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  • 1. Integrative multi-omics characterization reveals sex differences in glioblastoma.
    Jang B; Yoon D; Lee JY; Kim J; Hong J; Koo H; Sa JK
    Biol Sex Differ; 2024 Mar; 15(1):23. PubMed ID: 38491408
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  • 2. Exploring the therapeutic mechanisms and prognostic targets of Biochanin A in glioblastoma via integrated computational analysis and in vitro experiments.
    Ge W; Yuan G; Wang D; Dong L
    Sci Rep; 2024 Feb; 14(1):3783. PubMed ID: 38360888
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  • 3. Molecular signature of stem-like glioma cells (SLGCs) from human glioblastoma and gliosarcoma.
    Zechel C; Loy M; Wegner C; Dahlke E; Soetje B; Baehr L; Leppert J; Ostermaier JJ; Lueg T; Nielsen J; Elßner J; Willeke V; Marzahl S; Tronnier V; Madany Mamlouk A
    PLoS One; 2024; 19(2):e0291368. PubMed ID: 38306361
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  • 4. Unraveling the impact of miR-21 on apoptosis regulation in glioblastoma.
    Shaikh MAJ; Altamimi ASA; Afzal M; Gupta G; Singla N; Gilhotra R; Almalki WH; Kazmi I; Alzarea SI; Prasher P; Singh SK; Dua K
    Pathol Res Pract; 2024 Feb; 254():155121. PubMed ID: 38262269
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  • 5. Neuroblastoma and Glioblastoma Cases With Amplified Oncogenes Have Reduced Numbers of Tumor-Resident Adaptive Immune Receptor Recombinations.
    Dabkowski TR; Varkhedi M; Song JJ; Gozlan EC; Blanck G
    JCO Precis Oncol; 2023 Sep; 7():e2300057. PubMed ID: 38085056
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  • 6. RPL22L1, a novel candidate oncogene promotes temozolomide resistance by activating STAT3 in glioblastoma.
    Chen Y; Mu Y; Guan Q; Li C; Zhang Y; Xu Y; Zhou C; Guo Y; Ma Y; Zhao M; Ji G; Liu P; Sun D; Sun H; Wu N; Jin Y
    Cell Death Dis; 2023 Nov; 14(11):757. PubMed ID: 37985768
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  • 7. Optimizing the risk stratification of astrocytic tumors by applying the cIMPACT-NOW Update 3 signature: real-word single center experience.
    Molica C; Gili A; Nardelli C; Pierini T; Arniani S; Beacci D; Mavridou E; Mandarano M; Corinaldesi R; Metro G; Gorello P; Giovenali P; Cenci N; Castrioto C; Lupattelli M; Roila F; Mecucci C; La Starza R
    Sci Rep; 2023 Nov; 13(1):20101. PubMed ID: 37973912
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  • 8. Comparative Analysis of the Prognostic Significance of IDH,TERT, egfr and MGMT Status in Patients with Adult Non-H3-Altered Grade 4 Gliomas: A Prospective Cohort Study.
    Alimohamadi M; Larijani A; Pour-Rashidi A; Farzin M; Ebrahimi H; Rahmani M; Hendi K; Yarandi KK; Aghajanian S; Shirani M
    World Neurosurg; 2024 Jan; 181():e628-e639. PubMed ID: 37914076
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  • 9. Epigenomic perturbation of novel egfr enhancers reduces the proliferative and invasive capacity of glioblastoma and increases sensitivity to temozolomide.
    Vincent CA; Nissen I; Dakhel S; Hörnblad A; Remeseiro S
    BMC Cancer; 2023 Oct; 23(1):945. PubMed ID: 37803333
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  • 10. Intratumoral thrombosis as a histological biomarker for predicting epidermal growth factor receptor alteration and poor prognosis in patients with glioblastomas.
    Furuta T; Negoto T; Miyoshi H; Moritsubo M; Nakamura H; Morioka M; Akiba J; Ohshima K; Sugita Y
    J Neurooncol; 2023 Sep; 164(3):633-641. PubMed ID: 37710025
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  • 11. Tumor-associated monocytes promote mesenchymal transformation through egfr signaling in glioma.
    Chen Y; Huo R; Kang W; Liu Y; Zhao Z; Fu W; Ma R; Zhang X; Tang J; Zhu Z; Lyu Q; Huang Y; Yan M; Jiang B; Chai R; Bao Z; Hu Z; Wang W; Jiang T; Cao Y; Wang J
    Cell Rep Med; 2023 Sep; 4(9):101177. PubMed ID: 37652019
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  • 12. A novel egfr variant egfrx maintains glioblastoma stem cells through STAT5.
    Huang W; Li J; Zhu H; Qin X; Chen C; Wang B; Wei J; Song Y; Lu X; Li Z; Xia W; He A; Cheng L; Yu X; Shu K; Wang W
    Neuro Oncol; 2024 Jan; 26(1):85-99. PubMed ID: 37616578
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  • 13. AKIP1 accelerates glioblastoma progression through stabilizing egfr expression.
    Wan S; Liu C; Li C; Wang Z; Zhao G; Li J; Ran W; Zhong X; Li Y; Zhang L; Cui H
    Oncogene; 2023 Sep; 42(39):2905-2918. PubMed ID: 37596322
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  • 14. CRISPR-Cas9 identifies growth-related subtypes of glioblastoma with therapeutical significance through cell line knockdown.
    Zhao N; Weng S; Liu Z; Xu H; Ren Y; Guo C; Liu L; Zhang Z; Ji Y; Han X
    BMC Cancer; 2023 Aug; 23(1):749. PubMed ID: 37580710
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  • 15. Lysine methylation promotes NFAT5 activation and determines temozolomide efficacy in glioblastoma.
    Li Y; Gao Z; Wang Y; Pang B; Zhang B; Hu R; Wang Y; Liu C; Zhang X; Yang J; Mei M; Wang Y; Zhou X; Li M; Ren Y
    Nat Commun; 2023 Jul; 14(1):4062. PubMed ID: 37429858
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  • 16. Sitravatinib is a potential egfr inhibitor and induce a new death phenotype in Glioblastoma.
    Lu H; Zhang B; Xie Y; Zhao W; Han W; Zhou L; Wang Z
    Invest New Drugs; 2023 Aug; 41(4):564-578. PubMed ID: 37322389
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  • 17. Proteogenomic characterization of ferroptosis regulators reveals therapeutic potential in glioblastoma.
    Wang X; Zhang H; Zhang M; Zhang X; Mao W; Gao M
    BMC Cancer; 2023 May; 23(1):415. PubMed ID: 37158834
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  • 18. INHBB promotes tumor aggressiveness and stemness of glioblastoma via activating egfr signaling.
    Yang X; Jia Q; Zou Z; Liu X; Li X; Chen H; Ma H; Chen L
    Pathol Res Pract; 2023 May; 245():154460. PubMed ID: 37116368
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  • 19. Identification of INSRR as an immune-related gene in the tumor microenvironment of glioblastoma by integrated bioinformatics analysis.
    Zhang H; Bao M; Liao D; Zhang Z; Tian Z; Yang E; Luo P; Jiang X
    Med Oncol; 2023 Apr; 40(6):161. PubMed ID: 37099121
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  • 20. CEBPD is a master transcriptional factor for hypoxia regulated proteins in glioblastoma and augments hypoxia induced invasion through extracellular matrix-integrin mediated egfr/PI3K pathway.
    Mao XG; Xue XY; Lv R; Ji A; Shi TY; Chen XY; Jiang XF; Zhang X
    Cell Death Dis; 2023 Apr; 14(4):269. PubMed ID: 37059730
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