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  • 1. Increasing Annual Cancer Incidence in Patients Age 20-49 Years: A Real-Data Study.
    Ribelles N; Pascual J; Galvez-Carvajal L; Ruiz-Medina S; Garcia-Corbacho J; Benitez JC; Dominguez-Recio ME; Torres E; Oliva L; Zalabardo M; Rueda A; Alba E
    JCO Glob Oncol; 2024 Mar; 10():e2300363. PubMed ID: 38513186
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  • 2. [Clinical study of mature B-cell lymphoma in 11 children with chromosome 11 long-arm abnormalities].
    Zhang N; Duan YL; Zhou CJ; Jin L; Yang J; Huang S; Zhang M; Li N
    Zhonghua Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi; 2023 Nov; 44(11):924-929. PubMed ID: 38185522
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  • 3. In Doxorubicin-Adapted hodgkin lymphoma Cells, Acquiring Multidrug Resistance and Improved Immunosuppressive Abilities, Doxorubicin Activity Was Enhanced by Chloroquine and GW4869.
    Casagrande N; Borghese C; Avanzo M; Aldinucci D
    Cells; 2023 Nov; 12(23):. PubMed ID: 38067159
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  • 4. Tumor microenvironment in hodgkin lymphoma: novel prognostic factors for assessing disease evolution.
    Turbatu A; Dobrea C; Stoian M; Barta CT; Halcu G; Birceanu A; Bordea AM; Ghimici CG; Oprea MM; Neacșu LD; Lupu AR; Coliță A
    J Med Life; 2023 Aug; 16(8):1201-1210. PubMed ID: 38024830
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  • 5. Cytogenetics in the management of mature B-cell non-hodgkin lymphomas: Guidelines from the Groupe Francophone de Cytogénétique Hematologique (GFCH).
    Lefebvre C; Veronese L; Nadal N; Gaillard JB; Penther D; Daudignon A; Chauzeix J; Nguyen-Khac F; Chapiro E
    Curr Res Transl Med; 2023; 71(4):103425. PubMed ID: 38016420
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  • 6. Sex differences in cancer incidence among solid organ transplant recipients.
    Jackson SS; Pfeiffer RM; Hsieh MC; Li J; Madeleine MM; Pawlish KS; Zeng Y; Yu KJ; Engels EA
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 2024 Mar; 116(3):401-407. PubMed ID: 37944040
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  • 7. Aggressive B-cell non-hodgkin lymphomas: a report of the lymphoma workshop of the 20th meeting of the European Association for Haematopathology.
    Rodriguez-Pinilla SM; Dojcinov S; Dotlic S; Gibson SE; Hartmann S; Klimkowska M; Sabattini E; Tousseyn TA; de Jong D; Hsi ED
    Virchows Arch; 2024 Jan; 484(1):15-29. PubMed ID: 37530792
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  • 8. Treatment of older patients with mantle cell lymphoma in the era of novel agents.
    Rozental A; Jim HSL; Extermann M
    Leuk Lymphoma; 2023 Sep; 64(9):1514-1526. PubMed ID: 37357622
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  • 9. Myc rearrangement and concurrent high protein expression of C-Myc/bcl2 carry an adverse prognosis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
    Wang X; He J; He H; Shuai Y; Wang L; Li Y; Huang Y; Yu K; Zhao M; Xie T; Li D
    Ann Diagn Pathol; 2023 Oct; 66():152165. PubMed ID: 37348414
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  • 10. Divergent evolution of metachronous follicular lymphoma and extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue from a common precursor.
    Tzioni MM; Wotherspoon A; Chen Z; Cucco F; Makker J; Du MQ
    J Pathol; 2023 Sep; 261(1):11-18. PubMed ID: 37345526
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  • 11. Primary Cutaneous Follicle Center lymphoma of the Eyelid in a Young Man.
    Cárdenas-Belaunzarán J; Sánchez Castro OE; Mendoza Torres ML; Cuevas Martínez JL
    Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg; 2023 Nov-Dec 01; 39(6):e184-e186. PubMed ID: 37338339
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  • 12. Clinicopathological analysis and specific discriminating markers of interleukin detection in cerebrospinal fluid with primary central nervous system lymphoma: results from a retrospective study.
    Li J; Tang X; Luo X; Liu L; Li D; Yang L
    Ann Hematol; 2023 Aug; 102(8):2153-2163. PubMed ID: 37289220
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  • 13. Eosinophil-rich variant of nodal marginal zone lymphoma: a clinicopathological study of 11 cases.
    Miyake M; Sakata S; Tsuyama N; Togashi Y; Noguchi M; Tsukada N; Kumagai T; Mishima Y; Takeuchi K
    Histopathology; 2023 Sep; 83(3):443-452. PubMed ID: 37222201
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  • 14. Cytotoxicity of the CD3×CD20 bispecific antibody epcoritamab in CLL is increased by concurrent BTK or bcl-2 targeting.
    Mhibik M; Gaglione EM; Eik D; Herrick J; Le J; Ahn IE; Chiu C; Wielgos-Bonvallet M; Hiemstra IH; Breij ECW; Chen J; Reilly EB; Epling-Burnette PK; Szafer-Glusman E; Sun C; Wiestner A
    Blood Adv; 2023 Aug; 7(15):4089-4101. PubMed ID: 37219524
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  • 15. Primary esophageal follicular lymphoma: a rare entity.
    Rodrigues C; Martins D; Dias N; Silva A
    Rev Esp Enferm Dig; 2023 Dec; 115(12):737-738. PubMed ID: 37114403
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  • 16. Diffuse large B cell lymphoma CD5-positive arising in an immune deficiency and immune dysregulation setting: A case report and brief review of the literature.
    Cristian M; Baz RA; Stoica AG; Așchie M; Ghinea MM; Deacu M; Boșoteanu M; Mitroi AF; Dobrin N; Iordache IE; Bălțătescu GI
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2023 Feb; 102(8):e33083. PubMed ID: 36827036
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  • 17. Prevalence of IRF4 rearrangement in large B-cell lymphomas of the Waldeyer's ring in adults.
    Streich S; Frauenfeld L; Otto F; Mankel B; Bonzheim I; Fend F; Quintanilla-Martinez L
    Virchows Arch; 2023 Mar; 482(3):551-560. PubMed ID: 36810796
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  • 18. [Immunohistochemical and Molecular Genetic Profile of Mantle Cell lymphoma of the Lacrimal Gland: A Case Series of an Uncommon Tumour of the Lacrimal Gland].
    Mautone L; Dierlamm J; Heinrich MC; Viehweger F; Schäfer H; Schüttauf F; Green S; Dulz S
    Klin Monbl Augenheilkd; 2023 Jan; 240(1):33-38. PubMed ID: 36706768
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  • 19. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma involving multiple immunoprivileged sites presenting as painful ophthalmoplegia: A case report.
    Zhang Y; Jianfeng Z
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2023 Jan; 102(3):e32695. PubMed ID: 36701728
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  • 20. [Efficacy Analysis of Bendamustine-Based Combination Regimen in Treatment of Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Non-hodgkin lymphoma].
    Guo YT; Li F; Dong WM; Lin Y; Xie XB; Ling Y; Yan F; Hua XY; He B; Gu WY
    Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi; 2022 Dec; 30(6):1766-1771. PubMed ID: 36476901
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