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  • 1. [colorectal adenocarcinoma with enteroblastic differentiation: a clinicopathological analysis of eight cases].
    Wang Q; Zhang Y; Tan C; Ni SJ; Huang D; Chang B; Sheng WQ; Wang L
    Zhonghua Bing Li Xue Za Zhi; 2024 Apr; 53(4):370-376. PubMed ID: 38556821
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  • 2. Integrated analyses of the genetic and clinicopathological features of cholangiolocarcinoma: cholangiolocarcinoma may be characterized by mismatch-repair deficiency.
    Makino K; Ishii T; Takeda H; Saito Y; Fujiwara Y; Fujimoto M; Ito T; Wakama S; Kumagai K; Munekage F; Horie H; Tomofuji K; Oshima Y; Uebayashi EY; Kawai T; Ogiso S; Fukumitsu K; Takai A; Seno H; Hatano E
    J Pathol; 2024 May; 263(1):32-46. PubMed ID: 38362598
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  • 3. [Liver transplantation for treatment of nonresectable primary and secondary liver malignancies : Hepatocellular and cholangiocellular carcinomas and colorectal liver metastases].
    Guba M; Werner J
    Chirurgie (Heidelb); 2024 Apr; 95(4):268-273. PubMed ID: 38329517
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  • 4. Case report: hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy combined with sintilimab and lenvatinib for conversion therapy of colorectal cancer liver metastases.
    Peng K; Li Y; Su H; Lan C; Huang Z; Wei Y; Liao X; Peng M; Peng T; Zhu G
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1325445. PubMed ID: 38173715
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  • 5. Blood Biomarkers Panels for Screening of colorectal cancer and Adenoma on a Machine Learning-Assisted Detection Platform.
    Wang H; Zhou Z; Li H; Xiang W; Lan Y; Dou X; Zhang X
    Cancer Control; 2023; 30():10732748231222109. PubMed ID: 38146088
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  • 6. Prognostic value of normal levels of preoperative tumor markers in colorectal cancer.
    Ren G; Li R; Zheng G; Du K; Dan H; Wu H; Dou X; Duan L; Xie Z; Niu L; Tian Y; Zheng J; Feng F
    Sci Rep; 2023 Dec; 13(1):22830. PubMed ID: 38129505
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  • 7. A sensitive and robust plasma-based DNA methylation panel for early detection of target gastrointestinal cancers.
    Dai Y; Li H; Wu Q; Wang J; Wang K; Fei S; Pei B; Song L; Chen G; Ma Y; Xia C; Xiong S; Zheng M; Xue Y; Zhao G; Xu H
    Neoplasia; 2023 Dec; 46():100941. PubMed ID: 37918207
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  • 8. [Clinicopathological features of rectal adenocarcinoma with enteroblastic differentiation].
    Liu J; Liu XL; Lin DL; Zhao H; Li YJ; Xing XM
    Zhonghua Bing Li Xue Za Zhi; 2023 Aug; 52(8):797-801. PubMed ID: 37527983
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  • 9. Correlation between Stool DNA-based SDC2 Methylation Tests Combined with Tumor Markers with Pathological Features in colorectal cancer.
    Cheng Z; Wang Y; Wei W; Liu Y; Zhou Z
    Clin Lab; 2023 Jul; 69(7):. PubMed ID: 37436377
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  • 10. The role of heavy metals in the development of colorectal cancer.
    Li Y; Lou J; Hong S; Hou D; Lv Y; Guo Z; Wang K; Xu Y; Zhai Y; Liu H
    BMC Cancer; 2023 Jul; 23(1):616. PubMed ID: 37400750
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  • 11. Exploring the molecular characteristics of the malignant potential of gastric adenocarcinoma with enteroblastic differentiation.
    Wang Y; Wei X; Ke B; Liu J; Guo Y; Liu Y; Chen Y; Ding T; Wang Y; Meng B; Sun B; Zang F
    Histopathology; 2023 Oct; 83(4):631-646. PubMed ID: 37356975
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  • 12. Integrated microbiome and metabolome analysis reveals the interaction between intestinal flora and serum metabolites as potential biomarkers in hepatocellular carcinoma patients.
    Li X; Yi Y; Wu T; Chen N; Gu X; Xiang L; Jiang Z; Li J; Jin H
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol; 2023; 13():1170748. PubMed ID: 37260707
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  • 13. Single-cell characteristics and malignancy regulation of alpha-fetoprotein-producing gastric cancer.
    Mei Y; Li M; Wen J; Kong X; Li J
    Cancer Med; 2023 May; 12(10):12018-12033. PubMed ID: 37017469
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  • 14. Hepatoid adenocarcinoma-Clinicopathological features and molecular characteristics.
    Li M; Mei YX; Wen JH; Jiao YR; Pan QR; Kong XX; Li J
    Cancer Lett; 2023 Apr; 559():216104. PubMed ID: 36863507
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  • 15. Establishment of matrix metalloproteinase 3 time-resolved immunoassay and some potential clinical applications.
    Fu Y; Wang X; Chen X; Hong J; Qin Y; Zhou Z; Zhou X; Wang Y; Zhou J; Fang H; Liu P; Huang B
    Anal Biochem; 2023 Apr; 666():115072. PubMed ID: 36738873
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  • 16. Sequential Treatment with Activin and Hepatocyte Growth Factor Induces FOXM1 to Promote colorectal cancer Liver Metastasis.
    Peng H; Ye T; Deng L; Yang X; Jiang Z; Guo J
    Can J Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2022; 2022():8996203. PubMed ID: 36591565
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  • 17. Clinical Value of PET.CT Based on Big Data in colorectal and Peritoneal Metastatic cancer.
    Xiang L; Yang C; Liu W; Li D; Jiang Z; Zhou H
    Contrast Media Mol Imaging; 2022; 2022():6120337. PubMed ID: 36262991
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  • 18. Alpha-fetoprotein-producing advanced colorectal cancer: a rare case report and literature review.
    Ding H; Xu S; Wang K; Wang X; Sun G; Li X; Ran Y; Sun J
    J Int Med Res; 2022 Aug; 50(8):3000605221117218. PubMed ID: 35999811
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  • 19. PITX2C increases the stemness features of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by up-regulating key developmental factors in liver progenitor.
    Jiang L; Wang X; Ma F; Wang X; Shi M; Yan Q; Liu M; Chen J; Shi C; Guan XY
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2022 Jun; 41(1):211. PubMed ID: 35765089
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  • 20. Circ_CDR1as: A circular RNA with roles in the carcinogenesis.
    Ghafouri-Fard S; Khoshbakht T; Hussen BM; Sarfaraz S; Taheri M; Ayatollahi SA
    Pathol Res Pract; 2022 Aug; 236():153968. PubMed ID: 35667198
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