):135-147. PubMed ID: 34509526
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  • 6. N
    Liu Z; Wang T; She Y; Wu K; Gu S; Li L; Dong C; Chen C; Zhou Y
    Mol Cancer; 2021 Aug; 20(1):105. PubMed ID: 34416901
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  • 7. LKB1 inhibits intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma by repressing the transcriptional activity of the immune checkpoint PD-L1.
    Liu Z; Li S; Zeng J; Zhou X; Li H; Liu X; Li F; Jiang B; Zhao M; Ma T
    Life Sci; 2020 Sep; 257():118068. PubMed ID: 32653521
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  • 8. CircPCNXL2 promotes tumor growth and metastasis by interacting with STRAP to regulate ERK signaling in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
    Liu S; Wang Y; Wang T; Shi K; Fan S; Li C; Chen R; Wang J; Jiang W; Zhang Y; Chen Y; Xu X; Yu Y; Li C; Li X
    Mol Cancer; 2024 Feb; 23(1):35. PubMed ID: 38365721
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  • 9. Downregulation of MGMT promotes proliferation of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma by regulating p21.
    Chen J; Li Z; Chen J; Du Y; Song W; Xuan Z; Zhao L; Song G; Song P; Zheng S
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2020 Mar; 22(3):392-400. PubMed ID: 31264147
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  • 10. M
    Qiu X; Yang S; Wang S; Wu J; Zheng B; Wang K; Shen S; Jeong S; Li Z; Zhu Y; Wu T; Wu X; Wu R; Liu W; Wang HY; Chen L
    Cancer Res; 2021 Sep; 81(18):4778-4793. PubMed ID: 34301762
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  • 11. Circ-LAMP1 contributes to the growth and metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma via miR-556-5p and miR-567 mediated YY1 activation.
    Xu Y; Gao P; Wang Z; Su Z; Liao G; Han Y; Cui Y; Yao Y; Zhong X
    J Cell Mol Med; 2021 Apr; 25(7):3226-3238. PubMed ID: 33675150
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  • 12. CircNFIB inhibits tumor growth and metastasis through suppressing MEK1/ERK signaling in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
    Du J; Lan T; Liao H; Feng X; Chen X; Liao W; Hou G; Xu L; Feng Q; Xie K; Liao M; Chen X; Huang J; Yuan K; Zeng Y
    Mol Cancer; 2022 Jan; 21(1):18. PubMed ID: 35039066
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  • 13. Autocrine parathyroid hormone-like hormone promotes intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma cell proliferation via increased ERK/JNK-ATF2-cyclinD1 signaling.
    Tang J; Liao Y; He S; Shi J; Peng L; Xu X; Xie F; Diao N; Huang J; Xie Q; Lin C; Luo X; Liao K; Ma J; Li J; Zhou D; Li Z; Xu J; Zhong C; Wang G; Bai L
    J Transl Med; 2017 Nov; 15(1):238. PubMed ID: 29178939
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  • 14. VIRMA facilitates intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression through epigenetic augmentation of TMED2 and PARD3B mRNA stabilization.
    Xu H; Lin X; Li Z; He X; Li Y; Qiu L; Lu L; Liu B; Zhan M; He K
    J Gastroenterol; 2023 Sep; 58(9):925-944. PubMed ID: 37391589
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  • 15. Tumor-derived exosomes induce immunosuppressive macrophages to foster intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression.
    Luo C; Xin H; Zhou Z; Hu Z; Sun R; Yao N; Sun Q; Borjigin U; Wu X; Fan J; Huang X; Zhou S; Zhou J
    Hepatology; 2022 Oct; 76(4):982-999. PubMed ID: 35106794
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  • 16. YTHDF2 promotes intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression and desensitises cisplatin treatment by increasing CDKN1B mRNA degradation.
    Huang CS; Zhu YQ; Xu QC; Chen S; Huang Y; Zhao G; Ni X; Liu B; Zhao W; Yin XY
    Clin Transl Med; 2022 Jun; 12(6):e848. PubMed ID: 35696608
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  • 17. Comprehensive circular RNA expression profiling constructs a ceRNA network and identifies hsa_circ_0000673 as a novel oncogene in distal cholangiocarcinoma.
    Zhao X; Zhang X; Zhang Z; Liu Z; Zhu J; Lyu S; Li L; Lang R; He Q
    Aging (Albany NY); 2020 Nov; 12(22):23251-23274. PubMed ID: 33221765
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  • 18. N6-methyladenosine-induced circ1662 promotes metastasis of colorectal cancer by accelerating YAP1 nuclear localization.
    Chen C; Yuan W; Zhou Q; Shao B; Guo Y; Wang W; Yang S; Guo Y; Zhao L; Dang Q; Yang X; Wang G; Kang Q; Ji Z; Liu J; Sun Z
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(9):4298-4315. PubMed ID: 33754062
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  • 19. CyclinD1 inhibits dicer and crucial miRNA expression by chromatin modification to promote the progression of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
    Qi Y; Wang D; Huang W; Wang B; Huang D; Xiong F; Chen X; Chen Y
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Oct; 38(1):413. PubMed ID: 31590696
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  • 20. m6A RNA methylation-mediated upregulation of HLF promotes intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression by regulating the FZD4/β-catenin signaling pathway.
    Xiang D; Gu M; Liu J; Dong W; Yang Z; Wang K; Fu J; Wang H
    Cancer Lett; 2023 Apr; 560():216144. PubMed ID: 36958694
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