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  • 1. Fisetin and/or capecitabine causes changes in apoptosis pathways in capecitabine-resistant colorectal cancer cell lines.
    Zehra K; Banu A; Can E; Hülya C
    Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol; 2024 May; ():. PubMed ID: 38748229
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  • 2. Apoptosis-inducing factor: a mitochondrial protein associated with metabolic diseases-a narrative review.
    Zong L; Liang Z
    Cardiovasc Diagn Ther; 2023 Jun; 13(3):609-622. PubMed ID: 37405018
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  • 3. Study of quercetin and fisetin synergistic effect on breast cancer and potentially involved signaling pathways.
    Hosseini SS; Ebrahimi SO; Haji Ghasem Kashani M; Reiisi S
    Cell Biol Int; 2023 Jan; 47(1):98-109. PubMed ID: 36273436
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  • 4. Capecitabine inhibits epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and proliferation of colorectal cancer cells by mediating the RANK/RANKL pathway.
    Shao M; Jiang C; Yu C; Jia H; Wang Y; Mao X
    Oncol Lett; 2022 Mar; 23(3):96. PubMed ID: 35154427
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  • 5. Role of ATP-binding Cassette Transporters in Sorafenib Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An Overview.
    Estevinho MM; Fernandes C; Silva JC; Gomes AC; Afecto E; Correia J; Carvalho J
    Curr Drug Targets; 2022; 23(1):21-32. PubMed ID: 33845738
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  • 6. Identification of chemoresistance-related mRNAs based on gemcitabine-resistant pancreatic cancer cell lines.
    Zhou J; Zhang L; Zheng H; Ge W; Huang Y; Yan Y; Zhou X; Zhu W; Kong Y; Ding Y; Wang W
    Cancer Med; 2020 Feb; 9(3):1115-1130. PubMed ID: 31823522
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  • 7. Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase Levels in Colorectal Cancer Cells Treated with a Combination of Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibitor and Oxaliplatin or Capecitabine.
    Mohammadian M; Zeynali-Moghaddam S; Khadem Ansari MH; Rasmi Y; Fathi Azarbayjani A; Kheradmand F
    Adv Pharm Bull; 2019 Aug; 9(3):439-444. PubMed ID: 31592113
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  • 8. AIF-regulated oxidative phosphorylation supports lung cancer development.
    Rao S; Mondragón L; Pranjic B; Hanada T; Stoll G; Köcher T; Zhang P; Jais A; Lercher A; Bergthaler A; Schramek D; Haigh K; Sica V; Leduc M; Modjtahedi N; Pai TP; Onji M; Uribesalgo I; Hanada R; Kozieradzki I; Koglgruber R; Cronin SJ; She Z; Quehenberger F; Popper H; Kenner L; Haigh JJ; Kepp O; Rak M; Cai K; Kroemer G; Penninger JM
    Cell Res; 2019 Jul; 29(7):579-591. PubMed ID: 31133695
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  • 9. MicroRNAs in cancer cell death pathways: Apoptosis and necroptosis.
    Shirjang S; Mansoori B; Asghari S; Duijf PHG; Mohammadi A; Gjerstorff M; Baradaran B
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2019 Aug; 139():1-15. PubMed ID: 31102709
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  • 10. Fisetin and 5-fluorouracil: Effective combination for PIK3CA-mutant colorectal cancer.
    Khan N; Jajeh F; Eberhardt EL; Miller DD; Albrecht DM; Van Doorn R; Hruby MD; Maresh ME; Clipson L; Mukhtar H; Halberg RB
    Int J Cancer; 2019 Dec; 145(11):3022-3032. PubMed ID: 31018249
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  • 11. Fisetin inhibits cell migration via inducing HO-1 and reducing MMPs expression in breast cancer cell lines.
    Tsai CF; Chen JH; Chang CN; Lu DY; Chang PC; Wang SL; Yeh WL
    Food Chem Toxicol; 2018 Oct; 120():528-535. PubMed ID: 30076913
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  • 12. Investigation into Enhancing Capecitabine Efficacy in Colorectal Cancer by Inhibiting Focal Adhesion Kinase Signaling.
    Sim JJ; Park MH; Baek JH; Lee H; Jeong KY; Kim HM
    Anticancer Res; 2018 Aug; 38(8):4667-4676. PubMed ID: 30061234
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  • 13. Inhibition of interleukin 8/C‑X-C chemokine receptor 1,/2 signaling reduces malignant features in human pancreatic cancer cells.
    Fu S; Chen X; Lin HJ; Lin J
    Int J Oncol; 2018 Jul; 53(1):349-357. PubMed ID: 29749433
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  • 14. Fisetin mediated apoptotic cell death in parental and Oxaliplatin/irinotecan resistant colorectal cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.
    Jeng LB; Kumar Velmurugan B; Chen MC; Hsu HH; Ho TJ; Day CH; Lin YM; Padma VV; Tu CC; Huang CY
    J Cell Physiol; 2018 Sep; 233(9):7134-7142. PubMed ID: 29574877
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  • 15. Cytotoxic effects of the newly-developed chemotherapeutic agents 17-AAG in combination with oxaliplatin and capecitabine in colorectal cancer cell lines.
    Mohammadian M; Zeynali S; Azarbaijani AF; Khadem Ansari MH; Kheradmand F
    Res Pharm Sci; 2017 Dec; 12(6):517-525. PubMed ID: 29204180
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  • 16. [
    Kim SY; Jung JH; Lee HJ; Soh H; Lee SJ; Oh SJ; Chae SY; Lee JH; Lee SJ; Hong YS; Kim TW; Moon DH
    Cancer Res; 2017 Dec; 77(24):7120-7130. PubMed ID: 29055019
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  • 17. Research Techniques Made Simple: Analysis of Collective Cell Migration Using the Wound Healing Assay.
    Grada A; Otero-Vinas M; Prieto-Castrillo F; Obagi Z; Falanga V
    J Invest Dermatol; 2017 Feb; 137(2):e11-e16. PubMed ID: 28110712
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  • 18. Downregulation of AIF by HIF-1 contributes to hypoxia-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of colon cancer.
    Xiong Z; Guo M; Yu Y; Zhang FF; Ge MK; Chen GQ; Shen SM
    Carcinogenesis; 2016 Nov; 37(11):1079-1088. PubMed ID: 27543779
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