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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Error-Corrected Deep Targeted Sequencing of Circulating Cell-Free DNA from Colorectal Cancer Patients for Sensitive Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA.
    Frydendahl A; Rasmussen MH; Jensen SØ; Henriksen TV; Demuth C; Diekema M; Ditzel HJ; Wen SWC; Pedersen JS; Dyrskjøt L; Andersen CL
    Int J Mol Sci; 2024 Apr; 25(8):. PubMed ID: 38673836
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  • 2. Beyond basics: Key mutation selection features for successful tumor-informed ctDNA detection.
    Nesic M; Rasmussen MH; Henriksen TV; Demuth C; Frydendahl A; Nordentoft I; Dyrskjøt L; Andersen CL
    Int J Cancer; 2024 Sep; 155(5):925-933. PubMed ID: 38623608
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  • 3. Strategies for improving detection of circulating tumor DNA using next generation sequencing.
    Tébar-Martínez R; Martín-Arana J; Gimeno-Valiente F; Tarazona N; Rentero-Garrido P; Cervantes A
    Cancer Treat Rev; 2023 Sep; 119():102595. PubMed ID: 37390697
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  • 4. Cell free DNA in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma: clinicopathologic correlations.
    Theparee T; Akroush M; Sabatini LM; Wang V; Mangold KA; Joseph N; Stocker SJ; Freedman A; Helseth DL; Talamonti MS; Kaul KL
    Sci Rep; 2024 Jul; 14(1):15744. PubMed ID: 38977725
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  • 5. Sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of molecular profiling on circulating cell-free DNA in refractory or relapsed multiple myeloma patients, results of MM-EP1 study.
    Quivoron C; Michot JM; Danu A; Lecourt H; Saada V; Saleh K; Vergé V; Cotteret S; Bernard OA; Ribrag V
    Leuk Lymphoma; 2024 Jun; 65(6):789-799. PubMed ID: 38433500
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  • 6. Detection of tumor-derived cell-free DNA in cerebrospinal fluid using a clinically validated targeted sequencing panel for pediatric brain tumors.
    Ronsley R; Karvonen KA; Cole B; Paulson V; Stevens J; Crotty EE; Hauptman J; Lee A; Stasi SM; Lockwood CM; Leary SES
    J Neurooncol; 2024 Jun; 168(2):215-224. PubMed ID: 38755519
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  • 7. Exploring the biology of ctDNA release in colorectal cancer.
    Andersen L; Kisistók J; Henriksen TV; Bramsen JB; Reinert T; Øgaard N; Mattesen TB; Birkbak NJ; Andersen CL
    Eur J Cancer; 2024 Aug; 207():114186. PubMed ID: 38943900
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  • 8. Comparison of tumor-informed and tumor-naïve sequencing assays for ctDNA detection in breast cancer.
    Santonja A; Cooper WN; Eldridge MD; Edwards PAW; Morris JA; Edwards AR; Zhao H; Heider K; Couturier DL; Vijayaraghavan A; Mennea P; Ditter EJ; Smith CG; Boursnell C; Manzano García R; Rueda OM; Beddowes E; Biggs H; Sammut SJ; Rosenfeld N; Caldas C; Abraham JE; Gale D
    EMBO Mol Med; 2023 Jun; 15(6):e16505. PubMed ID: 37161793
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  • 9. Early detection and stratification of colorectal cancer using plasma cell-free DNA fragmentomic profiling.
    Zhou J; Pan Y; Wang S; Wang G; Gu C; Zhu J; Tan Z; Wu Q; He W; Lin X; Xu S; Yuan K; Zheng Z; Gong X; JiangHe C; Han Z; Huang B; Ruan R; Feng M; Cui P; Yang H
    Genomics; 2024 Jul; 116(4):110876. PubMed ID: 38849019
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  • 10. Analytical Performance Evaluation of a 523-Gene Circulating Tumor DNA Assay for Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Comprehensive Tumor Profiling in Liquid Biopsy Samples.
    Harter J; Buth E; Johaenning J; Battke F; Kopp M; Zelba H; Schulze M; Koedding J; Biskup S
    J Mol Diagn; 2024 Jan; 26(1):61-72. PubMed ID: 37865292
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  • 11. Ultrasensitive plasma-based monitoring of tumor burden using machine-learning-guided signal enrichment.
