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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Tumor suppressor Smad4 is a transforming growth factor beta-inducible DNA binding protein.
    Yingling JM; Datto MB; Wong C; Frederick JP; Liberati NT; Wang XF
    Mol Cell Biol; 1997 Dec; 17(12):7019-28. PubMed ID: 9372933
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  • 2. Cooperative binding of Smad proteins to two adjacent DNA elements in the plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 promoter mediates transforming growth factor beta-induced smad-dependent transcriptional activation.
    Stroschein SL; Wang W; Luo K
    J Biol Chem; 1999 Apr; 274(14):9431-41. PubMed ID: 10092624
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  • 3. Direct binding of Smad3 and Smad4 to critical TGF beta-inducible elements in the promoter of human plasminogen activator inhibitor-type 1 gene.
    Dennler S; Itoh S; Vivien D; ten Dijke P; Huet S; Gauthier JM
    EMBO J; 1998 Jun; 17(11):3091-100. PubMed ID: 9606191
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  • 4. The tumor suppressor Smad4/DPC4 and transcriptional adaptor CBP/p300 are coactivators for smad3 in TGF-beta-induced transcriptional activation.
    Feng XH; Zhang Y; Wu RY; Derynck R
    Genes Dev; 1998 Jul; 12(14):2153-63. PubMed ID: 9679060
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  • 5. Smad4/DPC4 and Smad3 mediate transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) signaling through direct binding to a novel TGF-beta-responsive element in the human plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 promoter.
    Song CZ; Siok TE; Gelehrter TD
    J Biol Chem; 1998 Nov; 273(45):29287-90. PubMed ID: 9792626
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  • 6. The transforming growth factor-beta/SMAD signaling pathway is present and functional in human mesangial cells.
    Poncelet AC; de Caestecker MP; Schnaper HW
    Kidney Int; 1999 Oct; 56(4):1354-65. PubMed ID: 10504488
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  • 7. Interaction of smad3 with a proximal smad-binding element of the human alpha2(I) procollagen gene promoter required for transcriptional activation by TGF-beta.
    Chen SJ; Yuan W; Lo S; Trojanowska M; Varga J
    J Cell Physiol; 2000 Jun; 183(3):381-92. PubMed ID: 10797313
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  • 8. The murine gastrin promoter is synergistically activated by transforming growth factor-beta/Smad and Wnt signaling pathways.
    Lei S; Dubeykovskiy A; Chakladar A; Wojtukiewicz L; Wang TC
    J Biol Chem; 2004 Oct; 279(41):42492-502. PubMed ID: 15292219
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  • 9. TGF-beta receptor-mediated signalling through Smad2, Smad3 and Smad4.
    Nakao A; Imamura T; Souchelnytskyi S; Kawabata M; Ishisaki A; Oeda E; Tamaki K; Hanai J; Heldin CH; Miyazono K; ten Dijke P
    EMBO J; 1997 Sep; 16(17):5353-62. PubMed ID: 9311995
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  • 10. Smad2, Smad3 and Smad4 cooperate with Sp1 to induce p15(Ink4B) transcription in response to TGF-beta.
    Feng XH; Lin X; Derynck R
    EMBO J; 2000 Oct; 19(19):5178-93. PubMed ID: 11013220
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  • 11. Smad proteins regulate transcriptional induction of the SM22alpha gene by TGF-beta.
    Chen S; Kulik M; Lechleider RJ
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2003 Feb; 31(4):1302-10. PubMed ID: 12582250
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  • 12. Sp1 and Smad proteins cooperate to mediate transforming growth factor-beta 1-induced alpha 2(I) collagen expression in human glomerular mesangial cells.
    Poncelet AC; Schnaper HW
    J Biol Chem; 2001 Mar; 276(10):6983-92. PubMed ID: 11114293
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  • 13. Synergistic cooperation of TFE3 and smad proteins in TGF-beta-induced transcription of the plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 gene.
    Hua X; Liu X; Ansari DO; Lodish HF
    Genes Dev; 1998 Oct; 12(19):3084-95. PubMed ID: 9765209
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  • 14. Critical role of Smads and AP-1 complex in transforming growth factor-beta -dependent apoptosis.
    Yamamura Y; Hua X; Bergelson S; Lodish HF
    J Biol Chem; 2000 Nov; 275(46):36295-302. PubMed ID: 10942775
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  • 15. Oxidized LDL activates PAI-1 transcription through autocrine activation of TGF-beta signaling in mesangial cells.
    Song CY; Kim BC; Hong HK; Lee HS
    Kidney Int; 2005 May; 67(5):1743-52. PubMed ID: 15840021
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  • 16. Hoxa-9 represses transforming growth factor-beta-induced osteopontin gene transcription.
    Shi X; Bai S; Li L; Cao X
    J Biol Chem; 2001 Jan; 276(1):850-5. PubMed ID: 11042172
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  • 17. Role of Smad proteins and transcription factor Sp1 in p21(Waf1/Cip1) regulation by transforming growth factor-beta.
    Pardali K; Kurisaki A; Morén A; ten Dijke P; Kardassis D; Moustakas A
    J Biol Chem; 2000 Sep; 275(38):29244-56. PubMed ID: 10878024
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  • 18. Regulation of Smad7 promoter by direct association with Smad3 and Smad4.
    Nagarajan RP; Zhang J; Li W; Chen Y
    J Biol Chem; 1999 Nov; 274(47):33412-8. PubMed ID: 10559222
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  • 19. Transforming growth factor-beta repression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 in dermal fibroblasts involves Smad3.
    Yuan W; Varga J
    J Biol Chem; 2001 Oct; 276(42):38502-10. PubMed ID: 11502752
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  • 20. Transforming growth factor-beta up-regulates the beta 5 integrin subunit expression via Sp1 and Smad signaling.
    Lai CF; Feng X; Nishimura R; Teitelbaum SL; Avioli LV; Ross FP; Cheng SL
    J Biol Chem; 2000 Nov; 275(46):36400-6. PubMed ID: 10964912
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