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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Oral administration of probiotic spore ghosts for efficient attenuation of radiation-induced intestinal injury.
    Zheng C; Niu M; Kong Y; Liu X; Li J; Gong X; Ren X; Hong C; Yin M; Wang L
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2024 May; 22(1):303. PubMed ID: 38822376
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  • 2. Microbiota-derived I3A protects the intestine against radiation injury by activating AhR/IL-10/Wnt signaling and enhancing the abundance of probiotics.
    Xie LW; Cai S; Lu HY; Tang FL; Zhu RQ; Tian Y; Li M
    Gut Microbes; 2024; 16(1):2347722. PubMed ID: 38706205
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  • 3. Amelioration of whole abdominal irradiation-induced intestinal injury in mice with 3,3'-Diindolylmethane (DIM).
    Lu L; Jiang M; Zhu C; He J; Fan S
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2019 Jan; 130():244-255. PubMed ID: 30352304
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  • 4. Clinically Approved Carbon Nanoparticles with Oral Administration for Intestinal Radioprotection via Protecting the Small Intestinal Crypt Stem Cells and Maintaining the Balance of Intestinal Flora.
    Wang C; Xie J; Dong X; Mei L; Zhao M; Leng Z; Hu H; Li L; Gu Z; Zhao Y
    Small; 2020 Apr; 16(16):e1906915. PubMed ID: 32187855
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  • 5. Naringenin Alleviates Radiation-Induced Intestinal Injury by Inhibiting TRPV6 in Mice.
    Ling Z; Wang Z; Chen L; Mao J; Ma D; Han X; Tian L; Zhu Q; Lu G; Yan X; Ding Y; Xiao W; Chen Y; Peng A; Yin X
    Mol Nutr Food Res; 2024 Apr; 68(8):e2300745. PubMed ID: 38581304
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  • 6. Hydrogen-water ameliorates radiation-induced gastrointestinal toxicity via MyD88's effects on the gut microbiota.
    Xiao HW; Li Y; Luo D; Dong JL; Zhou LX; Zhao SY; Zheng QS; Wang HC; Cui M; Fan SJ
    Exp Mol Med; 2018 Jan; 50(1):e433. PubMed ID: 29371696
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  • 7. Gut commensal derived-valeric acid protects against radiation injuries.
    Li Y; Dong J; Xiao H; Zhang S; Wang B; Cui M; Fan S
    Gut Microbes; 2020 Jul; 11(4):789-806. PubMed ID: 31931652
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  • 8. Probiotic therapy in radiation-induced intestinal injury and repair.
    Ciorba MA; Stenson WF
    Ann N Y Acad Sci; 2009 May; 1165():190-4. PubMed ID: 19538306
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  • 9. Hydrogen attenuates radiation-induced intestinal damage by reducing oxidative stress and inflammatory response.
    Qiu X; Dong K; Guan J; He J
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2020 Jul; 84():106517. PubMed ID: 32361189
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  • 10. 1,4-Dithiothreitol treatment ameliorates hematopoietic and intestinal injury in irradiated mice: Potential application of a treatment for acute radiation syndrome.
    Li K; Zhang J; Cao J; Li X; Tian H
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2019 Nov; 76():105913. PubMed ID: 31627170
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  • 11. Baicalein ameliorates ionizing radiation-induced injuries by rebalancing gut microbiota and inhibiting apoptosis.
    Wang M; Dong Y; Wu J; Li H; Zhang Y; Fan S; Li D
    Life Sci; 2020 Nov; 261():118463. PubMed ID: 32950576
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  • 12. Protective Effects of Flagellin A N/C Against Radiation-Induced NLR Pyrin Domain Containing 3 Inflammasome-Dependent Pyroptosis in Intestinal Cells.
    Wu D; Han R; Deng S; Liu T; Zhang T; Xie H; Xu Y
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2018 May; 101(1):107-117. PubMed ID: 29456024
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  • 13. Microalgae-based oral microcarriers for gut microbiota homeostasis and intestinal protection in cancer radiotherapy.
    Zhang D; Zhong D; Ouyang J; He J; Qi Y; Chen W; Zhang X; Tao W; Zhou M
    Nat Commun; 2022 Mar; 13(1):1413. PubMed ID: 35301299
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  • 14. Inhibition of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Interleukin 8 in Human Adenocarcinoma Cell Line HT-29 by Spore Probiotics: B. coagulans and B. subtilis (natto).
    Azimirad M; Alebouyeh M; Naji T
    Probiotics Antimicrob Proteins; 2017 Mar; 9(1):56-63. PubMed ID: 27785697
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  • 15. Protective effects of zingerone derivate on ionizing radiation-induced intestinal injury.
    Wu J; Duan Y; Cui J; Dong Y; Li H; Wang M; Fan S; Li D; Li Y
    J Radiat Res; 2019 Nov; 60(6):740-746. PubMed ID: 31665488
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  • 16. The Protective Effect of New Compound XH-103 on Radiation-Induced GI Syndrome.
    Dong Y; Cheng Y; Hou Q; Wu J; Li D; Tian H
    Oxid Med Cell Longev; 2018; 2018():3920147. PubMed ID: 30116481
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  • 17. The immunological characteristics and probiotic function of recombinant Bacillus subtilis spore expressing Clonorchis sinensis cysteine protease.
    Tang Z; Shang M; Chen T; Ren P; Sun H; Qu H; Lin Z; Zhou L; Yu J; Jiang H; Zhou X; Li X; Huang Y; Xu J; Yu X
    Parasit Vectors; 2016 Dec; 9(1):648. PubMed ID: 27993173
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  • 18. Preventive effect of sanguinarine on intestinal injury in mice exposed to whole abdominal irradiation.
    Gu J; Zhao L; Chen YZ; Guo YX; Sun Y; Guo Q; Duan GX; Li C; Tang ZB; Zhang ZX; Qin LQ; Xu JY
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2022 Feb; 146():112496. PubMed ID: 34959117
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  • 19. Smart Oral Administration of Polydopamine-Coated Nanodrugs for Efficient Attenuation of Radiation-Induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome.
    Zhang Y; Wang L; Xu M; Zhao T; Kuang L; Hua D
    Adv Healthc Mater; 2020 Jul; 9(13):e1901778. PubMed ID: 32484315
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  • 20.
    Riehl TE; Alvarado D; Ee X; Zuckerman A; Foster L; Kapoor V; Thotala D; Ciorba MA; Stenson WF
    Gut; 2019 Jun; 68(6):1003-1013. PubMed ID: 29934438
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