    Widman AJ; Shah M; Frydendahl A; Halmos D; Khamnei CC; Øgaard N; Rajagopalan S; Arora A; Deshpande A; Hooper WF; Quentin J; Bass J; Zhang M; Langanay T; Andersen L; Steinsnyder Z; Liao W; Rasmussen MH; Henriksen TV; Jensen SØ; Nors J; Therkildsen C; Sotelo J; Brand R; Schiffman JS; Shah RH; Cheng AP; Maher C; Spain L; Krause K; Frederick DT; den Brok W; Lohrisch C; Shenkier T; Simmons C; Villa D; Mungall AJ; Moore R; Zaikova E; Cerda V; Kong E; Lai D; Malbari MS; Marton M; Manaa D; Winterkorn L; Gelmon K; Callahan MK; Boland G; Potenski C; Wolchok JD; Saxena A; Turajlic S; Imielinski M; Berger MF; Aparicio S; Altorki NK; Postow MA; Robine N; Andersen CL; Landau DA
    Nat Med; 2024 Jun; 30(6):1655-1666. PubMed ID: 38877116
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  • 12. Multi-dimensional cell-free DNA-based liquid biopsy for sensitive early detection of gastric cancer.
    Yu P; Chen P; Wu M; Ding G; Bao H; Du Y; Xu Z; Yang L; Fang J; Huang X; Lai Q; Wei J; Yan J; Yang S; He P; Wu X; Shao Y; Su D; Cheng X
    Genome Med; 2024 Jun; 16(1):79. PubMed ID: 38849905
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  • 13. Deep learning model integrating cfDNA methylation and fragment size profiles for lung cancer diagnosis.
    Kim M; Park J; Seonghee Oh ; Jeong BH; Byun Y; Shin SH; Im Y; Cho JH; Cho EH
    Sci Rep; 2024 Jun; 14(1):14797. PubMed ID: 38926407
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  • 14. Implementable assay for monitoring minimum residual disease after radical treatment for colorectal cancer.
    Nakano T; Takao S; Dairaku K; Uno N; Low SA; Hashimoto M; Tsuda Y; Hisamatsu Y; Toshima T; Yonemura Y; Masuda T; Eto K; Ikegami T; Fukunaga Y; Niida A; Nagayama S; Mimori K
    Cancer Sci; 2024 Jun; 115(6):1989-2001. PubMed ID: 38531808
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  • 15. Correction: Analytical validation of NeXT Personal®, an ultra-sensitive personalized circulating tumor DNA assay.
    Northcott J; Bartha G; Harris J; Li C; Navarro FCP; Pyke RM; Hong M; Zhang Q; Ma S; Chen TX; Lai J; Udar N; Saldivar JS; Ayash E; Anderson J; Li J; Cui T; Le T; Chow R; Velasco RJ; Mallo C; Santiago R; Bruce RC; Goodman LJ; Chen Y; Norton D; Chen RO; Lyle JM
    Oncotarget; 2024 Jun; 15():407. PubMed ID: 38900651
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  • 16. A Micro-Costing Framework for Circulating Tumor DNA Testing in Dutch Clinical Practice.
    Kramer A; Schuuring E; Vessies DCL; van der Leest P; Geerlings MJ; Rozendal P; Lanfermeijer M; Linders TC; van Kempen LC; Fijneman RJA; Ligtenberg MJL; Meijer GA; van den Broek D; Retèl VP; Coup VMH;
    J Mol Diagn; 2023 Jan; 25(1):36-45. PubMed ID: 36402278
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  • 17. Utilizing nullomers in cell-free RNA for early cancer detection.
    Montgomery A; Tsiatsianis GC; Mouratidis I; Chan CSY; Athanasiou M; Papanastasiou AD; Kantere V; Syrigos N; Vathiotis I; Syrigos K; Yee NS; Georgakopoulos-Soares I
    Cancer Gene Ther; 2024 Jun; 31(6):861-870. PubMed ID: 38351138
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  • 18. PROMER technology: A new real-time PCR tool enabling multiplex detection of point mutation with high specificity and sensitivity.
    Nam H; Lee E; Yang H; Lee K; Kwak T; Kim D; Kim H; Yang M; Yang Y; Son S; Nam YH; Minn I
    Biol Methods Protoc; 2024; 9(1):bpae041. PubMed ID: 38938409
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  • 19. On statistical modeling of sequencing noise in high depth data to assess tumor evolution.
    Rabadan R; Bhanot G; Marsilio S; Chiorazzi N; Pasqualucci L; Khiabanian H
    J Stat Phys; 2018 Jul; 172(1):143-155. PubMed ID: 30034030
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  • 20. Circulating Tumor DNA To Assess Minimal Residual Disease: Versatile, but How Valuable?
    Brown JR; Sonpavde GP; Calaway A; Barata PC
    Eur Urol; 2024 Jun; ():. PubMed ID: 38880696
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