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  • 1.
    Laven-Law G; Kichenadasse G; Young GP; Symonds EL; Winter JM
    Biomarkers; 2024 Jun; 29(4):194-204. PubMed ID: 38644767
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  • 2. Circulating tumour DNA for monitoring colorectal cancer-a prospective cohort study to assess relationship to tissue methylation, cancer characteristics and surgical resection.
    Symonds EL; Pedersen SK; Murray DH; Jedi M; Byrne SE; Rabbitt P; Baker RT; Bastin D; Young GP
    Clin Epigenetics; 2018; 10():63. PubMed ID: 29796114
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  • 3. Detection of hypermethylated BCAT1 and IKZF1 DNA in blood and tissues of colorectal, breast and prostate cancer patients.
    Winter JM; Sheehan-Hennessy L; Yao B; Pedersen SK; Wassie MM; Eaton M; Chong M; Young GP; Symonds EL
    Cancer Biomark; 2022; 34(3):493-503. PubMed ID: 35253733
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  • 4. Detection of recurrent colorectal cancer with high specificity using a reporting threshold for circulating tumor DNA methylated in BCAT1 and IKZF1.
    Pedersen SK; Musher BL; LaPointe LC; Tuck MK; Symonds EL; Loayza N; Young GP
    Cancer; 2022 May; 128(10):1921-1928. PubMed ID: 35290664
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  • 5. Variables Associated with Detection of Methylated
    Saluja H; Young GP; Kholmurodova F; Symonds EL
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 2021 Apr; 30(4):774-781. PubMed ID: 33500319
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  • 6. Detection of methylated BCAT1 and IKZF1 after curative-intent treatment as a prognostic indicator for colorectal cancer recurrence.
    Pedersen SK; Symonds EL; Roy AC; Cornthwaite KJ; LaPointe LC; Young GP
    Cancer Med; 2023 Jan; 12(2):1319-1329. PubMed ID: 35822405
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  • 7. A two-gene blood test for methylated DNA sensitive for colorectal cancer.
    Pedersen SK; Baker RT; McEvoy A; Murray DH; Thomas M; Molloy PL; Mitchell S; Lockett T; Young GP; LaPointe LC
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(4):e0125041. PubMed ID: 25928810
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  • 8. Circulating-tumour DNA methylation of HAND1 gene: a promising biomarker in early detection of colorectal cancer.
    Shavali M; Moradi A; Tahmaseb M; Mohammadian K; Ganji SM
    BMC Med Genomics; 2024 Apr; 17(1):117. PubMed ID: 38689296
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  • 9. Assessment of tumor burden and response to therapy in patients with colorectal cancer using a quantitative ctDNA test for methylated BCAT1/IKZF1.
    Symonds EL; Pedersen SK; Yeo B; Al Naji H; Byrne SE; Roy A; Young GP
    Mol Oncol; 2022 May; 16(10):2031-2041. PubMed ID: 35000264
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  • 10. A cross-sectional study comparing a blood test for methylated BCAT1 and IKZF1 tumor-derived DNA with CEA for detection of recurrent colorectal cancer.
    Young GP; Pedersen SK; Mansfield S; Murray DH; Baker RT; Rabbitt P; Byrne S; Bambacas L; Hollington P; Symonds EL
    Cancer Med; 2016 Oct; 5(10):2763-2772. PubMed ID: 27726312
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  • 11. Evaluation of a panel of tumor-specific differentially-methylated DNA regions in IRF4, IKZF1 and BCAT1 for blood-based detection of colorectal cancer.
    Young GP; Symonds EL; Nielsen HJ; Ferm L; Christensen IJ; Dekker E; van der Vlugt M; Mallant-Hent RC; Boulter N; Yu B; Chan M; Tevz G; LaPointe LC; Pedersen SK
    Clin Epigenetics; 2021 Jan; 13(1):14. PubMed ID: 33478584
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  • 12. Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA Methylation in Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer.
    Xu F; Yu S; Han J; Zong M; Tan Q; Zeng X; Fan L
    Clin Transl Gastroenterol; 2021 Aug; 12(8):e00386. PubMed ID: 34382948
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  • 13. Circulating epigenetic biomarkers for detection of recurrent colorectal cancer.
    Symonds EL; Pedersen SK; Murray D; Byrne SE; Roy A; Karapetis C; Hollington P; Rabbitt P; Jones FS; LaPointe L; Segelov E; Young GP
    Cancer; 2020 Apr; 126(7):1460-1469. PubMed ID: 31909823
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  • 14. Relationship between post-surgery detection of methylated circulating tumor DNA with risk of residual disease and recurrence-free survival.
    Murray DH; Symonds EL; Young GP; Byrne S; Rabbitt P; Roy A; Cornthwaite K; Karapetis CS; Pedersen SK
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2018 Sep; 144(9):1741-1750. PubMed ID: 29992492
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  • 15. Evaluation of an assay for methylated BCAT1 and IKZF1 in plasma for detection of colorectal neoplasia.
    Pedersen SK; Symonds EL; Baker RT; Murray DH; McEvoy A; Van Doorn SC; Mundt MW; Cole SR; Gopalsamy G; Mangira D; LaPointe LC; Dekker E; Young GP
    BMC Cancer; 2015 Oct; 15():654. PubMed ID: 26445409
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  • 16. Potential of quantitative SEPT9 and SHOX2 methylation in plasmatic circulating cell-free DNA as auxiliary staging parameter in colorectal cancer: a prospective observational cohort study.
    Bergheim J; Semaan A; Gevensleben H; Groening S; Knoblich A; Dietrich J; Weber J; Kalff JC; Bootz F; Kristiansen G; Dietrich D
    Br J Cancer; 2018 May; 118(9):1217-1228. PubMed ID: 29610456
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  • 17. A panel of genes methylated with high frequency in colorectal cancer.
    Mitchell SM; Ross JP; Drew HR; Ho T; Brown GS; Saunders NF; Duesing KR; Buckley MJ; Dunne R; Beetson I; Rand KN; McEvoy A; Thomas ML; Baker RT; Wattchow DA; Young GP; Lockett TJ; Pedersen SK; Lapointe LC; Molloy PL
    BMC Cancer; 2014 Jan; 14():54. PubMed ID: 24485021
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  • 18. Performance of a Novel Blood-Based Early Colorectal Cancer Screening Assay in Remaining Serum after the Blood Biochemical Test.
    Chen Y; Wang Z; Zhao G; Sun C; Ma Y; Zhang L; Zheng M; Li H
    Dis Markers; 2019; 2019():5232780. PubMed ID: 31089394
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  • 19.
    Semaan A; van Ellen A; Meller S; Bergheim D; Branchi V; Lingohr P; Goltz D; Kalff JC; Kristiansen G; Matthaei H; Pantelis D; Dietrich D
    Clin Epigenetics; 2016; 8():100. PubMed ID: 27660666
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  • 20. A First Step to a Biomarker of Curative Surgery in Colorectal Cancer by Liquid Biopsy of Methylated Septin 9 Gene.
    Leon Arellano M; García-Arranz M; Ruiz R; Olivera R; Magallares S; Olmedillas-Lopez S; Valdes-Sanchez T; Guadalajara H; García-Olmo D
    Dis Markers; 2020; 2020():9761406. PubMed ID: 32566042
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