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  • 1. Predicting Helicobacter pylori infection from endoscopic features.
    Seo JY; Ahn JY; Kim S; Na HK; Lee JH; Jung KW; Kim DH; Choi KD; Song HJ; Lee GH; Jung HY
    Korean J Intern Med; 2024 May; 39(3):439-447. PubMed ID: 38715232
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  • 2. Endoscopic Kyoto classification of
    Toyoshima O; Nishizawa T; Koike K
    World J Gastroenterol; 2020 Feb; 26(5):466-477. PubMed ID: 32089624
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  • 3. Validity of endoscopic features for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection status based on the Kyoto classification of gastritis.
    Yoshii S; Mabe K; Watano K; Ohno M; Matsumoto M; Ono S; Kudo T; Nojima M; Kato M; Sakamoto N
    Dig Endosc; 2020 Jan; 32(1):74-83. PubMed ID: 31309632
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  • 4. Establishment of a modified Kyoto classification scoring model and its significance in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori current infection.
    Wang K; Zhao J; Jin H; Meng L; Fan Y; Zhou Y; Ye C; Li M; Ma P; Zhu L; Ye Y; Lyu B
    Gastrointest Endosc; 2023 Apr; 97(4):684-693. PubMed ID: 36403805
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  • 5. Close observation of gastric mucosal pattern by standard endoscopy can predict Helicobacter pylori infection status.
    Cho JH; Chang YW; Jang JY; Shim JJ; Lee CK; Dong SH; Kim HJ; Kim BH; Lee TH; Cho JY
    J Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2013 Feb; 28(2):279-84. PubMed ID: 23189930
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  • 6. The regular arrangement of collecting venules pattern evaluated by standard endoscope and the absence of antrum nodularity are highly indicative of Helicobacter pylori uninfected gastric mucosa.
    Machado RS; Viriato A; Kawakami E; Patrício FR
    Dig Liver Dis; 2008 Jan; 40(1):68-72. PubMed ID: 17988964
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  • 7. Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in gastric mucosa by endoscopic features: a multicenter prospective study.
    Kato T; Yagi N; Kamada T; Shimbo T; Watanabe H; Ida K;
    Dig Endosc; 2013 Sep; 25(5):508-18. PubMed ID: 23369058
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  • 8. Predictive findings for Helicobacter pylori-uninfected, -infected and -eradicated gastric mucosa: validation study.
    Watanabe K; Nagata N; Nakashima R; Furuhata E; Shimbo T; Kobayakawa M; Sakurai T; Imbe K; Niikura R; Yokoi C; Akiyama J; Uemura N
    World J Gastroenterol; 2013 Jul; 19(27):4374-9. PubMed ID: 23885149
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  • 9.
    Toyoshima O; Nishizawa T; Arita M; Kataoka Y; Sakitani K; Yoshida S; Yamashita H; Hata K; Watanabe H; Suzuki H
    World J Gastroenterol; 2018 Apr; 24(13):1419-1428. PubMed ID: 29632423
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  • 10. Comparison of high resolution magnifying endoscopy and standard videoendoscopy for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori gastritis in routine clinical practice: a prospective study.
    Gonen C; Simsek I; Sarioglu S; Akpinar H
    Helicobacter; 2009 Feb; 14(1):12-21. PubMed ID: 19191891
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  • 11. Noninvasive tests as a substitute for histology in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection.
    Hahn M; Fennerty MB; Corless CL; Magaret N; Lieberman DA; Faigel DO
    Gastrointest Endosc; 2000 Jul; 52(1):20-6. PubMed ID: 10882957
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  • 12. [The Usefulness of the Regular Arrangement of Collecting Venules Pattern for the Determination of Helicobacter pylori Infection].
    Na S; Chung JW; Park HJ; Kim YJ; Kwon KA; Hahm KB; Choi DJ; Jeong SH; Ha M; Kim GH
    Korean J Gastroenterol; 2011 Nov; 58(5):252-7. PubMed ID: 22113041
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  • 13. Accuracies of Endoscopic Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori-Gastritis: Multicenter Prospective Study Using White Light Imaging and Linked Color Imaging.
    Ono S; Dohi O; Yagi N; Sanomura Y; Tanaka S; Naito Y; Sakamoto N; Kato M
    Digestion; 2020; 101(5):624-630. PubMed ID: 31336366
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  • 14. Changes in endoscopic findings of gastritis after cure of H. pylori infection: multicenter prospective trial.
    Kato M; Terao S; Adachi K; Nakajima S; Ando T; Yoshida N; Uedo N; Murakami K; Ohara S; Ito M; Uemura N; Shimbo T; Watanabe H; Kato T; Ida K;
    Dig Endosc; 2013 May; 25(3):264-73. PubMed ID: 23369104
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  • 15. Regular arrangement of collecting venules and the Kimura-Takemoto classification for the endoscopic diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection: Evaluation in a Western setting.
    Ebigbo A; Marienhagen J; Messmann H
    Dig Endosc; 2021 May; 33(4):587-591. PubMed ID: 32767790
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  • 16. Consistency between the endoscopic Kyoto classification and pathological updated Sydney system for gastritis: A cross-sectional study.
    Toyoshima O; Nishizawa T; Yoshida S; Matsuno T; Odawara N; Toyoshima A; Sakitani K; Watanabe H; Fujishiro M; Suzuki H
    J Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2022 Feb; 37(2):291-300. PubMed ID: 34569096
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  • 17. A combination of serum anti-
    Nishizawa T; Sakitani K; Suzuki H; Yamakawa T; Takahashi Y; Yamamichi N; Watanabe H; Seto Y; Koike K; Toyoshima O
    United European Gastroenterol J; 2019 Apr; 7(3):343-348. PubMed ID: 31019702
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  • 18. [Evaluation of 13C-urea breath test to confirm eradication of Helicobacter pylori].
    Tokunaga K; Watanabe K; Tanaka A; Sugano H; Imase K; Ishida H; Takahashi S
    Nihon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi; 2005 Feb; 102(2):176-82. PubMed ID: 15747534
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  • 19. A prospective evaluation of new rapid urease tests before and after eradication treatment of Helicobacter pylori, in comparison with histology, culture and 13C-urea breath test.
    Nishikawa K; Sugiyama T; Kato M; Ishizuka J; Kagaya H; Hokari K; Asaka M
    Gastrointest Endosc; 2000 Feb; 51(2):164-8. PubMed ID: 10650258
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  • 20. Comparison of two new rapid serology tests for diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in Chinese patients.
    Hung CT; Leung WK; Chan FK; Sung JJ
    Dig Liver Dis; 2002 Feb; 34(2):111-5. PubMed ID: 11926553
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